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David Pierson Interviews Emily

A few months ago we were introduced to Emily in Amateur Spankings production of " Emily's Belt Bruising." This video featured the beautiful Emily taking one of the hardest belt spankings ever filmed. Fan reaction to this video was nothing short of spectacular. Emily is something of a contradiction. On one hand she is a person of refined taste. She is an aficionado of classical music and jazz. She is particularly enamored with the music of Ludwig Von Beethoven, Puccini operas and Billie Holiday. She is also a lover of art films. On the other hand Emily is a fan of contact sports. " If you don't break a rib, loose teeth or an ear, it's not a sport in my book", Emily told me in our pre-interview. Emily regards herself as a switch-hitter, to use a sports metaphor. She likes to give and receive spankings. She may be from Kansas but our Emily is no Dorothy Gale.

David: Hi Emily. Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview.
Emily: It's my pleasure.

David: Your two videos for Amateur spankings have proven to be very successful. Were you prepared for the response that you received from the public?
Emily: It was much greater than I would have suspected. My friend, Renee is the one who told me about this opportunity, and I didn't think that I would have nearly this large an audience, or request for repeat.

David: I always feel that I need to ask this. Do you remember when you first found yourself turned on by spanking?
Emily: I was a late bloomer, in that aspect. My mother was the disciplinarian in our household, so spankings brought more a sense of fear than sexual excitement, the only time I had ever thought of spankings as anything other than that was while working with Amateur Spankings. Having a strict feminine role model as I was growing up allows me to have that ability to play the switch, meaning that I can be submissive or turn the tables and be the dominant participant...I can give as well as I receive! (Both laugh)

David: Is there a spanking scene in Texas?
Emily: I am relatively new to Dallas, and was not into the scene when I lived in Houston, so I couldn't really answer that. I'm originally a Kansas girl, and have lived a few years in Tulsa, Oklahoma as well.

David: From our pre-interview I know a few things about you. I know that you are originally from Kansas. You love classical music, especially the music of Ludwig Von Beethoven and Puccini. You're a Billie Holiday fan and you love art movies. Let me ask you this; How does a young woman of such refined tastes end up as a star of spanking videos?
Emily: It did seem like quite the odd choice at first, but my good friend Renee knew that I was having trouble with my car and needed help getting funds together, and because I knew about her participation in prior videos and was okay with it, she introduced me to these guys and it turns out it was a good deal all around.

David: What do you think differentiates an Amateur Spanking production from other companies? I know that you have definite ideas about the relationship of the viewer and the camera perspective used in the shooting of your videos.
Emily: Most of the girls in their videos are the nice, clean girl-next-door type and do not have an overly professional or hard look to them. They also make sure that the interviewer and spanker is not really seen, just his hand. I think that that allows the viewer to put himself in the spanker position and lets him or her be more of a participant. The company is also great at customer service and also making custom videos for those who are interested in a certain scenario. In that, they have set themselves apart from the others.

David: Will you be making more videos for G & D productions? I know that your fans hope so.
Emily: I am sure that there is something I have done that they can think of to use as more material!

David: Thank again for talking with me about your work.
Emily: You're welcome.

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