From a reader

there is a fairly new company called 'smart ass videos' on the market. please warn everybody from purchasing from them! i bought their video 'lost keys' in dvd-format. the dvd did arrive in a short period of time, but the picture quality was so bad, i can only throw the dvd away. the dvd in question looks bloody old, the box it was in was scratched and sleazy. with a simple marker the words 'lost keys' have been scribled on it. there is no sound. almost no identifiable picture. mostly a flurry of colors, and every now and then you can, with lots of fantasy, identify the couple in the movie engaged in the spanking action. but only in slow motion! and, as i have said, the picture quality is beyond bad. so please help spread the word and prevent others from falling for this vile company.
greetings (and please forgive my bad english)



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