From a reader

Dear Editor,

1) I thought the interview with Rosaleen Young was excellent. Quite revealing. And I'm not surprised she is not making much money from the Bondage Tokens site as the charges there are quite low.

(2) I finally purchased some videos. Namely (all from Rigid East Lupus)

Wild Party, Crime at St. Thomas, a 60 minuste trailer with best of first 12 RigidEastLupus videos, Reform School 2, Fairy Tale, The Anarchy, and Wild Party 2. (They are listed in the order of my expectations about them). Obviously this is a considerable investment (nearly $500, three times what I have spent so far on monthly online site fees). I probably went overboard. However. before ordering, I reviewed your previous poll results on best production company (RELupus) and then your poll results on best videos from Rigid East Lupus

Reviewed the 20-30 stills for each video on the RELupus (or Lupus) web-site.

Read all the reviews of individual videos on your site as well as on www.svrpage.net (Boatdrinks).

All the above indicates I invested wisely; if it turns out otherwise, I'll kick myself for not having just bought Wild Party and then decided on future purchases.

(3) Of the other sites I wandered into from Links on your web site, the most interesting was Firm Hand. They have beautiful girls (as does RELupus, Girls Boarding School, Spanking College and Nettles Corp (Russian Slaves)). However, I will not have time for a month or two to pay the $14.95 and review their offerings in more detail.

Regards and keep up the good work,



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