This reader expresses his frustration with Firm Hand for not having their models remove their panties in any of their videos.

If any CP video company deserves a bashing, it's Firm Hand Spankings. What a waste of good looking models, they are all afraid to take their underwear off! No other CP video company, in the history of CP video, has all their models make sure never to have their thong removed. It's ridiculous! Like it's not embarassing to be filmed being spanked as long as their more private parts are covered. They are clueless as to what makes a spanking erotic, and completely miss the mark with that major hang up. I'm sure most would agree. Gosh, we'd all drop dead from outrage if we were actually allowed to see a completely bare bottom from one of the models. After all we've never actually seen such a thing in our life time. The chick who runs the site must be a strange type of prude! Their videos are way too expensive to cheat us out of what 99 out of 100 want to see in such a production in the first place, the women take a bare ass spanking! Complete nonsense! There are too many better companies that sell a variety of CP videos that will give us the money shots we are paying so much money for. What's next from Firm Hand? Maybe they'll allow us to watch their models shower with all their clothes on. About as hot as Antartica.



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