From a reader

Pacific Force is selling a DVD on their web site called "twice the tears." They're selling it for $89.95. This video is advertised as being a long, amazing spanking of two hot women, in which both cry side-by side. What it is, in fact, is a very short (18 minutes for the whole movie!), rather low-quality production. Supposedly both girls cry, but what they mostly do is "act out" -- whine really loudly and act like they're crying. One of the women actually drools a bunch for some reason. Also, the spankings aren't that hard, or long. This is an 18-minute video that includes a lecture beforehand, and mostly individual spankings. At most, each girl is spanked for a total of 10 minutes, when one factors in all the corner time for one while the other is spanked. And when they are spanked, it's medium-force, at best. In all, I say it's a serious waste of money at twice the price of the average PF video. I realy wish they'd tell buyers it's so short, too! PF has made some decent videos. "Spank the girls and make them cry" is one that also sold for $89.95, and while it's not spectacular, at least the the video is of a reasonable length, with some variety. "Twice the Tears" isn't worth the money. I'm not sure it's worth the regular PF video price.



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