From a reader

Hello. Recently, I've ordered 3 spanking DVDs at DALLASSPANKSHARD: 1. Service: As hard Dallas is towards the girls he spanks, as excellent is his customer service. I wanted to pay to his bank account) instead of paying with credit card) and the DVDs to be sent to my hotel during a business trip in the USA. He made both possible. And despite his bank charged him an additional fee, he still gave me his US$ 50 per DVD special. 2. Technical quality: Is very good - good resolution, good cuts, .. 3. Camera angles: Especially in the newer DVDs, there are also many different camera angles, including face scenes - I really appreciate this, as some British DVDs the camera only shows the girls butt for the entire 15 minutes punishment - but I think that most of us also want to see the girls face, in particular when they suffer... 4. Girls: Congratulation, Dallas's girls are really attractive. No older ladies pretending to be school girls, no fat girls, no girls that look like being under-age - just attractive real woman. Out of the about 50 girls Dallas has already spanked, only about 2 wouldn't turn me on - in some other spanking companies, up to more than half of the girls turn me off ! 5. Storyline: Not much introducing storyline - the girls are questioned, have to stand on the wall for a short time, possibly have to strip, and then they are punished, and punished. It means that the punishment starts soon, and we don't need to use the fast-forward button for the first 30 minutes as in some other spanking productions from other companies. I personally prefer such a short introduction to long, silly storylines. 6. Severity: I've heard some people say that Dallas's punishment are not severe enough, but I (and I think also the spanked girls) don't agree. O.K., the caning scenes are not as severe (or as brutal) as in the newer eastern productions. Dallas's spankings and strappings, however, are under the most severe I've seen in their categories. For example, the strappings in "Wet" and "Behind the Flaming Strap" are clearly more severe than for example the belting of the blond girl in "Russian Slaves 35". All together: Excellent customer service and good quality, highly erotic spanking/strapping DVDs. I only can recommend to everyone who likes that to go into business with Dallas. I'm looking forward to "Behind the Flaming Strap Part 2" and hope that Dallas will sell much more of his excellent spanking/strapping videos not only as Real Player Downloads but also on DVD, so that we can see them on the "big screen".



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