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David Pierson Interviews Amelia Jane Rutherford

About two years ago I stumbled on to a photography site that featured with work of a most elegant and beautiful young woman. She is a classical trained dancer, actor and model. In many ways she reminded me of Rosaleen Young, only, much, much taller. Rosaleen was but 5 ft tall, while Amelia stands at about 6 feet. There was something in her attitude that made me think "This girl needs a good spanking". I contacted her to see if she had an interest in working in CP media. She was reluctant at first, but in a few months I heard back from her and referred to my good friend, Stephen English. Soon Miss Rutherford had been introduced to the wonderful world of the spanking media. I knew she looked kinky. Amelia is best known for her 'Haughty Ballerina" series for Firm Hand. (Directed by Samantha Woodley) I do believe that Miss Rutherford is destined for major stardom. I was more than thrilled when Amelia found some time in her insanely busy schedule to chat with me.

David: Hi Amelia, how are you? Thank you for taking some time to chat with me. I know that you've been terribly busy.
Amelia: It's absolutely lovely to talk to you; especially as it's because of you that I'm doing spanking films at all. Do you remember?

David: I do remember. I've corrupted more girls in that manner. (both laugh)
Amelia: You emailed me out of nowhere a couple of years ago and asked if I'd be interested in doing spanking films. You offered to put me in touch with producers in the UK. At the time, I refused because I was too shy; but it stayed in my mind and when I felt brave enough I got back in touch with you! You recommended Strictly English, which was a very good place for me to start. They're lovely. I wonder why you contacted me? Was my mainstream work sending out spanking vibes?

David: Well, yes..yes it was. I think all classical dancers just require a good spanking. You are completely lovely and capable of projecting as such the patrician.
Amelia: Well..thank you..I guess. ( laugh)

David: I know that many, including myself, feel that you are on the verge of major stardom in the world of spanking films. How do you feel about that?
Amelia: I really hope I can become well known in this field. I absolutely love doing CP work and I really want to make the sort of films I'd like to watch. That would mean romantic, tasteful, classy, and very severe! It's exciting to work in this business because I'm having a chance to meet genuinely experienced CP players. I prefer to call them 'disciplinarians', who know exactly what to do with me! I'm learning lots about my tolerance for punishment, and I hope to keep learning!

David: I've heard that many are comparing you to my old friend Rosaleen Young. Like her, you are an accomplished dancer, actor and glamour model in addition to being a major star of the spanking cinema. I think that your training allows you to go into scenarios that others can not attempt. Do you agree?
Amelia: That's an interesting thought. Rosaleen was the first person I was aware of who was working in the CP field. I was fascinated by her, I still think she was extremely brave to put her fantasies into the public domain the way she did. I'm happy to be compared to her; I like the fact that she was ambitious in the roles she chose to play. I agree that perhaps having trained and worked as a mainstream actress might make me feel more comfortable with trying out roles that require plenty of talking and arguing! Because I really like to play difficult girls who don't submit easily, I'm lucky that I enjoy improvisation. I wouldn't enjoy always having to play a quiet, obedient character! And I have lots of ideas of films I'd like to make - I can't wait to try some new things.

David: Ah..a true brat.
Amelia: I guess that I am.

David: Most of the people who I know in the spanking community can trace their interest back to childhood. Was this true for you?
Amelia: Mmm, I'm afraid so! My earliest memories relate to having CP fantasies. At first they weren't overtly sexual, I used to just enjoy telling stories to myself about getting into trouble with authority figures, being punished, made to stand in the corner... I'd swear I was born with this interest. When puberty hit, I started to realize that I wanted a boyfriend who'd punish me, but of course I didn't know where to look! I thought there must be something terribly wrong with me, and it made me very unhappy for a long time. For me, it's important to create good quality spanking erotica, because I hope it will help people who feel guilty about being into CP to accept that it can be a fun, sexy, sophisticated game. It doesn't have to be sleazy, porny, or clichéd.

David: Now, this question is totally necessary. If I fail to ask, I will receive a great deal of hate mail.
Amelia: Okay....I think.

David: Were you spanked as a child?
Amelia: Oh, heavens... NO, NO, NO! I hate the idea that people are only into CP because they're working out some sort of childhood trauma. My parents are great, they brought me up well, and they never spanked me. I don't think spanking children is a good idea. CP is a fairly common fetish, so I think the chances of interfering with your child's naturally developing sexuality might be fairly high. If I'd been spanked as a child, for example, I'd have been mortified, because I knew from a very young age that it meant something important to me. I'm glad that I had a chance to explore it for the first time in an adult, sexual relationship, rather than by being punished by someone who didn't understand what it meant to me.

David: I must admit to being very impressed with that entitled ballerina series that you have done for . Tell me about the concept for the series.
Amelia: Oh, I did love this shoot! Samantha Woodley directed this, and it was the first time I worked for Firm Hand. I was incredibly excited, especially because I had the chance to play a nasty, haughty ballet dancer! I trained originally in ballet, so Firm Hand thought it would be great to cane me while I stood en pointe! Ouch, it hurt terribly! We shot it near London, and it was a very tough day for me. I was still very new to the spanking world and we shot 12 scenes, and about 8 different implements in one day. I was so scared that I wouldn't be able to manage, but I just about got through it, with a lot of yelping and wriggling!

David: I should admit that I know many ballet dancers in need of spankings. The Pennsylvania Ballet does the most erotic version of 'Swan Lake'. Forgive my interruption. Sorry.
Amelia: Mmmmm. You're forgiven. I wonder in what way it's erotic? Surely there isn't any spanking in it? Not in Swan Lake? Anyway, ask me another question!

David: Now I've heard from a source that you will be directing a series of videos for Firm Hand. What can you tell us about that?
Amelia: I was very scared about this, but Melissa Canning at FH offered me the chance to direct two first-time spanking models for a two day video shoot. They were lovely girls, and we did a fun story about beauty pageant contestants.... It was hard for me to ask them to spank each other because I've never spanked anyone myself ,and wouldn't want to, I'm definitely not a 'top'!, but we went slowly, and they did a great job. I'm looking forward to doing more directing work in the future, I just love making up the stories!

David: So, where you are not being the star of the spanking cinema, what sort of things do you like to do?
Amelia: I'm afraid I'm a busy girl, because I still work as a mainstream model. I travel a lot because of my job, and I absolutely love it. When I'm at home, I love to bake cakes, read books and go to the theatre. I love my friends, so the main thing I try to do when I've got any time is to spend time with them. I don't see any of them enough, so I prioritize that. And I see my family whenever I can, I miss them when I'm traveling.

David: So, do you have any projects in the works?
Amelia: Well, I did just finish shooting a fantastic ,I hope, CP film for Firm Hand. It's about a journalist who goes 'undercover' to a famous British finishing school because she's heard corporal punishment is still being used.... The Headmaster in this film is played by China Hamilton, a well known British fetish photographer, and he was exceptionally good ,and scary, in his role. And yes, corporal punishment WAS still being used.... It was the toughest shoot I've done so far, and I can't wait to see the results. I really hope people like it, because it's a fantasy I've thought about for most of my life .

David: What a brilliant concept. I know of China Hamilton's work from my friend, Nina Birch.
Amelia: Oh..I think this will be brilliant!

David: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me. The time went by far too quickly.
Amelia: Well, stay on the line then! Or come over to the UK and we can go out for tea. I like afternoon tea in London, and I do my best to behave well....

(both laugh)

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