This reader has some comments regarding Raven Hill Studios.

I recently saw a couple of new movies from Raven Hill Studios called Spanked at the Beach #8 and Spanked at the Beach #10. They were disappointments. When Raven Hill released its first Beach movies -- Beach Girl Spankings 1, 2 and 3, they featured pairs of girls (friends), who had been picked up on the beach and then filmed being given spankings together. One got to know the girls a little bit and watch their interplay and reactions to each other getting spanked. The new releases (#8 and #10) were originally filmed with two girls receiving contemporaneous spankings, but Raven Hill is apparently now opting to severely edit the original filming so that they transform the original two girl spanking session into two movies with one of the girls in each, market them as two movies, and double their profit. I think this will prove to be a big mistake. The girls are quire good looking, especially the one in #8. She is cute with a great ass. Her friend (from the original filming) is also great looking but one only gets to see the friend briefly at the beach and then she's almost completely edited out of the rest of the final movie. I guess one has to pay for another movie to get to see her spanking.

In it's final version, #8 has been cut to 27 minutes and five minutes of this is the moderator's general intro to what the beach spanking series is about. While the three spankings themselves are supposed to be five minutes each (as measured by an hourglass), the editing has put this to the lie. #8's belt spanking is 4 1/2 minutes and 1 1/2 minutes of this is wasted by the spanker standing up and looking at the hourglass. Similarly, #8's strapping is 4 minutes with one minute of this wasted by the spanker looking at the hourglass. The same thing also happens with #10 in her truncated movie. Most of the spanking action is a joke. Throughout the hand spankings of both #8 and #10, the girls are laughing and saying how it's not bad. Even the spanker jokes about how well they're taking itand how unaffected they seem. #8's belt spanking and #10's caning seem like love taps. I got the feeling Raven Hill made a deal with the girls that they'd go relatively easy if the girls would agree to appear on camera. Perhaps that's why they use the hourglass rather than a timer -- it gives the spanker a chance to divert himself from the spankings, give the girls a rest, and cut the length of the spankings.

As previously noted, one finds out little about the girls, their personalities, and spanking history, as one did in Raven Hill's previous nonbutchered beach spanking movies Thiese parts of the film have almost all been edited out. The same is true of getting to see the girls interact with each other -- you don't, and the second the last spanking is over, the end title just flashes on and the movie is over. Given the growing number of of high quality spanking companies in existence such as Far East Media, Lupus, Pacific Force, and California Star, Raven Hill's decision to cut the content and quality of it's movies for the sake of extra income may prove disastrous. I've also noticed that Raven Hill has started splitting some of its joint spankees in other series into separate movies as well -- with Resolved By Corporal Punishment #2 & #3 and Spanked on the Highway #2 and #3 and Spanked on the Highway #4 and #5 being prime examples.

When one sees how cute some of these girls are, one realizes how good these movies could be. However, when Raven Hill films a two girl spanking, they need to market it as a two girl spanking movie rather than chopping it up and shortening it, and charging customers as though it's a full length movie. The spankings also need to be of adequate severity. Raven Hill can and has done it -- they did it in Beach Girl Spankings #2 and #3, Resolved by Corporal Punishment #1 and #5, and Spanked on the Highway #2, for example. If this inferior quality keeps up, people will catch on to what Raven Hill is doing and go elsewhere. It's only a matter of time.



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