Posted 3/20/09

Letter to the Editor:

There are so many horror stories in you mail bag about scams, sharp practises and poor service I must counter that with a commendation for RGE-films and the speed and efficiency of their down-load service, a fairly recent development.. As soon as the payment has been confirmed, in a matter of seconds, the site flips back to the selected film which now shows the down-load options. There is no messing about with e-mails and user-names, pass words and signing in. The chosen film can be downloaded there and then, in any of three formats. From initiating the order to having the film saved on a file cannot have taken much more than 5 minutes. When I had completed everything I found I had been sent an e-mail by RGE giving order details, by then unnessary. That might be handy if several films had been ordered at the same time. Other sites may have to improve a lot to compete.



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