Posted 12/22/06

I really find your review site interesting and as a result join various sites listed. However, I thought I'd mention a couple that you might want to warn other readers about.
1st Choice www.1stchoicespanking.com/main.php. They seem to have done a lot of advertising recently so I joined up. Basically, it's a relaunch of Spanking College (www.spankingcollege.com) which I've joined previously. It mainly features poor quality clips of films which have been around for a few years. They have the cheek to say they've been making films for 20 years. Seems like they are pinching other peoples films.
Fetish DVD: www.fetishdvdsales.com. They have films from both the US and the UK to buy. They also have a members site. Again I joined but the clips are only about a minute long and also poor quality.



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