Dear webmaster,
Having enjoyed the benefits of your website as an unsurpassed starting-point for surfing the internet for spanking-material, I have decided to offer a small contribution that I hope you will help me share with your audience.


For more than 20 years, I have been fascinated with the subject of spanking in the form of photos and video-material, involving consenting adult models, performing as spankers and female spankees. Since the early 1980's, I have enjoyed seeing girls getting spanked in a variety of scenarios - secretaries and employees discplined by their bosses, girlfriends spanked by boyfriends; you name it. However, one particular type of scenario have always been my favourite - the disobedient and naughty schoolgirl being disciplined by her strict headmaster, whilst dressed in her schooluniform.

To me, the schoolgirl/headmaster-theme is the ultimate fantasy played out, due to the fact that it posesses all the basic elements of spanking as an erotic entertainment. Bearing in mind that the following is a personal view of mine - and of course respecting the fact that others may have a different opinion - these elements are:


REALISM is a very important component of any spanking-production. You have to be able to convince yourself that what you are watching could in fact have happened in real life - of course not with respect to the number of smacks and/or strokes being administered, but with respect to the storyline of the production. In the case of the depiction of school-discipline, realism shouldn't be difficult to achieve; it is - by definition - a plausible and believable scenario. Unfortunately, however, some producers do not stay on track in their productions. The girls remove all their clothes and end up getting spanked naked, perform sexual acts or receive brutal beatings that (apart from the fact that this always makes me very uncomfortable) have no place in a school-discipline-production. Or any other production, I might add.

Realism in schoolgirl-discipline-scenarios is best achieved and maintained by setting the scene from the start. It's a fact that spankings, canings and other forms of corporal punishment were and are administered in classrooms or offices. Therefore, surroundings and furniture must resemble those likely to be found in classrooms and offices. A classroom must have a teacher's desk with a blackboard behind it (the desk, blackboard and the teacher's chair perhaps placed on a platform, elevating it slightly from the floor), as many traditional schooldesks for the pupils as possible, facing the teacher's place, and a map or two on the walls. In a corner of the room, a straight-backed wooden chair should be available to the teacher for over-the-knee handspankings or slipperings. In a classroom-scenario, the cane should be visible to the girl(s) - preferably hanging on the blackboard - reminding them of the consequences of any lack of effort or misbehavior. An office (the headmaster's office, of course) should have bookcases with leather-bound volumes of science and knowledge, a desk and a comfortable chair plus a straight-backed one (the purpose of which being obvious...) and portraits and paintings on the walls. A selection of canes should be visible, whereas a slipper and ruler should be kept in a drawer with an official punishment-book.

In any of the above scenarios, the girl or girls should be dressed in traditional, british-style schooluniforms - short, pleated skirts at all times; socks may be ankle- or knee-socks (personally, I prefer ankle-socks) and the girls' hairstyle should fit their costumes.

Now, with respect to the character of the teacher or headmaster, I have quite a few requirements. I have always found that the role of the disciplinarian is a very important one in any spanking-production - for a number of reasons apart from the mere obvious one (no spanker, no spanking). A disciplinarian has the function not only of administering the smacks and strokes, but also of leading and controlling the scene. A good actor can create an atmosphere of authority and discipline, whereas a bad and disorganized actor can ruin any production. And in schoolgirl-discipline-scenarios, atmosphere and authenticity is of vital importance.

My preference is a male disciplinarian. With the exception of the female character appearing in a number of Red Stripe's productions (their feature "That'll Teach 'Em" represents some of her best work), no female spankers have managed to live up to my standards. This - I think - has to do with the fact that I want to be able to put myself in the disciplinarian's position. And I'm a man.

A male (teacher or) headmaster, ideally, should be cosiderably older than the schoolgirl(s) that it's his job and responsibility to discipline. He should impersonate authority and integrity and these characteristics are best supported and emphasized by a suitable costume. That is a suit and tie and a traditional english headmaster's robe (you know what I mean). Wearing the well-known anglo-saxon 'hat of learning' (that would look ridiculous on everyone else...) will complete the disciplinarian's strict and formal appearance. I refer you - as an example - to the firm gentleman, spanking and caning a beautiful and naughty schoolgirl in Miss Marchmont's brilliant production "The Price of Truancy".

There are - fortunately - many examples of successful portrayals of strict headmasters. They almost never appear with a name, apart from the one they adopt for the production in question, and are therefore not easily identified. However, I shall mention a few - all of them british, for some reason...

An early example is the stern character, appearing in such classic and almost mythical productions like "Sally's First Lesson" and "The Detention Room" (Octopussy/Roué) from the 1980's. This gentleman never showed even the slightest sign of erotic fascination with the delicious bare bottoms, he had the privilege to spank and cane. Still, he managed to deliver one of the most erotic over-the-knee spankings ever documented on film - I am of course referring to the breath-taking scene in "Sally's First Lesson", in which the stunningly beautiful girl has to recite a poem, accompanied by both light and very hard smacks on her suntanned and brilliantly exposed behind.

Moonglow Productions' mesmerizing video "Term Ends" presents another strict and almost frightening character. The headmaster in this feature administers one of the most memorable canings, I have seen. This caning is motivated by a poem as well, though this time written by the girl herself - and definitely not with the intention that it be found and read by the headmaster! After reading each part of it aloud, the girl has to bend over the schooldesk to recieve two strokes on her bare bottom - and what a lengthy poem it is... The limber cane and the girl's perfectly rounded and slightly wriggling bottom is a perfect match. The headmaster shows no emotions other than a true, professional desire to make every stroke as hard and stinging as possible, accompanying them with phrases like "Perhaps you'll think twice, the next time the muse of poetry pays a visit..." I really like that one! The scene as a whole is a brilliant example of how an actor, who becomes one with his character as a strict schoolmaster, can bring about a truly convincing and authentic atmosphere of real-life school-discipline. The fact that he takes off his traditional robe before caning the girl - thus caning her, wearing his tweed-suit only - is a minor disappointment, but doesn't diminish the pleasure of watching the action.

My final example differs a little from the others. It stems from Paradox Adult Entertainment's 1998-production "Finishing School Discipline 2". Another english headmaster scolds and disciplines a beautiful, uniformed schoolgirl by the name of Amy Watson. A fabulous over-the-knee spanking with hand and a tabletennis-bat is followed by a very severe caning on bare bottom (the caning is actually a bit to much for my taste) and a magnificent, concluding scene of bottom-rubbing and lecturing. The headmaster in this production - that is during the lengthy over-the-knee sequence - not only spanks the girl's perfect bare bottom, but also takes time to caress and fondle it. He hints and very discretely expresses an erotic fascination with her curves, but - and this is very important - never exagerates it or extends his fascination to her private parts. Legs together, all along, as in my previous descriptions! This actually adds to the pleasure of watching the scene, simply because his caressing and fondling stays within the limits and frame of discipline and punishment.

In order to establish and maintain REALISM in schoolgirl/headmaster-scenarios, the girls should only be disciplined for plausible acts of misconduct - naughtiness, misbehavior and lacks of effort in school-work. Depending on the storyline in question, girls may be defiant, shameful or scared. But acts of defiance or back-talking should be brought to a stop, shortly after the first smacks or strokes have been administered. A little struggling is acceptable in these productions, but only initially. Very quickly, the headmaster/teacher/spanker should establish control over the girl, so that her bottom may be enjoyed, uninterrupted by excessive moving about over his lap or over schooldesks or tables. A cute and naughty wriggling - legs together, of course - can be a real treat, if kept within reasonable limits. Stern-voiced lecturing and scolding is an absolute must in these productions, as are sniffling, crying and promises of better behaviour from the girls. The counting of strokes (usually of the cane) and "thank you, sir..."s are very common in schoolgirl/headmaster-features; personally, I find that they can be very stimulating additions to the action, but not if uttered all through an entire production. At the end, shameful apologies and respect- and tearful expressions of remorse is much appreciated - best, if combined with gentle rubbing of sore buttocks.

No rush, patience and a slow pace during discipline-sequences as well as in dialogue, is very important in order to establish and maintain an authentic and convincing atmosphere.

PERFECT FRAMING AND PRESENTATION OF THE GIRLS BOTTOM is a gift, offered us by the schooluniform itself - providing it's unique qualities in this respect are recognised by the production-companies and the actors and actresses, involved in their productions.

Watching a girl, dressed in her schooluniform, nervously knocking on the door to the headmaster's office, represents the perfect introduction to a session of old-fashioned spanking and discipline - and above all, it's the uniform that does the trick.

The classic schooluniform usually worn by actresses in spanking-productions differs from real-life uniforms. The girl doesn't - shouldn't - wear stockings or pantyhoses and the skirt is usually shorter than the ones, worn by real schoolgirls. The purpose of this is obvious; when watching a spanking-scenario, you want to see the girl's naked thighs and legs and enjoy that her behind is only just covered by the skirt. The skirt itself should always be pleated. With respect to socks, I prefer ankle-length, though knee-socks will do, as well. White shirt and school-tie are musts. Jackets or blazers can be stimulating additions to the girl's outfit, if of matching colour, but in general should be taken off before punishment is administered. Panties are of course of particular interest. I sense that especially the british audience - or at least parts of it - have a thing with what is referred to as 'regulation knickers'. I do not. My view is that 'regulation knickers' cover too much of the girl's behind. My preference is that the girl wear a pair of tight-fitting, white cotton-panties that will allow you to enjoy the shape and curves of her bottom.

The colours of school uniforms should be dark-blue or black, with respect to skirt and jacket or blazer. Socks (and panties) should always be white and shoes should be plain, black ones. I'm not a shoe-fetichist, but I feel strongly that the girl should never take off her shoes - taking them off creates a sense of intimacy that is inappropriate in connection with school punishment.

A spanking-scene may start out with the girl being spanked on her skirt or on her panties, but there are no justifications for not seeing her being spanked on her bare bottom. It can be a nuisance when producers insist on the skirt-panties-bare routine in over-the-knee scenarios, though it is from time to time performed very well. In general, a series of smacks on panties, as a warm-up to the main attraction, will do. In this case, the headmaster/spanker should be in charge of eventually pulling down the girl's panties. The act of pulling down panties can be very stimulating, if done slowly and professionally while the girl stays in her position over the spanker's knee. The girl should keep her legs together and lift her bottom a few inches, while perhaps wriggling it just a bit. A perfect match of spanker and spankee will be able to make the most of this interlude, accompanying it with appropriate dialogue. In "Finishing School Discipline 2", it's done brilliantly. This brings us to the element of framing and presentation of the bottom. Panties should not be pulled down too far - that is, no further than a few inches below the buttocks. If the girl meets the requirements of arching her back and 'sticking up'/presenting her bottom for punishment, the sight will be breathtaking. No bare bottom is barer than one being framed and contrasted by slightly pulled-down panties and a glimpse of a lifted skirt, neatly placed around the girl's waist.

Bending over a school desk or a table is the only proper position for a naughty, uniformed schoolgirl to assume, when she is to be caned. As canings should always be administered on the bare bottom, it is relevant to discuss how the act of baring it should be depicted. The producer/director and the actor and actress - obviously - have two options; either the actor/spanker does it, or the actress/spankee does it herself. Both options have great erotic potential.

If the headmaster/spanker is to prepare the girl's bottom for the cane, it is best done by initially instructing the girl to bend over, fully dressed in her skirt and panties. He should then lift her pleated skirt and place it over her waist and instruct her to 'stick out' her behind (legs together, of course). In a slow but firm manner, the actor should then pull down her panties to just below her bottom, perhaps adjust it slightly and then - without haste - fetch the cane from it's place.

A girl, who is to bare her bottom herself, can, to great effect, be ordered to fetch the school-cane in advance and hand it to her strict teacher/headmaster. Following his instructions, the girl should then lift her skirt and pull down her panties, before bending over.

No bare bottom is barer...

The element of STRICTNESS is of vital importance in schoolgirl/teacher/headmaster-scenarios. The male disciplinarian has to radiate unquestionable integrity, authority and determination. He must never loose his temper and must be able to maintain control over the girl and the events of the production all the way through it. His tools are his appearance, costume and voice. Apart from the actual spanking and caning, his only physical actions should be an occasional ear-pinching, if necessary, and his free hand placed on the girl's arched back during over-the-knee scenes.

With respect to the featured handspanking, slippering (and perhaps the use of a ruler...) and caning, it should always be administered firmly and without hesitation. In the case of handspanking, the actor should always use his 'full' palm and every smack should produce the appropriate sound. However, lighter smacks - still using 'full' palm - are much appreciated as a supplement to the actual spanking, slippering and caning.

Any schoolgirl/teacher/headmaster-scenario should have a believable and convincing ending. Strict lecturing from the spanker, the girl gently rubbing her behind and the odd "Now go back to your class, you naughty girl..."



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