Posted 11/20/09

Letter to the Editor:

Remember the soup Nazi from Seinfeld? There is a parallel in the spanking video market. Raven Hills Studios has a fabulous product, but they apparently don't give a damn if they sell it or not. In fact, the last time I tried to visit their site, there was a warning from Google that the site was toxic. They already had a reputation for poor (if any) customer service, but an official public cyber-health warning? Wow! Some time ago I posted a review of Raven Hill Studios' 'Resolved by Corporal Punishment #1'. Since then I have rented a few of their other videos - all from Spanking VOD. Like any production company, they have hits and misses. When they get it right though, the results are spectacular. Even the sub par technical quality can't ruin what they do. Take their 'Spanking down the Highway' series for example. A cute and slender, but not beautiful girl is working the bar when the RHS guys show up. The place is pretty dead which means two things; she is making shit for tips and she has time to chat. Customer service notwithstanding, the Raven front man is a charming and friendly guy, and it's not long before he tells her why they are there. She seems a little embarrassed by the offer, but doesn't immediately tell them to shove it, and by the time they leave, she is a definite maybe. What was probably just another day evolves into one she will never forget - or me. Too bad Raven Hills doesn't care if anybody sees their product.



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