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This may be of interest to visitors to your site. I was very impressed by this DVD so I thought it worthwhile posting a review, see what you think. Natasha Louise and the Credit Cards. I recently bought this British film on eBay, and for GB£10 I wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. It was sold as an amateur production, and whilst it clearly is, nevertheless it gives some of the professionally produced films a fair run for their money ! It came complete with a case and "artwork" which although no more than an insert run off a domestic printer, still gives a nice touch, and had even been autographed by the girl in the film, Natasha Louise ! What really appealed to me about this film was the "realism". The storyline is quite simple, overspending girlfriend is caught out by hard working boyfriend. The domestic banter and repartee that runs throughout the film is very entertaining and lightens what is in fact fairly severe discipline.....Natasha can certainly take a thrashing, and there are visible markings especially after a prolonged session with what appears to be a rubber paddle. The film draws to a close after Natasha is caned naked, and then finally very soundly spanked OTK. There are some exciting front shots at this point. Apparently there is soon to be a second film, and if that's anything like as good as the first, again will be worth a tenner of anyone's money. I wish this actress and film maker "Mark of the Cane" every success with future productions. http://www.girlforspanking.co.uk/.



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