Posted 1/9/09

Letter to the Editor:

Hello John and David,

Niki and Ludwig's football video. Available streaming or as a download from http://streaming.3uu.org/loge-cologne/

Well, in terms of value for money you can't beat this little film. It's available free, gratis and for nothing!

The film stars that American ornament to the British spanking scene, Ms Niki Flynn. Ludwig runs the excellent blog http://rohrstockpalast.blogspot.com/ - which is in English. Since the film is short - probably takes less time to watch it than to write this review, the plot is simple. Ludwig enters the room as Niki sits in an inflatable chair, designed to look like a football*, waving two flags - a German flag and a Union Flag. (Yeah, that's the BRITISH flag, not the ENGLISH cross of Saint George.) A lively bilingual discussion ensues about the relative merits of the English and German football teams. Ludwig thinks the Germans are better, while Niki sticks up for her adopted country.

Ludwig then starts to spank Niki's bare bottom with the flags. This has caused a little controversy, which you can read on his blog - entry for 18 December. He then moves on to use a cane. Video quality is high with inset split screen allowing the viewer to see Niki's facial expressions as well as that part of her anatomy which has brought her fame and fortune.

Well worth the effort of downloading!

* I mean the chair looks like a football, not Ms Flynn!

STOP PRESS: Ludwig's blog now has another free video of Niki available. Go to the blog at the address mentioned above, and you'll find it in the entry for 24 December, headed "A Cattle Prod for Christmas".



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