Posted 12/15/06

This is the first time I am writing to you. Have often enjoyed your website and wanted to share a review with you, which might be of interest.
Happened upon http://clips4sale.com/store/8542 and looked at the preview for Mistress Saskia - Alethia Spanked to Tears (please see the free preview). Was so impressed by the preview I spent the $12.99 to get the full video (Parts A & B). Of course evaluating/reviewing spanking videos is rather subjective, based upon ones likes and dislikes, but for me this is the very best spanking video I have ever seen. There are a number of reasons for my liking this so much. There were several things that I had not seen in a spanking video before. I often wondered if it was possible for a submissive to take a spanking with a hairbrush, but in addition to the backside of the hairbrush, also to use the bristle side to the butt, which was effectively done in this video. At times gently and other times vigorously brushed and spanked with both sides of the hairbrush. Also this video has several segments where a block of fine sandpaper is rubbed gently and sometimes vigorously over the butt. All of which made the butt very red and must have been very tender. Several times an alcohol rub is administered to the buttocks that literally took the sub's breath away. The limited dialog between the dom and sub was very good and had a nice feel to it. Throughout the spanking, it is clear from the shoots of her face that the sub is really enjoying the secession. By the end, her buttocks are very red and she has a few light bruises and is indeed crying. The dom was excellent and knew what she was doing. She could use either hand to spank fairly hard and I loved the hand spanking that was done to the sub's pussy. The dom was able to cup her hand between the sub's legs and gave her a strong spanking. The dom spanked hard, but often took breaks where she messaged the sub's pussy. Sometime lightly and sometimes hard. Very enjoyable to watch and helped make this my favorite spanking movie! This video had just about everything I ever thought should go into a spanking video. Just the right combination of all the elements that make up a great video.



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