Posted 2/27/09

Letter to the Editor:

The man masquerading as Mr Peters in the Catholic Discipline series and far too many of the other offerings from Xerotics is the most irritating practitioner in the business. He is so fond of the sound of his own voice that far too much of his films is taken up with tedious chatter. When presented with a female bottom he fiddles about with the choice of weapons like a golfer selecting a club for a difficult shot and takes even more practise swings. After administering a few strokes he looses interest, wanders off, has a drink or a snack and re-arranges the furniture, or conducts another anal inspection, or gives another lecture. He is never satisfied with the position of the girl or clothing with more fiddling about with minute adjustments. Another time-wasting ploy is to make the girl take her shoes off, when the serious action should be taking place about 3 ft higher up. To be authentic as a person in authority he should dress accordingly and not look like a tramp. When the operation is finished why can't he put the cane away like every one else instead of trying some silly parking place for it? If he needs refreshment he should take it before filming starts and also decide how the set should should be arranged. A bit of rehearsal of the model so she knows the required position and pose would help. If he wants people to watch his films he should smarten up, shut up, get organised and get on with it. Regards.



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