From a reader

Dear Editor,

I very much enjoy and benefit from your excellent website, but feel compelled to warn potential customers of Raven Hill studios of my experience with this company. Please post this!

As an avid fan of the spanking video genre, and frequent purchaser, I took advantage of the Raven Hill winter sale in early February; my first (and FINAL) patronage of this company. Almost five weeks later, I finally received 12 of the 18 tapes I had ordered, which were all immediately charged to my credit card. As of today, May 24th, and five e-mails and two "snail-mails", addressed to customer service, along with a certified letter to the CEO, I have yet to receive not only the balance of my paid for order, but have never so much as received ANY response, e-mail or otherwise from anyone at Raven Hill as to why they are unwilling to fulfill their obligation. My final correspondence to the CEO included the warning that if my account was not credited by a certain date, than I would make every effort to let other fans of this type of entertainment beware of the risk they were taking ordering from Raven Hill. Obviously they are unconcerned.

Purchasers of Raven Hill tapes should also expect, if they DO receive their order, that the tapes are VERY shoddily packaged....i.e. wrapped in newspaper and crammed in a box with NO cardboard protective cover! Three of the tapes I received were taped over programming, as evidenced by the remnant following the main feature. Also, compared to other companies, the video and audio quality is considerably inferior.

If you are a lover of spanking videos, stick with the truly high quality companies, especially Real Spanking.Com, D.S.T Productions, Bobbie Tawse, and Pacific Force, all of whom ship within hours of receiving the order and the quality is fabulous. I might mention, that Bobbie Tawse even sent me an e-mail, personally thanking me for my order! Such a difference in philosophies!



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