From a reader

Dear Editor,

I think you made a mistake when you rated "A crime at St.Thomas school" so highly. I agree it is a good story, and a very ambious production with a huge cast. But the mass paddeling scene was ruined by the paddler pulling his punches so bad that in one case he pulled the paddle back so quickly that he didn't even hit the target. the end result was that out of 130 whackes only one or two were even moderate most were mere pats. I would rather have a video with only a few actresses that can take a good one,(in the Rig East tradition) than academy award production values and poor spanking. Even the caning was sub-standard in that the camera kept swinging around and switching back and forth so much it was hard to follow. There comes a point where some people try to be too cute. Most of us want to see a good story about naughty girls getting what they deserve, and we don't need helicopter fade in shots



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