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David Pierson Interviews Teen Brandi.

David: Hi Brandi, thank you so much for talking to me.
Brandi: You're welcome. Thanks so much for asking!

David: I have to tell you this little story. As you know, a few weeks ago we posted my interview with Jessica. Our readers really loved it. Then we started getting a ton of email asking us when would be interviewing Brandi? Many of our readers were very insistent. How does it make you feel to know that you have such strong fan support?
Brandi: Wow, I knew that you interviewed Jessica, I even read it on your site. I certainly didn't expect that people would specifically request that you interview me as well! How does this make me feel? Hmm, I am very honored and extremely flattered that so many people are fans of my site.

David: Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?
Brandi: Right now, I am just having tons of fun working with a great group of people and exploring myself! In my spare time, I like to skateboard, play with my dog, watch television. and hang out with my friends. I have only recently started skateboarding so I'm not that good yet. So, I am basically trying to learn without breaking any bones! I recently got a puppy. He is a Jack Russell Terrier named "Jacks" and keeps me very busy. My favorite television shows are The Osbournes and Survivor. I am really getting into reality programming, along with the rest of the world! (laugh)

David: I know that you have many irons in the fire right now, but I have to ask you about Road Trip. That production was something so very original. I don't believe anyone has ever made a spanking video like that before. What can you tell our readers about your experience in making that film?
Brandi: Gosh, let me think back. That movie was filmed last April and I have definitely slept since then! My strongest memory was how much fun we all had. All the girls who starred in Road Trip are really cool and we all got along perfectly. Obviously, it was hard work..and hard spankings but other than that, just about the coolest weekends I have ever had. All of us were treated like movie stars, getting to stay in such a beautiful place, shopping in Breckenridge, eating and drinking! (laugh) Usually, when we weren't in a scene, we were naked in the hot tub! I think that the dynamic which exists between the owners and the models is what made this weekend so successful and very little like work. I would like to say a special thank you to Miss J and Mr. M for allowing me this opportunity to star in the best spanking movie ever filmed!

David: How did you get to be a star of spanking cinema and streaming video?
Brandi: You know, if you had asked me a year ago what I would be doing today, I would not be thinking ... Hmm, I'll be getting interviewed for a piece on a spanking video review site!"(laugh) I have had some fantasies about spanking in recent years, but never knew what it was all about until I met Jessica. I totally have her to thank for introducing me to Mr. M, Miss J and Lady D. She is the one who showed me spanking on the internet and convinced me to call for an appointment. I owe you one... or two, Jess! (loud laugh)

David: You are currently featured in the video " Group Punishments". I think that you are terrific in that production. You were spanked in that segment along with Jessica and, oh nuts, I'm blocking on the names of your other two co-stars.
Brandi: Yes, I was spanked in a group scene with Jessica, Amy and Holly.

David: Thank you. Sorry Amy and Holly. (both laugh) Brandi: This scene was quite fun to do, actually. First, let me say, that with doing four hand spankings and four strappings, Lady D has stamina! The fun part of the shoot came afterwards. All four of us were going back down the hall and upstairs to get dressed. We were walking past our network administrator's office and decided to peek in. He got quite an eye full as all of us turned around and mooned him with our glowing red butts! It was extremely amusing since he isn't involved in shoots and doesn't get to see much live nudity around here.

David: Tell us about the filming of your segment of " Group Punishments". It seemed pretty intense.
Brandi: Yes, this was a very intense scene, especially with the group dynamic. This was the first time for me to work with Amy and I had only worked with Holly once before. So, I didn't really know either of these ladies very well and this added a lot to the intensity of how I felt during the punishment.

David: Do you like the ensemble work that you've done so far or are you looking forward to doing something more intimate?
Brandi: More intimate? Well, I have been giving some thought to doing masturbation like Jess does. However, I am not bisexual in any way so you probably will not see any girl/girl scenes that involve me. I prefer to have my site as realistic as possible and as much about the true "me" as possible.

David: Ahh, Brandi..what I meant was do you like it better when you're spanked by yourself or in a group?
Brandi: Oh! (both laugh)

David: Do you like spanking?

Brandi: Are you kidding? I do like the spankings that I receive from Mr. M and Lady D, but they are not exactly what I am looking for, sexually. I am hoping to find a special person to share all of this with and explore my sexuality more. I have never been spanked in a sexual manner..ever! My sexual spanking fantasies seem very tame because I am totally vanilla to this aspect. Honestly, all I want is to be over that special person's knee, his hands warming my bottom, butt plug in place. Gosh, I hope I am not totally ruining my innocent persona with my honesty! (laugh)

David: I think your fine. (laugh) Not to worry.
Brandi: Thanks. I guess. (laugh)

David: Can you tell us about your relationship with the folks who spank you? I assume that your relationship with Lady D and Mr. M are very important to you personally and professionally.
Brandi: Lady D and Mr. M are just about the coolest people I know. Mr. M has been very generous with me and extremely supportive of my creative input. He is very mild mannered, easy to get along with and extremely intelligent. Lady D is more there for me emotionally. She knows me so well now there is nothing that I can hide from her. If I am feeling bad, having personal problems or just need to talk, she has my back. Everyone in this company is my friend and I am very grateful for that.

David: Now I know that you are working on a number of " Brandi" videos for release in the next few months. Without giving too much away, can you give us a little idea of what we should expect from your work?
Brandi: Hmm, I honestly do not know which scenes from the site will make it on to VHS at this point. We have all been discussing it lately and there will be a mix between mild, medium and severe spankings..as well as a good mix of different implements. I think the best thing about my site content put onto VHS tapes, will be quality. Now everyone can see me in all my glory, without downloading and waiting time.

David: A little birdie told me that you were very nervous about doing an interview. How do you think we did? (Laugh)
Brandi: Ok, now I am embarrassed! God! ( laugh) Although, I have a feeling as to who the little bird is! Yes, I was a bit nervous about doing this. I am not quite as well spoken as Jessica is and would hate to be compared in that way. I think we did GREAT!

David: Hey, thank again for doing this interview. Now, when your videos come out will you talk with me again?
Brandi: Absolutely! This was really fun!

David: Good luck with your all of your projects.
Brandi: Thanks so much, David.



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