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David Pierson Interviews Darling

I will always remember the opening day of the famous Spankingonline 'American Girl Shoot'. I had known of Darling's work primarily from the videos that she had done for Chelsea Pfeiffer, Clare Fonda and Shadow Lane. I remember meeting her at the airport. After untold hours in their air, she was still absolutely lovely. She has the kind of wholesome good looks that one expects of a beauty from the South Western United states. (Texas) Penetrating, big blue eyes, flawless skin and an innocent quality about her. She has that girl- next-door attractiveness. You could imagine her as the head cheerleader or as your date to the church social. It was on that first day of the SOL shoot that I was given my first glimpse into the true nature of this very complex erotic artist. During the initial phases of the shoot, the girls were to do a series of glamour photographs. When it was Darling's turn, the photographer had asked her to turn sideways and to look back at him. When she did as she was asked, her entire countenance had changed. When she turned to face the photographer that girl- next-door had become someone or something else. The room that has been buzzing moments before was stuck silent by what they saw. The photographer was so flustered that he almost missed the shot. I will never forget the look in her eyes. They had burned their way into my soul and have remained there ever since. Darling may be today's preeminent fetish model, actor and performer. She puts all of her heart and soul into each project. I have described Darling as a very kinky girl, but one you could take home to mother. I hope this interview gives you a little insight into one of the most important and talented fetish performers of all time.

David: Darling? Hi, how are you?
Darling: Hi David.

David: Can you believe that it's been more than a month since we were in England?
Darling: I know...I can't wait to go back. It was such a great time.

David: It is so to talk with you again.
Darling: Thanks, it's nice to talk with you too.

David: I think that I'm still recovering from that trip. I had such a fantastic time with you, Venus, Nikki (Flynn) and Lauren (Legends) during that SOL shoot. (www.spankingonline.com) I thought that you all were fantastic.
Darling: Well..thanks. We sure had a great time. It was wonderful meeting Nikki, She's such a sweetheart. Of course, I love working with Venus and Lauren.

David: I have to tell you a little story about one of my experiences during the shoot. I covered this in my article so you may know where I'm going with this.
Darling: Okay.. I think. (laugh)

David: I know that I'm stating the obvious here, but part of your allure is that you look like that pretty girl-next door, former cheerleader...only the girl next door has this exquisite Celtic Cross tattooed to her back. I've always appreciated your mix of the light and dark.
Darling: So what does this have to do with the SOL shoot? ( Laugh)

David: I'm getting there. It was on the opening day of the shoot. The SOL photographer was about to take your picture. It was pretty standard glamour fare really. I remember that he asked you to turn sideways and look back at him. When you did as he asked your entire appearance changed. As I said in my article, the girl- next- door became someone or something else. That look in your eyes has stayed with me since. Kind of burned their way into my soul. It was really quite powerful. It was sexy and disturbing at the same time. My question is, when that picture was being taken, what happened to the girl-next-door? What did you do with her? ( Laugh)
Darling: Well who is it that says the girl-next -door can't be kinky? I remember in your article you said that I was a very kinky girl, but you could take me home to mother.

David: I recall saying that and I apologized to the late Rick James too.
Darling: So what did I do with that innocent girl? I don't know really. We all have different personas and aspects to ourselves. I have worked on embracing all of the myriad and sometimes conflicting aspects of myself. I mean that there is a part of me that is the good girl, who loves to cook, clean, go to a sock-hop on a Friday evening. Then have chocolate malt and hold hands with my steady guy.

David: Sounds like an episode of the Donna Reed Show.
Darling: Well, then there is also a part of me that craves a sound beating... with the hand, paddle, strap or cane. That's what you saw in my eyes.

David: Were you always a kinky person? Most people in the scene tell me that they knew they were different from a very early age.
Darling: I have always been kinky...since childhood. My biggest personal kink is D/s. I have always fantasized about a man who can match up to me, best me, and totally control me. I've had that desire since childhood. From my second boyfriend on, I was seeking the man that I craved. I guess the first guy was a learning curve. Spankings, handcuffs and all kinds of wonderful things followed not too long after that.

David: I remember that during the SOL shoot, I was so impressed with your acting ability. I epically recall your perverse scene with Sister Mary. The folks at SOL call that video 'Catholic Correction'; I call it 'We Are All Going To Hell.' In that video you played the role of a Catholic Schoolgirl who had to confess to Sister Mary, as played by Shanelle, that you were having sexual thoughts. Sister Mary's cure was to put you over a pillow and strap your bare bottom while you recited 'The Lords Prayer'. That was both profane and erotic. For me, what made the scene work was the approach that you took to your role.
Darling: How so?

David: Well, you played the role without a hint of irony. Your innocent face gazing upward towards heaven, tears in your eyes as you recited the "Our Father" while Sister Mary beat your bottom. That scene could have come off so flat without your investment of emotion. It was pure Stanislavski. Do you have formal acting training?
Darling: No, didn't even take on theater class. I hated memorizing things and I would have conflicted with Choir. Well, I am quite the ham and enjoy the acting aspects of my job almost as much as the spankings.

David: Before you became a star of spanking and bondage videos, you were a well known player in the LA BDSM scene. I believe that your actual working name is Submissive Darling. As a fetish model your have a tremendous body of work that plays with the dichotomy between your wholesome look and your darkside. How did you become on of the worlds premier fetish models?
Darling: Well, how I got to where I am today is a long and twisted path. I started with a very active, person interest in BDSM when I was in college. My boyfriend and I were both very crafty and made all of our own bondage gear, cuff, collars, whips...that sort thing. Then we started to sell then for a living. We did that for two years and got to know several wonderful people in the Dallas BDSM community. I did my first fetish shoot in Dallas. After we moved to Los Angles, when my job didn't work out, I choose to become a professional submissive as a dungeon in the area. I loved the sheer number of people that I got with, both the mistresses and the men who came in for sessions. It was my choice to work as a submissive only, although I was offered the chance to "move up" to being a switch or mistress. I enjoy being a submissive, while being a domina would just have been another job. Later I joined the perforce troupe here in LA. (Severe Society) This got me exposure to the various photographers living here in LA. Over time I've become in demand. I work and work and work and love every minute of it. I love my job.

David: Speaking of work, I really must think you for doing this interview with me. I know that you've been on the road almost the entire time since you got back from the UK. I'll bet you're happy to be home, at least for a little while.
Darling: It always nice to be home.

David: Well tell me, how did you choose your professional name of Darling of Submissive Darling? I think that it captures your temperament so beautifully.
Darling: My master gifted it to me. A scene acquaintance had a slave named Precious, and I mentioned in passing that I thought he had picked a very approipriate name for her. Months later, I was quite pleased when my master introduced me to some new kinky friends as Darling.

David: Who or what would you say have influenced the way that you practice your art?
Darling: Well, I was heavily influenced by Anne Rice's "Beauty Books". I love the pin-up pulp imagery of the 1950's. I adore the imagery of John Willie. Oh, yes.. I loved the 'Gor' series of books. I also loved my first reference book, 'Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns'. That really opened my eyes to the wide range of fetishes and kink out there.

David: When I came home from the UK I had a lot of people giving me a hard time about not doing this interview while we were there. I told them all that they were nuts. They have no idea how hard you worked during that SOL shoot. I was so impressed with the work ethic that you and the other cast members brought to the set each day. Besides your sore bottom, what do you remember most of your time in the UK. Wait, before you answer that, let me apologize for the state that Venus was in when you all left for the airport. I bought her and Lizzie ( Simpson) all of that wine. That flight home must have been so pleasant. Well, so besides the bruises, what did you bring away from the SOL shoot?
Darling: Well, everyone was amazing. For me that made the biggest difference. What do I remember most? I remember that the first night and morning at the hotel, they didn't have the water heather on in our wing, which meant no radiator and cold showers...very cold showers. Brr! I also remember Shanelle as Sister Mary and her nasty strap. I got that strap several times during the two days of shooting and I can't wait for more.

David: I remember on our last night at the pub you had covered you bottom with icy hot. That was funny.
Darling: Well, all models have their tricks for speedy healing and reducing bruising. I know quite a few models who swear by arnica lotion. I go for a mentholated cream as soon after the spankings as I can get it. As an added bonus, it tingles and stings so deliciously on a freshly spanked bottom and I smell like mint for several hours afterwards.

David: Okay... perfunctory question time.
Darling: Okay?

David: Were you spanked as a child?
Darling: Yep.

David: Hey, I held that off to near the end.
Darling: This is true and I commend you for that. Yeah, I was spanked as a kid by my mom. Nothing severe or abusive.

David: What would you like people to know about you as a person?
Darling: Well, when I'm not being tied up. Or dressed in latex or corsets I really like to read. I have more than five-hundred books, mostly science fiction. I do needlepoint to pass the time. There's lots of waiting when you travel, not to mention the waiting before, during and after shoots. I love to do home improvements and projects such a building spanking benches. Truthfully there are only three things that I'm passionate about: the love of my life, reading and acquiring knowledge and BDSM.

David: So what's next for you? Any projects in the works?
Darling: Of course, I always have projects in the works. I'm definitely planning of going back to England this summer, when there is less snow on the ground. I'm also working on my new website, www.ropeandchains.com which will be a lot of hot chicks in bondage and S&M. I'm also considering starting a spanking website featuring myself and my friends.

David: Darling, it has been so nice taking with you again. I had such a great time getting to know you and the other cast members in England.
Darling: It was awesome, or as I learned in England, brilliant! Apparently awesome is a very American word because everyone would laugh whenever I said it. It was an incredible experience, wish we could have been there longer.

David: Well this has been a treat for me. Thank you so much for taking time out of your insanely busy schedule to talk with me. I know that you must be exhausted. I hope to see you again very soon.
Darling: Absolutely. The next time I'm in your neck of the woods I'll give you a ring because I can't wait to see you in person.

David: Bye.
Darling: Talk soon.

Look for Darling's website www.ropeandchains.com coming soon.

Picture by Ian Rath, courtesy of www.fetishnation.com

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