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David Pierson Interviews Chelsea Pfeiffer

It is amazingly hard to describe the artist that is Chelsea Pfeiffer. She is good at so many things. She is a terrific writer, director, photographer, videographer and the best performer working in the genre of spanking video erotica. A Chelsea Pfeiffer video production reflects the unique world perspective of its creator. Her videos are very erotic and amazingly funny. I think that her videos should be required to carry a special warning label. I have heard that if you laugh while being intensely turned on, it is possible to injure yourself. Chelsea admits that her work is heavily influenced by the British sex comedies of the sixties. It really should come as no surprise that Chelsea is so accomplished in the many aspects of the video production process. She has always been a gifted artist. She was born in Wiesbaden Germany to parents of Portuguese and Hawaiian decent. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest and excelled in the theater arts Her first professional foray into the performing arts was as a dancer. After earning her BFA, Chelsea moved to New York City and studied for a time with the legendary choreographer, Martha Graham. This was no small feat. Martha Graham was selected by Time magazine as one of top one hundred most influential people of the 20th century. Chelsea gradually tired of the grind of trying to make her living as a dancer. She eventually moved back to Seattle. At nineteen, Chelsea married the noted illustrator, videographer and director of fetish videos, Brian Tarsis. Soon, she and Mr. Tarsis moved from Seattle to Los Angeles. Brian was offered a position with Harmony Concepts as an editor for a magazine entitled " Bondage Life." Mr. Tarsis' relationship with Robert Harmon (Owner of Harmony Concepts) was rather stormy. On the other hand, Mr. Harmon and Chelsea got along famously. Chelsea became the editor of Bondage life. This was a position that she held for four years. Chelsea also became a talented photographer and director of bondage videos. As Chelsea achieved professional success her marriage to Brian fell apart. Gradually, Chelsea found herself tiring of working behind the lens. She wanted to explore her spanking fantasies as a performer. She appeared in several Shadow Lane videos as a featured performer. Perhaps the best known of these is " Blue Denim." This production is regarded by many as one of best corporal punishment videos ever made. Upon learning of Chelsea's fondness for spanking erotica, Robert Harmon approached Chelsea about starting a spanking video company. Thus Camera Art was born. Four years later Chelsea purchased Camera Art from Harmony Concepts and changed the name of the company to Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment. Ms. Pfeiffer's primary collaborator is her current husband, Larry Selden. She and Mr. Selden have made CP Entertainment into a true house of mirth. (Fans of Edith Wharton are laughing right now. The rest of you.. look it up!) Larry is a talented writer, graphic artist, photographer, videographer and director in his own right. She notes that she and Larry are striving to bring a unique product to aficionados of spanking erotica. I wonder what Chelsea has in store for us when she once again grows restless. Whatever that may be, I know that this creative, intelligent and beautiful woman will make it worth the ride.

David: Hi Chelsea.
Chelsea: Hi David

David: Thank you so much for doing this interview.
Chelsea: It's my pleasure.

David: I think our readers would like to know something about you before you became famous. Where did you grown up?
Chelsea: I would refer to myself as being more infamous than famous, but I guess within the genre... I grew up in western Washington State for the most part.

David: Did you like sports and that sort of thing?
Chelsea: I wasn't into sports as a child. It was my love of acting and then dancing that awakened the athlete in me.

David: When did you become aware of your interest in spanking? Most people who are into spanking tell me that they can trace their interest back to early childhood. That is true for me.
Chelsea: I'm not really sure when I developed an interest in spanking. I know that goes contrary to the usual story. It's difficult for me to say, since my realization of it was such an unexpected zinger. I was spanked, sometimes severely, as a child. I dreaded these spankings, or strappings, because they stung like hell and were humiliating too. My mother would make me wait for my father to get home to do it. I'd sit in their bedroom waiting, dreading. Then he'd come home and bend me over the bed, pull my pants down and strap me six or seven times. For a little girl, that was pretty scary. I sort of filed all of that away when I became old enough to keep myself out of trouble. I didn't even think about it for years. I had no idea that I'd eroticized it until I read a story in a Penthouse magazine fetish section. I suppose it's as good a way to deal with it as any. It's funny, this happened after I was already married. I was afraid to bring it up to my husband even though he was into bondage and we were already practicing that. When I finally told him about my fantasy he thought that I wanted to be tied and whipped.

David: Not exactly what you had in mind.
Chelsea: No it wasn't. Being tied and whipped was not the what I was looking for. I was too embarrassed to actually show him the story, so I suppose that's my fault. I didn't understand it because I didn't want to be hurt, but the idea of being spanked, or better yet, strapped by a lover was so powerfully erotic that I felt that there must be something wrong and I had to keep it a secret. This also fell in line with a daddy complex. I felt that people wouldn't understand. I was concerned that they'd think that I wanted my own father when what I was looking for was to add a daddy -daughter dynamic to our marital relationship. Sounds very psychoanalytic doesn't it? (Both laugh)

David: I was fascinated to learn that you studied dance with Martha Graham in New York. She was picked by Time magazine as one of the most influential people of the 20th century. I'm very impressed. How did you come to study with the venerable Ms. Graham?
Chelsea: After I completed my BFA, I attended a summer session at the Graham school. When summer ended I had to audition to get a place in the school. I passed the audition easily and, to my great delight, got a call back to audition for the only scholarship available. A younger and taller blonde woman got the scholarship. She was twenty -two and I was twenty-five. So, I had to finance my first, and as it worked out, only year there. I was taught by several of the veteran company members. Martha only attended one summer session class, the auditions and the callbacks, and a performance of student choreography in which I performed. She was an amazingly intense woman, even at 92. She wore big, black geisha wigs that looked heavy on her little frame and big; billowing, brightly-colored African dresses. She was sharp and quick and her old eyes didn't miss a thing. She told us these great stories about being invited to dinner with royalty and several other adventures. Love just flowed out of her, it was almost palpable. She loved each and every one of us, just because we loved to dance. And, of course, we loved her. I'm very glad her company has won the lawsuit and the right to perform her works again. It was a tragedy when her heir decided to set the price for performing them so high that no one, not even her own company could afford it. Thankfully, good has won out over evil once again.

David: Did the fact that you were a dancer in anyway propel you into the erotic arts? Let me rephrase, I guess what I'm asking here is, did dance allow you to get in touch with your sexual self? The dancer's body itself is a work of art and that body is used to express intense emotion and erotic desire through movement. Does that make sense?
Chelsea: Yes, absolutely. I was very proud of my body and not at all ashamed to show it off. When I approached Shadow Lane about modeling, before I started making spanking videos of my own, but while I was producing bondage videos, I really wanted to model. I was tired of being behind the scenes and felt I had a lot to offer on both sides of the lens. I enjoy the fluidity of good sex with a good partner, someone who is also in touch with the physical side of themselves.

David: You are one of the most respected producers of spanking erotica in the business. How did you first get into the field of corporal punishment erotica?
Chelsea: I was working for Harmony Concepts as a bondage photographer, magazine writer, editor and videographer. When Mr. Harmon heard that I had appeared in a Shadow Lane video, I suppose he saw some business potential there. As an employee of his, I was given the job of starting up a spanking video company. That company was Camera Art. Years later, I purchased Camera Art and changed the name to Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment.

David: You were once married to Brian Tarsis. He is a well-known artist, videograher and director of fetish videos. From an artistic point of view, how did your affiliation with Mr. Tarsis impact your work?
Chelsea: I suppose, at first, I learned some aspects of the business from Brian. But, this was not due to his artistic abilities. I was already artistically inclined which was probably one of the reasons we were attracted to each other. He was excited with my enthusiasm and he and Eric Holman taught me the technical aspects of photography. But, artistically Brian helped me as little as possible. Perhaps he wanted me to find my own art. My first work was very influenced by him, as was nearly everything I did then. I was 19 when we were married and it seemed to me like he knew everything then. I got used to that dynamic and became what I hoped was his fantasy woman. Therefore it was natural that I would have models portray that kind of woman. Later, my own sensibilities took over. Camera angles became influenced by my vision of the world, as it would be viewing a ballet on a stage. My framing took on a very feminine, sweeping flow that, again, was influenced by dance. And, of course the romance too...

David: You now make videos with you current husband, Larry Selden. How has working with Larry changed your work?
Chelsea: Well my husband, Larry, is very supportive of my work. He's a wonderful photographer, videographer, editor, painter, graphic artist, musician and a wonderful writer. He and I are committed to doing work that we consider very special because we want people to be able to express their feelings about spanking in their lives. We like to think our videos make people happy about spanking and comfortable with their desire to see a little spanking action now and then. If you're comfortable with it, you can incorporate it into your life on a healthy level. Just as you would any other hobby or interest. Larry never had a girlfriend he didn't spank. And I'm the only one in "the scene" he ever had. He wants other guys to not be afraid or ashamed to do the same. Now, Larry's take on videos is very much more male energy influenced, of course, but I like that. Together we have a zany sense of humor, that leads to a sort of sitcom gone crazy in a world where Lavern and Shirley spank each other while Larry's camera goes "gyno" as we call it.

David: The thing that I love about the videos produced by CP Entertainment, aside from the obvious, is that the work is suffused with your sense of humor. I see your videos as erotic comedies. I'm especially fond of " Spanking Genie"; " Eve's Revenge" and " All About Eve". Aside from being very erotic, they are hysterically funny. How do you think your vision of a spanking video differs from what your fellow producers are making right now?
Chelsea: I think a lot of other producers want to portray action that is much more toward the realistic. That's great and they all do a terrific job in their own ways. I love everyone's take on the videos we all make and I think there's enough room in this market for all of us. The thing you're picking up on in my videos though is my love of the 1960s British sex comedies with Peter Sellers, Peter O'Toole, David Niven and Ursula Andres, and Elke Somers. If I can capture that fun, sexual energy and get all the girls' bottoms sunburn-red, then I'm a happy director.

David: Aside from the fact that you are a terrific director and writer, I think that you are an amazing performer. You have this wonderful ability to improvise dialogue. I thought that you and Eve Ellis were amazing together in " Eve's Revenge" I also thought that you were fantastic in Shadow Lane's " Sore Losers". You really dominated the fem/dom segment. (both laugh) Sorry about that. I am unaware of anyone else in your genre' of video erotica with talent as great as yours to be funny and improvise. Where does that ability come from?
Chelsea: When I relax I can be very cocky...some read that as wit and sometimes I'm actually lucky enough that it is true wit. Other than that, I am comfortable performing on stage as well as in front of a video camera. In fact, the video camera is more forgiving because if I make a bad mistake it can be cut out. On stage, which is what I'm most used to, the situation is very unforgiving. If you fall, you better make it look like a brilliant piece of choreography. A big smile always helps. Once I missed a lift and ended up with eight bars of music to fill, music that swelled with emotion, it was Richard Strauss as I recall. I was supposed to be flying on some guy's shoulder. We looked at each other and just improvised. The choreographer liked what we did so much, she changed the piece! Life is strange and full of surprises. (laugh)

David: I have heard that you will not watch videos in which you are featured. Why is that?
Chelsea: Oh, geez... I hate my voice. Sometimes I'm embarrassed that I was actually cocky enough to say some of the things I do. I don't like the way I look from certain angles... And, sometimes, privately, I'm tickled pink that a certain part looks so good.

David: I recently asked this of Jennifer Brooks, but I was wondering what your take on this question would be? Why are the best spanking videos produced today made by female owned studios?
Chelsea: I read Jennifer Brooke's interview and I agree with her. I think we are more detail oriented. We can construct a believable production more easily because of our exposure to soap operas, romantic comedies and novels. We are in love with the emotions in a situation and wouldn't be turned on without them. We are used to organizing everything from households to parties and special events. We are more diplomatic because women in the workplace today have to be very gentle, or they're thought of as "bitches." Of course, I can be a bitch if that's what it takes too. Finally, we're not so attached to control as we're used to relinquishing it now and then. So, we can delegate and don't feel like we have to do everything ourselves.

David: So what's next for you and CP Entertainment?
Chelsea: We're just about to go up with a new design for our website. Currently, we have two sites, the first is This is where our on-line video catalog is located along with the secured ordering page. You can also stream video from that site. The other site: is an on-line magazine. You pay for a subscription and you get weekly updates with anywhere from twenty to fifty photos per week. Sometimes updates are Mpeg's, depending on if we have any new releases going. The new design will incorporate the two sites so that no matter which address you type in you go to the same site where buttons will direct you toward your place of interest. Navigation is being simplified and information on videos will be updated. We don't want to have a chat page because with only the two of us, we wouldn't have time to do much else if we were to chat. But, we're going to put up a letters section. I've already saved lots of letters with suggestions and ideas for videos...some detailed letters describing why and how they like spanking. I love a good letters section. We're going to be doing model interviews and we're going to clean up that links page and link to all of our models' sites. It's a lot of work, so video production has been put aside for a month. We still have two videos in the can as it is. And we did just release our first two DVDs, so there's always something going on.

David: Chelsea, thank you so much for making the time to talk with me about your work.
Chelsea: You're welcome! Peace everyone!

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