Posted 1/26/07

I just purchased a membership to www.1stchoicespanking.com, a site which I hadn't visited in several months. According to a "preview list" in the free section of the site, the archive contained several new full spanking videos which I didn't know yet. As it turns out, that was false advertising - the archive hadn't been updated in ages, it was in the same state as several months ago when I first gave the site a try. Of all the titles on the "preview" list, only a scant minority was actually available for download. The advertising slogan "...and more coming every week!" in the public area is also patently false - by my impression, the archive has never been updated after its inception.
1stchoicespanking belongs to a chain of websites that also includes Redstripespanking.com and several others, and this is not the first time that they employ blatantly false advertising. None of the websites includes an email address or other option of contact (probably for good reason). The only way I can vent my frustration about these unprofessional and dishonest sales tactics is via reviews and word of mouth, which I shall happily do.
I recommend that spanking video enthusiasts looking for a good and fair deal on the internet avoid www.1stchoicespanking.com and the websites belonging to the same chain. Boycott false advertising, and spend your money elsewhere!



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