From a reader

Hi, I found your site through a search engine and like it very much. It is very informative and helpful in finding the spanking material I am always looking for. Thank you for doing such a great job.

I have noticed one thing you have reviews of almost all the spanking video companies out there, but you seem to be missing one of the best and most real spanking companies a lady I know for a long time. Miss Kelly Payne. I have sessioned with her numerous times and have been purchasing her videos for over 5 years now.

Her video company deserves to be listed and I know your customers and people who visit your site will appreciate that you did. I noticed you have a text link to her site but I would like to give you my review of her movies in hopes that you will list it.

First Miss Payne's video company THE KELLY PAYNE COLLECTION has been producing videos for over 6 years. The videos are all unedited and the action is from beginning to end. She uses real fetishist I would assume she has to due to the severity of some of the videos. She specializes in female/male and female/female videos. The videos incorporate always a scenario that is not to involved but a short story line and all forms of spanking discipline.

In all the videos she has over the knee spanking over pants and bare bottom. She also uses different straps including belts, old fashioned school tawses,razor straps and more.. She is a lover of paddles I know this because she has her own line of paddles and always seems to use a paddle in almost all her videos. Of course she has hairbrush spankings and other wooden implements like wooden spoons. The scenarios are domestic and she pulls off the Auntie role-play to a T. She loves mouth soap washing and corner time. She has done many medical videos with spanking and anal discipline including temperature taking and enemas.

Other scenarios she has in her videos are mother, step mother, foster parent,naughty husband, school girl and school boy, neighbor, police woman, sitter, counselor, mother in law, nurse naughty patient... these are only a few.

Some of her videos use real mother and daughter & husband teams and some have real people who have e-mailed her about their disobedient girlfriends (Baltimore Brat) or boyfriends (Made an Example of !) who desperately need a spanking. She has traveled to them & them to her just to give them what they need and videotapes it all for her members and customers.

She has many medical videos with spanking and enemas and anal discipline which takes it one step further.She punishes the whole butt crack and all. I noticed also that there is some ass worship in her videos. Everything having to do with the butt she has it.

I have never been disappointed by her videos.They are more than worth taking a look at and they are far worth more than you will pay. She offers downloads of some and she has an online theater.

Her website http://www.tantrumtrainers.com is one of the best with lots of video clips and contacts and pictures. I highly recommend joining this site. You will not be disappointed.

These are some of the videos I would recommend checking out:
The Baltimore Brat 1,2 &3
Butt Nurse 1,2 & 3
Spanked by my wife and mother in law real life mother daughter and husband not one to miss.
American Subs in London
Sick excuses real severe
The Noisy Neighbor
Aunt Kelly's Lesson 1&2
A trip to the woodshed
The Exchange Student
The Reckless Roundup

There are to many to mention. The videos are some of the best out there. Miss Kelly is a real spanking fetishist and has old me and mentions on her site it is all she can get off on. I believe her but then the proof is in the pudding.



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