This reader sends in his comments regarding David Pierson's "Casulty of War" piece.

Love your site and read your editorial with interest. However, try not to be too worried. For one thing, censoring pornography is not really uppermost on the minds of Mr. Bush, Mr. Ashcroft, et. al. They have more important things to worry about. Of course, you point not to them but rather to figures like Falwell and Robertson, who, I must agree, are rather less trustworthy. Fortunately, they have little influence over the current administration, the congress, or the country at large, even though Leftists of the Molly Ivins school probably believe (I say probably because I don't read her often as I find her mostly unreadable and, to put it bluntly, rather stupid) that a Right-Wing Theocracy is just around the corner. There are conservatives like William F. Buckley and Robert Bork who really do not see the harm in obscenity laws (I just read an interview with Bork which touched on this subject, among others), but they do not constitute a majority even within the Republican Party - there are plenty of us Republicans who disagree. Actually, the greater threat right now comes from the Left: look, for instance, at what the feminist-inspired left has done in Canada. They have censorship of pornography there now, for real, even if their laws are not always effective enforced.



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