Tony Elka from Shadow Lane responds to a recent review

Dear Editor,

Several things struck me as unfair about your recent review of my video "Emma" SLV-032. "I haven't quite bought into the Shadow Lane enthusiasm and not sure why." If you're not sure why you feel the way you do about some producers vs. others, why are you writing reviews?

"The story of this Eve Howard production is told accurately on other pages." Where? If you're not prepared to even discuss the plot line of this video, why are you reviewing it?

"Tanya Foxx shimmy cameo would have helped, but she was probably on her stomach somewhere else at the time." This is just bizarre. Tanya Foxx has appeared in six of our videos to date, if you wanted to see her, why not watch one of those titles and review it?

Finally, you focused almost exclusively on the girl spanks girl second half of this video, and barely mentioned the first half, in which Emma is soundly spanked by her Uncle Dan (Dan Rivera, creator of the Spanky Sal and Captain Woodshed comics and also the man who put together the Cinema Swats tapes), this sequence is the heart of the video and also it's most severe.

Tony Elka



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