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PUNISHED BRATS : Are there any other kind? by 007

A relatively new video company recently surfaced called Punished Brats Productions. While their website offers several nice photos, so far only two videos have been produced. "Spanking In The Modern Age Vol. 1" and "Schoolgirl Spanking Special Vol.1 ".

Punished Brats is the brainchild of writer-producer-star David Pierson. Personal jealousies prevent me from giving a fair review of his acting abilities or spanking technique. Those jealousies stem from the one thing I wholeheartedly compliment him on : he surrounds himself with beautiful young women as his co-stars, including newcomer Pixie, the lovely Genesis, and of course, our personal favorite, Sierra Salem.

As a diehard fan (and hopefully a friend) of Sierra, I had to get these videos, and I'm happy to report that she doesn't disappoint for a second. In "Modern Age", Sierra's scene is set in 1969, and Sierra is lovely in bluejeans and white blouse. Sierra's impeccably spankable bottom is only eclipsed by the beauty of her eyes, cheeks,and lips. Her sassy mischievous attitude doesn't waver for a second, and the alluring smile on her face during the spanking just brings one right to yours as well, right up to the ending where she sports a peace sign in defiance. Likewise, in "Schoolgirl", the sight of her in her handpicked outfit alone is worth the $35 for the dvd, and her sassiness makes the whole scene happen. She's been caught with a stolen liquor bottle in her room, and from the unveiling of her pink "Hustler" panties to her assessment of what lesson she's learned ("Next time, hide the bottle better"), you enjoy every moment of her comeuppance.

In addition to excellent taste in co-stars, credit must be given to Mr. Pierson for his choice of implements. A wide variety of toys are on display in these videos, from the hairbrush, to several wooden paddles, the belt, a strap, and even a thick thuddy cane. Their usage brings a nice dimension to the proceedings.

Each video has three whole scenes on them, and let's not for a second exclude Pixie or Genesis from their richly deserved praise as well. Pixie is a lovely blonde-haired young lady with an exceptionally spankable bottom which is captured lovingly by the camera. Genesis is a stunning brunette whose talents are equally formidable. All three ladies endure a considerable number of swats, and their individual reactions to each spank give the scenes a distinct flavor.

Fans of Sierra will already be there, as well they should be, but for those who want to see up and coming stars in the making, head over to www.punishedbrats.com and check these videos out.



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