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David Pierson Interviews Brigella

One of the most popular people in the British spanking scene is the beautiful Brigella. She's lovely, adventurous and has a unique way of expressing her submissive fantasies through her art. It is easy to understand why 'Briggy' is so popular with her peers and fans of Cheeky video. She is smart and very funny. Her motto: " I am not a bitch. I am The bitch!". With that kind of attitude it is easy to understand why her company is called Cheeky Spankings. I had been trying to get Brigella to sit still long enough for me to interview her for quite some time. This is not an easy task. Briggy is a woman of infinite energy. I was thrilled when I was finally able to convince the owner and creative force behind Cheeky Spankings to agree to this interview.

David: Hi Briggy. How are you? Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me.
Brigella: Hiya David and thanks. It's great to be asked to do an interview with you.

David: Can you tell our readers about your name? I really love it, but I'm sure that your mother didn't name you Brigella. (laugh)
Brigella: Quite a story behind Brigella. She's actually a character out of the Gor series, about male domination in a word where the majority of females are slaves. There was a Brigella in every performing troupe; she's an actress. Not only do I share her role, I share her character, feisty but submissive.

Editor's Note: The 'Gor Series' is a collection of books written by John Norman. Gor is a world in which the men are dominant and the women are slaves.

David: That is a good way of describing the character that you play in your videos. Edgy, but ultimately submissive.
Brigella: I'm glad you noticed ( laugh). That is the effect that I strive for indeed.

David: How did you first get into the world of submission and dominance? Were you always interested in spanking? The reason I ask this is that most of the people that I know who are into spanking can remember being turned on by it at an early age.
Brigella: I have always been submissive, but wasn't ever punished as a child. The first time that I was spanked was by my fiancÚ. At the time, he'd warned me not to do a silly little thing, and that every time he caught me doing it, he gave me one hand spank. So anyway, of course I did it all the more, not believing he would do anything about it. We were in the bank seat of his car one night, he grins and I don't why. Then he spanked the living daylights out of me.. I was black and blue for weeks! (laugh)

David: I'd love to talk to you about your video work. I have seen a lot of your work recently and I must say that it is very sexy and entertaining. What makes your Cheeky and Nemesis videos different from what other companies are doing?
Brigella: I like realism. I want to break away from the standard CP film storyline. I cannot see why spanking videos have to be consensual; I mean take a look at what Hollywood churns out, and massive box office hits. So I invent new themes, especially for Nemesis.

David: So that's why your stories often feature a young woman in prison or being spanked in a foreign embassy. In other words, in your videos you play a woman caught in extreme circumstances who receives extreme punishments for her actions. Does that make sense?
Brigella: That sounds right to me.

David: I understand that Cheeky Spanking is more than a video production company. I have heard that you throw some very wild corporal punishment parties. You must tell me about your Jail Events.
Brigella: Jail events are great, I hire a large venue for the week, Guys book to come as warders. I have at least three girls as inmates and it runs as closely as possible to a real prison. Wake up call... God, I hate mornings! Then a shower, breakfast and away we go into the first punishment. Last time I planted contraband under the pillow of a fellow inmate, and although she suspected me, as per tradition couldn't tell the guards. It was great fun.

David: When you are away from your company, can you tell us a little bit about the things that you enjoy when you are not in the process of being spanked. In other words, what does Brigella like to do when she isn't being Brigella?
Brigella: I lead a crazy life. I have a yacht so I sail every weekend. I go abseiling down in caves, I scuba dive and until recently I was competing in show jumping events on my horses. Probably the most demanding is looking after my six-year-old and worse still, my hubby.

David: So the care and feeding of your child and you husband is more difficult than being spanked, participating in show jumping events and scuba diving?
Brigella: Yep. It is a challenge. ( laugh)

David: Are you risking a spanking when your husband reads this?
Brigella: I guess I am. (laugh)

David: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me.
Brigella: You're welcome, it was fun and a privilege.

David: The privilege was all mine.
Brigella: (laugh) Talk to you soon.

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