Firm Hand's respnonse to the reader whom expressed his frustration with their videos for not having their models remove their panties.

From Richard Thompson, Creative Director, Firm Hand Productions:

It's always interesting to get honest feedback from a customer, and we value it. But I fear that this gentleman doesn't actually represent the view of the entire US male population, as he seems to think.

There are many buyers of Firm Hand videos who enjoy seeing girls punished without the genital views he claims are essential for an "erotic" spanking. We have had letters on that very subject. Dramatically, it's often more realistic.

We're not taking a moral or prudish stand here, and some future videos will feature girls having their panties pulled down for a spanking. However, if you accept that Firm Hand has the most beautiful performers in spanking videos, sometimes that comes with a small restriction.

Not all these young ladies wish to have a camera viewing their labia, vagina and anus as they bend right over, feet well spread, to be disciplined. If that's what this correspondent enjoys, then he will have to buy his kicks elsewhere. There are plenty of sites featuring genitalia. Firm Hand just isn't one of them. Hence the thongs, G-strings or hitched-up panties worn by most of our models.

It's certainly not true to say that Firm Hand models don't "bare their bottoms" to be punished. Nearly all the featured discipline has an implement hitting bare skin. In our book, that's bare!

Obviously, we cannot please everyone - well, not all the time, anyway! But we do our best to combine creativity, beautiful girls, authentic punishments, credible scenarios and high production values.

Certainly, the feedback to our site at www.firmhandspanking.com seems to demonstrate that we've got the formula right.



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