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David Pierson Interviews Carly Daniels

Late in 2002, a new star burst forth in the world of spanking video erotica. In Drop Seat Productions "20/40 Spankings" the Lovely Carly Daniels stole the show as the bratty college age daughter of Dennis Hunter and Susan Mills who was in dire need of a spanking. Carly is a beautiful young woman with a great sense of humor and of the erotic. I was very pleased when this bright new star of the spanking cinema agreed to talk to me about her career and other things.

David: Hi Carly... thanks for taking the time to talk with me. I know that you are very busy.
Carly: It's a pleasure.... really. (laugh)

David: You've come to the attention of the fans of spanking videos in a big way through your terrific performance in Bobbie Tawse's production of "20/40 Spankings." How did you come to appear in that production?
Carly: Well... I've known Bobbie for awhile and when she asked my to be in her video I jumped at the chance. The story looked really hot.

David: What was your experience like with the shooting of 20/40 Spankings? Was it fun?
Carly: Nah ... I hated every minute. Of course it was fun. (laugh) The cast and crew were all really cool, and we got along fabulously. You know that's very important. You need to be comfortable with the people who are filming your bare ass getting spanked to a cherry red.. you know?

David: Are you into spanking?
Carly: Oh, I hope my enjoyment of it shows through in my video work. Some things can't be faked! Honestly, most of the spanking that I enjoy happens in my personal life. Maybe I should carry a video camera around with me all the time! (laugh)

David: You know that's a great idea. Guess not. ( Laugh) Well tell our readers a little something about yourself.
Carly: I'm a bit of a tomboy. I've always liked playing sports - soccer and ice hockey in particular. I grew up in a fairly small town, and the people there are pretty behind the times. In fact, I had no idea that the bdsm scene existed. I just thought I was a freak, with all these strange urges...wanting to be spanked or tied up. Then a whole world of new experience and opportunity opened up to me when I moved to LA. I found out bdsm was not only accepted but celebrated, I knew I had found my calling. I started working in videos right away! I loved the movie "Secretary" of course!

David: Isn't it great to learn that there are so many people who share your orientation in life. It was a great relief to me.
Carly: It was for me as well. It was like having a great weight lifted from my shoulders.

David: I heard that you have an unusual nickname. Can you tell our readers what it is and why you have it?
Carly: Oh, you must be referring to "positively evil." Ordinarily I am the sweet, mild-mannered Carly Daniels...but then, every full moon.... (laugh)

David: Are you working on any new projects?
Carly: I just did another video with Bobbie Tawse. I think it's in post-production, or it might be finished by now. It was another great project to work on! You'll have to check her website to see if it's been released yet.

David: Carly, thank you for talking with me. Continued success.
Carly: Thank you! See ya.

Addendum: After I had completed my interview with the lovely Miss Daniels, Bobbie Tawse released " Spanked and Diapered" featuring Carly getting ...well.. spanked and diapered. This production features another strong performance by Carly and friends. You can purchase these terrific videos at

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