Posted 3/20/09

Letter to the Editor:

I was considering signing up for membership of either Cavern or Classic as a cheaper alternative to buying their DVDs when I saw the timely warning about 1stChoice, which offers some of the same films. The two sites seem very similar with identical subscriptions, neither of which indicate whether the charge is one-off or recurring, and are equally shy about describing what benefits they offer to members. There are so many stories about problems with cancelling recurring subscriptions that I am reluctant to join any site which does not offer a clearly stated option of a one-time charge for a fixed period. On both sites a contact e-mail address only appears (and then in small print) after the sign-up procedure has started. I could not find one anywhere at 1stChoice. All these people have been supplying CP films since before DVDs and on-line streaming and it appears that is what they are set up to do: sell DVDs. As the price of a DVD can be more than two months' subscription it may not be in their interests to make on-line streaming a widely available option because one could clean out their library in that time. Until they realise that on-line streaming saves them all the overheads of making and shipping DVDs they are unlikely to offer decent down-loading. Neither site has responded to my queries about download availability so their on-line customer service does not look too brilliant either.



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