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David Pierson Interviews Artemis Antone.

Is there another person in the video erotica business with a more compelling story than Artemis Antone? Artemis entered the industry at the age of eighteen as a protégé of her mother, the famous dominant, Jennifer Antone. It was there that she learned the ropes. (sorry) After several years of working as a professional dominant and performer in numerous fetish videos, Artemis became tired of the scene. This form of burnout is very common among those who dominate others for a living. To preserve her sanity, Artemis quit the business. During our pre-interview, Ms. Antone noted that this left her somewhat adrift. Her whole sense of self had been built around the dominant persona that she had developed. She tried her hands at several professions running the gamut from massage therapist to dancer-stripper. Being a restless soul, none of these explorations remained fulfilling for long. Her career as a dancer ended when the lovely Artemis and her 300zx had a head on collision with a bus in Santa Monica. Left with a condition known as cervical vertigo, Artemis needed to explore other career options. With a lot of time on her hands, Ms. Antone started her own fetish website. During this time Artemis began to allow herself to express her own submissive fantasies. She notes in her biography that she has long had latent fantasies about being bound and dominated. She now shares these fantasies with the members of her website: Artemis runs her website with her lover and partner in crime, Chase Brocco. Chase is a world famous fetish photographer. The two of them can be seen in Bobbie Tawse's production of " Helping Hand". A very erotic domestic discipline video. I think that it is interesting to consider Artemis' fascination with bondage and submission. She finds being bound to be a sexual turn on while, conversely, she is in possession of a restless spirit without boundaries.

David: Hi Artemis, thank you for doing this interview with me.
Artemis: Your very welcome.

David: The other night, as I was preparing for this interview I was perusing your website. ( I was looking at your guest book and I was really knocked out by the amount of genuine affection that was expressed for you there. None of it was of a salacious nature either. There was a friend of your mother's who was reminiscing of a time when you swam in her pool when you were a little girl. There were former clients of yours from the time when you were a professional domme wishing you well. How does it make you feel to know that you are thought of in such a loving manner by so many people?
Artemis: Of course it makes me feel good. A few years ago I was anxious about expressing my feelings towards bondage and submission, but I've had a very warm welcome and a lot of acceptance from bondage fans.

David: Your mom, Jennifer Antone is a well known professional dominant and a video star in her own right. How old were you when you became aware of what she did for a living?
Artemis: I was 14. She really wasn't into video then, just private sessions. At the same time I found out that my uncle was a Dom too. My mother didn't want to have to lie to me about where she was going with black suitcases. I was very inquisitive and I would have found out anyway. Also I want to add that she didn't go into depth about what she was doing. I found magazines and books, which gave me a clearer idea about the kinky things that were going on in the world.

David: What was it like to grow up with a mom with such notoriety?
Artemis: At first it was terrible. I remember the first time I was in her business establishment, after it was closed. Everyone was clamoring around her; she practically forgot I was there. She was so close to those around her and they loved her so much, I guess I was jealous. At 18 when I became her protégé things changed. The people who had met me as her daughter a few years before looked at me different and treated me different. I was a focus in her life that went beyond our mother and daughter relationship. She shared her popularity with me and always put me in the spot light, even beyond herself. She is a very giving person.

David: I have a very dear friend who works as a professional domme and has been a major video star for about twenty years. She tells me that she is totally burned out from doing this as her occupation for so long. Unfortunately, she doesn't know what else to do for a living. I understand that you experienced this too, albeit, at a much earlier age. What is there about doing that sort of work that leaves some people so drained?
Artemis: Being a Pro Dom is nothing like doing it in private. A lot of my clients were here on business from other countries so I was on call twenty-four hours a day. I was subject to their needs and wants. Also, I definitely felt cut off from the world. I didn't feel comfortable telling people what I did for a living, and when I did tell them, I felt as if I was being stereotyped as a man hater. Sometimes I feel people may stereotype me now as a submissive. That's o.k. with me, but I still think that is a narrow viewpoint. One of my biggest problems with the work, was my clients always wanting to relive the same fantasy over and over again, its like always having sex in the missionary position. There were times when I was bored to tears; towards the end I was no longer sympathetic to their needs.

David: Did you feel lost after quitting the dungeon?
Artemis: Definitely, not only was it my job for 5 years, but it had become my identity.

David: So after you quit the scene, you became a stripper. Did you like doing that? How did your mother feel about it?
Artemis: Yes, at first I loved it. It was like a party. There was a lot of cash and a lot of girls to hang out with. My mother was never happy about me stripping or me even posing nude for Leg World. In a lot of ways she is more conservative than people think, especially concerning her daughters.

David: Do you know why you were so restless? Was there something that you were looking for?
Artemis: I am a restless person, but, as far as stripping goes, it was only a matter of time. I had been looking for many things within myself. Some things I needed to be shown by others, some things I had to learn on my own, some, I'm still working on.

David: As you were allowing yourself to explore different facets of your own personality, did you have support from those around you?

Artemis: On a personal level, I have always had my mothers support, I'm sure she hasn't always agreed with my professional choices, but she knows that I am my own person. My past relationships with men were often stressed due to my work (I can't say I had their support). Most of my "personality exploration" has been done on my own. I am very introspective, and what I have found about myself is that I'm most happy when I'm creating.

David: I really think that your new submissive persona suits you? For a long time, you have been a top fetish video performer and model. You have been in any number of fetish and spanking videos, but I don't think that I've ever seen you sexier that you were in Bobbie Tawse's first video " Helping Hand". I found the drop-seat pajamas that you wore in that video to be quite erotic. What can you tell our readers about the filming of that video?
Artemis: If it makes you comfortable to call it submission, I understand. I think of it more as Chase takes control, whether I submit or not. In reality I have more control now than I ever had. Often I give up my control to him and I really enjoy it, but I couldn't to anyone else. Well, obviously I got a real hard spanking. I was bruised for at least 3 days. I guess that was somewhat of an adventure for Chase and I. I love being spanked, but generally I get spanked during sex. For some reason the pain doesn't register the same. Chase is very heavy handed and he definitely meant business. There was a bit of friction between us the day before and I do believe that shooting that video evened the score so to speak.

David: I understand that your first love is bondage. I think that, when done well, bondage is the most elegant of sexual expressions. Can you tell our readers why you find bondage to be so exhilarating?
Artemis: I know bondage itself is a tremendous thrill for many people. I find it stimulating, but what really turns me on about being tied up is the person that's doing the deed. My mind reels with the possibilities of what's going to happen next. I like being not being able to escape and I love having no control over what's going to happen to me.

David: Are you working on any new projects?
Artemis: I'm planning to make a line of bondage videos. The first one should be out in about six months.

David: Thanks again for doing this interview.
Artemis: It's been very nice. Thanks.

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