Posted 4/27/07

A nice review, but your skipping over some of the things that make the Miss J scene a truly great spanking scene:

"This time it is Miss J who does the honors for Jasmine. Miss J has decided that "Jasmine is all mine today" and tells her to strip naked. When she is positioned on all fours on an ottoman, she grabs a thin leather strap and tells her "are you ready? I hope so. I am ready."

1. The look on Jasmine's face when she's told the spanking is to be done "fully nide" is priceless. Watching Jasmine strip adds a lot here. Jasmine looks embarrassed and a little nervous. Then she has to slowly turn around to display her naked ass to Miss J. We needed a wider shot here to catch this better though.

2. Miss J positions her by guiding her over to the ottoman, telling her to get on all fours and to maintain the arch in her back so that her ass sticks out more. Then we see Jasmine from a head on view looking nervously around as Miss J inspects her. Miss J loves the view and tells her-leading to more embarassed looks form Jasmine.

3. Jasmines response to Miss J's "are you ready" is a submissive "yes ma'am". Classic submissiveness and intensely erotic, but the best is yet to come.

4. Head on view of Jasmine again as Miss J gives a couple of light practice swats-Jasmine closes her eyes and bites her lower lip in anticipation of what's to come. The best part is watching Jasmine jump slighy after the swats. The microphone picks up the sound of the practice swats perfectly. And BTW-a spanking scene done in a room without any reverbaration is a total waste of time.

5. The actual spanking is somewhat anti-climactic but there's still one scene left that unfourtunately got shortened. After the spanking, Miss J tells Jasmine that she is to be walked out of the room still naked, in order to display her spanked ass to all who want to see. WOW!! If that isn't truely erotic I don't know what is-too bad they didn't show it.

I think that Jasmine has quit modeling at realspankings. It's a shame because she was one of the best!



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