Posted 11/28/08

Letter to the Editor:

Hello John and David,

The first point of this email is to thank you for your website. I have just found it via Google. I am grateful for one of your reviews which led to me deciding not to subscribe to a website that I had considered.

I am at present looking to subscribe to a second website. I have previously subscribed to English Spankers. You gave it a positive review. So would I. Their use of amateurs is interesting. Sometimes it works well, sometimes I am disappointed. One was a real eye opener. I know from experience that some woman do really enjoy a good spanking. Their video "Clara's Story" showed the young woman with such pleasure on her face that I was really impressed. If only all woman enjoyed it so much.

The mix I downloaded also included videos shot with models, and some of these are excellent. I think initially of Sasha, Pandora and Wynter, but there are other lovely girls too. The only problem is that if I go back to find their names, I won't get to finish this email.

One thing that did surprise me was to find your reader's review of "The Electricity Inspector" from the Sound Punishment site. That exactly described the first part (of two) of a video on English Spankers. Clearly material gets swapped around from site to site. Oh yes, I did enjoy that video, both parts.

I would also like to thank Sara Ovington for the excellent stories she has contributed to your site. They are well written and have a genuine ring. I actually read them from beginning to end, rather than skipping through to see if the story actually interested me, as I do with so many offerings I see on the web.

If you are able, please let Sara know that she has an admiring fan (one of many, I expect).

Keep up the good work.



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