Posted 1/30/09

Letter to the Editor:

RE: www.1stchoicespanking.com/www.totalspanking.com.

I thought I would write to let you know about my experiences with the above websites in case you wanted to warn others. Originally, I joined the 1stChoice website as a member over 2 years ago. I rejoined it in 2007. And yesterday I rejoined again. At first appearance, it seems that there are lots of videos available to download. However, upon joining the reality is that there are only a handful available to download. Pretty similar in fact to the original ones. By far the vast majority, it says "not available to download". With some there is a link to their other site ie www.totalspanking.com. It means that you can watch a few minutes while connected. I did not join 1st choice for that. As the same clip is available free on TotalSpanking. The only thing I will say is that TotalSpanking has many videos available at 5/$7 each.



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