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David Pierson Interviews Eve Ellis

When I think of Eve Ellis words such as elegance, grace and beauty come to mind. Eve's approach to her art is thoughtful, creative and totally unique. As you will find from this interview Eve is more than just another pretty face. After a two year sabbatical from the scene, Eve Ellis is back at work on a mission to change what people believe is possible in the "fetish arts". After chatting with the lovely Miss Ellis I can't help but believe that she will do just that. For me, this was an interview two years in the making. It was well worth the wait.

David: Hi Eve, thank you so much for doing this interview with me. I've been dying to talk to you for ages.
Eve: My pleasure! We've been talking about doing an interview for a little while now so I've really been looking forward to it.

David: I know that most of our readers will know of you as the star of several spanking and bondage videos. When I think of you words like glamour and elegance come to mind. Your sense of style seems to come through no matter what sort of work you are doing. Where does that sense of style come from? What are your influences?
Eve: I've had my own sense of style and been a little eccentric in my tastes since childhood. Growing up I loved glamour, pinup, the Golden Era of Hollywood...my mother and grandmother started calling me Sara Bernhardt because I was always so dramatic. I also started collecting costume pieces when I was around 15. I was too small to fit into them at the time but I knew I would fit into and wear them one day. When I watched television, I liked superheroines and characters like Batgirl, Catwoman, Miss Emma Peel, Lucille Ball, Wonder Woman, Charlie's Angels and animé like Aeon Flux. I came all the way back around to Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Lily St. Cyr, Jane Tierney and Ursula Andress.

David: As I said a moment ago, people know you as one of the most accomplished fetish models ever to have their image affixed to a magazine cover or magnetic tape. But there is so much more to you than that. I'm not really comfortable calling you a fetish model. That term seems so limiting. How would you describe what it is that you do?
Eve: When you put it that way, I'd say I'm an artist. I play out my own visual fantasies in a way that earns enough money for me to be able to do more work then display it and so on in a continual process. Anything from the simplest fantasies of being a superhero or powerful female figure to sci-fi and futuristic to pinup queen, princess or sexual goddess. When it comes to fetish and bondage, I've always enjoyed things that were a little dark, mysterious, underground and offbeat so I've been fortunate to be able to apply that to my work. I just do the best I can with the mind, body and face I was given.

David: In reading your bio I learned that you are an accomplished dancer, singer and actor. Can you tell our readers a little bit about your training and education?
Eve: Of course. Growing up I took tap dance, jazz, private vocal lessons, choir, drama, and was a cheerleader... believe it or not.( laugh) Later on I danced as a world touring stripper for about four years. Creative expression fascinated me at an early age, especially music, dance and cinema. Basically I just dove into everything passionately and tried to learn as much as I could, wherever I could. Eventually acting experience came from trial and error with video, movies, commercials and modeling but I also attended college for two years studying dance, photography and business. I've learned a little from just about anywhere you can imagine!

David: How did you become the star of spanking and bondage videos and one of the most sought after glamour models in the business?
Eve: By accident! Well, at least my start in the industry. I was working as a cocktail waitress and was accused of stealing. They said I added two dollars to my tip on a credit card. Really, they wanted to get rid of me because of something my boyfriend, who also worked there, had done. Needless to say I was fired and having a hard time finding work in Los Angeles so I answered a newspaper ad for 'nude modeling'. It was an agency that got me two jobs then started sending me on porn shoots telling me they weren't and thinking I would just go along with it. One of the jobs however was an HOM shoot where I met Ariel Cole. She was extremely cool and gave me my start with three bondage producers' phone numbers. I've never had the chance to thank her for that in person but I've been working ever since. When it comes to getting as far as I have and maintaining a good reputation, that's from an enormous amount of hard work, passion for what I do, and a strong belief in myself and my abilities. A few lucky breaks and a tremendous deal of fan support and encouragement have definitely helped too!

David: Recently you made your first spanking video after being away from the scene for a few years. What had you been doing in the interim and what lured you back? By the way, I loved you and Chelsea (Pfeiffer) in 'A Trio of Tales' your new video for CP Entertainment.
Eve: Well, I've officially been back since around January but it was really a combination of things and amounts to a long story. On one end, it was just an extremely difficult time for me. Without going into too many details, there was a lot going on in my personal life at the time. Important relationships ending, being stalked, car accidents, a fire in my home...I felt overwhelmed by the events in my life and unequipped to deal with that much at once. I needed some time to sort out my personal life and find out about what was really important to me. The other end of the spectrum was more about my career but I'm sure what was happening in my personal life influenced the way I was feeling. Running around for so many years there has to be a point where you just get burnt. Basically I needed a break from shooting five to six days a week, running my website, promoting and marketing, trying to do everything at full speed and by myself. I thought I was at a point in my career where I could afford to take some time off. With work and my website, I went into 'bare-minimum' mode...I continued to update the site with content I had backlogged but wasn't shooting or staying in contact with anyone. Unfortunately a lot of people felt shunned by that but it wasn't anything personal or even about that. I had to disconnect for a while to preserve myself. Another thing is that when I started modeling in 1996, I was intrigued by the fetish genre because it was different, shocking and unique. I'm always seeking things that fascinate me but it got to the point where there was no fascination, it seemed so 'normal' and became uninteresting, everything looked like it had been done before. I didn't want to be surrounded by things that didn't affect me in some way. It was like a diamond ring that had been tarnished, I put it away for a while then brought it back out, shined it up and enough time had passed that it was like new again. Fortunately I've been able to maintain a good reputation and a certain mystique, otherwise I wouldn't be here. I can't say it's been easy coming back...it's actually more difficult than it should be because the people that felt shunned or ignored feel I have to start at square one and prove myself all over again, regardless of how many years I put in or how hard I worked at my reputation and career previous to the time I was away. As for what brought me back, I'd really like to see things that either haven't been done before or at least that I haven't seen... my goal is to put a new twist on fetish, to drop some jaws and spin some heads. I've always strived to achieve my own style and keep out of what everyone else is doing or at least stay away from things that have been beaten to death. Staying true to the genre without comprising my own ideals. With everything I'm planning, hopefully it's something I'll be able to continue doing. Mainly, I felt myself itching to get back to work and thinking there are so many things I'd like to do, so many ideas I have that I'd like to explore before I'm actually ready to go away. Competition has also pushed me a great deal. I'd check out what everyone else is doing and these days a lot of it seems like 'fetish lite' to me. My fans were so great too! They were really persistent about screaming for me to come back and showing their concern. Without them, I don't think I could have returned as strongly as I have. I'm glad you enjoyed the new video by the way. I love working with Chelsea and it was great to hook up with her again! She's sparked me to shoot some cool new spanking sets and vid for my own site.

David: I always apologize before I ask this question. If I don't ask it our readers feel cheated. Were you spanked as a child?
Eve: Yes, amongst other tortures...spanking was by far my easiest punishment. I did like your disclaimer though.

David: So when you're not being the glamorous Eve Ellis, what sorts of things do you enjoy? What would surprise us?
Eve: I watch a ton of movies and comedy shows, do a lot of cooking, am signing up for fitness and ballroom dance classes at a local college, do a lot of sewing, organize my wardrobe... an endless task ( laugh), play with my animals, try to pamper myself and take long, hot baths in my roman tub. I've also been looking into attaining a real estate license because of my love for real estate, architecture, design and doing business in general. If you find any of that surprising, then I've done my job well. If not, I guess I failed to answer your question!

David: I have to admit that you surprised me somewhat there and you answered my question brilliantly. Do you have any new projects in the works?
Eve: Where do I start? My mind goes a million miles per second and the amount of projects I'm working on sure seems to follow that trend! I sent in pics for an upcoming eight page feature in Marquis, am supposed to shoot the cover of DDI magazine next issue, we're re-writing the navigational code for my site to make it simpler and moving from that into the full scale redesign... finally! I'm very excited about that. The site will have a completely different look and feel to it, very elegant and stylish. Tons of new features and improvements across the board. A couple months ago the designer showed me some screen capture previews and they were amazing! Our goal is to have a functional new design up before my special guest appearance at FetishCon. It'd be wonderful to show up there with a brand new site I can brag about and be proud of. Speaking of which, I'm preparing for the convention which keeps getting bigger and bigger... I'm really excited to be involved and am very much looking forward to it! I get to judge fetish costumes at a party Darla Crane is having there, that should be a lot of fun. I've gotten back into shooting routinely and finding creative people I want to work with. Getting loads of new, and most importantly interesting, content. Video is huge so I've been delving into that again, a few months ago I worked with GwenMedia on "The Asylum" which was my first large scale production appearance since I'd been back. We've been talking about doing more work together. Also constantly shooting new vid for my site, learning more about the production end and being on the other side of the camera which is something I really enjoy and would like to become more involved with. At the same time, I've returned to my fetish & bondage roots: working with friends, networking a lot and getting shots that please even my hardcore fans. They're the toughest critics but I love and appreciate them. There's also a top-secret bondage shoot that has been on my mind for a couple years now. Originally I had planned to do it with a good friend of mine but since he's passed on, that has driven me to get it done quicker in his honor. I'm going to keep it a surprise, but when it's presented it will blow bondage fans away. My main focus and top priority is EveEllis.com. I've spent a lot of time and energy beefing up the site over the years and it's where the majority of my work is displayed. I owe it to my members but it's also my main concern when it comes to 99% of the projects I consider. Right now I'm putting everything I have into making it the best it can possibly be and making a lasting impression on the fetish world through it. Countless hours have been spent on a promotional onslaught so that everywhere you go on the web, you'll be hit with Eve Ellis. I've started to spend more time pursuing acting, singing, and things I put on the back burner...reading scripts and preparing, learning about fashion design and marketing. I sometimes think about the next phase of my career and the possibilities seem endless, there are so many things I'm into and can see myself doing. Someone said to me recently, "you seem poised for breakout success" which sounded funny since I've been around a little while. It makes me happy though to know that after some time off, I'm being exposed to a whole new audience. I think they were right too, I can feel it happening.

David: This has been a real pleasure for me. I have admired your work and sense of style and glamour for some time now. Thank you so much for speaking to me. I hope we get to do this again.
Eve: Thank you for the opportunity David. It was my pleasure and felt good to be able to share a bit. We'll definitely have to chat again soon!

For Eve Ellis.com go to: www.eveellis.com
You can see Eve in her first spanking video in many years in Chelsea Pfeiffer's 'A Trio of Tales'. www.cpentertainment.com.

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