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David Pierson Interviews Jennifer Brooks.

Jennifer Brooks started out in the world of spanking video erotica as a featured performer for companies such as Shadow Lane and Nu-West. Several yeas ago, Our Miss Brooks answered an ad for spanking models in an issue of " Stand Corrected", one of Shadow Lane's numerous publications, and thus began Jennifer's illustrious career in the in the spanking arts. Jennifer is blessed with beauty, brains, charm; creativity and a strong will to succeed. A few years ago, Jennifer was talking with Ed Lee of Nu-West fame. He told her that she had what it took to succeed with her own production company. He also noted that she was too damn bossy to remain as talent in videos directed by others. Soon after that, Brooks Applications was born. From its austere beginnings, Brooks Applications has grown into a true multimedia company. Jennifer's company produces some of the finest and most eclectic spanking videos made today. Jennifer writes the scripts and directs all of the videos made by her company. Jennifer has become a true auture. Whether you're into guys spanking girls, girls spanking girls or girls spanking guys you can find it at Brooks Applications. Ms. Brooks also publishes the terrific " Behind The Scenes with Jennifer Brooks" magazine. Additionally, Brooks Applications has a strong presence on the World Wide Web. You can find Jennifer's website at Jennifer is very proud of the fact that you can access nearly all of her sixty-six videos on Brooks Application's Streaming Video Spanking Theater. Jennifer describes herself as the stereotypical California girl. I would say that our Jennifer is anything but a stereotype. Ms. Brooks is in fact a perpetual motion machine. In addition to her duties as the CEO of Brooks Applications, Jennifer is an avid gardener (grows most of her own vegetables) and is an expert horsewoman. In her early days in the business, Jennifer was often cast in the role of the unruly tomboy. In reality, that is not far from the truth. Jennifer is a very athletic person. She loves to ride her horses, go skateboarding, hike, boogie board and walks three to five miles every day. Jennifer is constantly on the move. While Jennifer is an active sportswoman herself, she can not abide watching sports. Jennifer is always a participant and never a bystander. I think that the only thing that can keep Jennifer in a chair for any length of time is a movie featuring Brendan Fraser. Yes, it's true; our Miss Brooks has a Brendan Fraser fetish. It is easy to fall under Jennifer's spell. Despite her great beauty, Jennifer is very approachable. She is warm, caring and amazingly funny. Her sense of humor is absolutely infectious. Yes, it is easy to fall under Jennifer's spell. It is something that you won't regret, but it is habit forming.

David: Hi Jennifer.
Jennifer: Hi David.

David: I very happy that you finally agreed to this interview.
Jennifer: It's my pleasure. (Both laugh)

David: Before you became a star of the spanking cinema and later a media mogul, what was life like for you? Did you go to college? What did you do for a living?
Jennifer: (Laugh) I have been a bit of a workaholic my entire life, starting very early with paper routes and other childhood jobs. My parents instilled in me strong work habits, so by age sixteen I had my first real job in a department store working in women'' lingerie. It wasn't'' very exciting there so I went on to work for veterinarians, taking care of animals. I went to college for four years with a major in biology, but I never pursued that career as by then my modeling career started to take off.

David: How old were you when you first started modeling?
Jennifer: About sixteen. But it wasn't until I was about twenty that my career took off like lightening. I went into modeling and acting full time. I landed two back to back contracts for several companies and products. I also did lots of magazine work, and eventually, film and television work.

David: So you were preparing to become a media mogul from an early age.
Jennifer: (Laugh) you can knock off that media mogul thing.

David: So, Jennifer do you remember when you first became aware of your interest in spanking?
Jennifer: Wow, that goes way back to first grade... perhaps before. I have no idea what got me started, but I think that it was seeing neighborhood kids spanked by their parents. The people who lived next door to us were always spanking their kids. My own parents were not spankers. I know that by the first grade I was playing spanking games with my Barbie dolls and soon with other kids in the neighborhood. I liked to spank and be spanked. We did this sort of thing all of the time. Everyone seemed to love spanking games. If we weren't playing house and spanking each other, we were playing games where the loser had to go through the spanking machine. The spanking machine was when a group of us would spread our legs and the loser of the game would have to crawl through our legs and have their bottoms spanked. Of course, I'd cheat and I would pin the loser between my legs and deliver as many hard swats as I could before they could manage to squirm away.

David: It's funny, my interest in spanking dates back to my early childhood as well. Unfortunately, it took a long time for me to come out of the closet. The erotic stimulation that I felt from my spanking fantasies were tempered by a strong dose of Catholic guilt. Have you ever experienced a similar type of conflict?
Jennifer: My parents were not religious so I did not grow up with any religious guilt hanging over my head. Although, by the time I was a teenager, it became clear to me that my spanking interest was something to be hidden. Also, in puberty I realized that my spanking stuff was part of my sexuality, so then I naturally hid it.

David: How did you come to appear in spanking videos?
Jennifer: When I was sixteen, I had my first boyfriend. Before long I had him playing my spanking games. In those days, there were no computers; no videos or stuff like that. So we would drive into the seedy part of town to crawl through adult bookstores looking for spanking stories. I found Penthouse Variations on the shelves, which were often filled with spanking stories. I read Variations for years. Then one day Shadow Lane ran an ad for their spanking magazine called " Stand Corrected." Soon, I became a loyal reader of this great magazine. In one of their issues they ran an ad for spanking models. I naturally sent them one of my modeling photos, and the rest is history. I did a video and I liked it! I did lots of productions for a few companies and eventually I started my own company, Brooks Applications.

David: What prompted you to start Brooks Applications? You were taking a big risk.
Jennifer: Actually, it was Ed Lee of Nu-West/Leda that put that thought into my head. After doing a number of videos for his studio, we talked one afternoon. He told me that I have everything it takes to start my own company. He said to me that I had the brains, beauty and business smarts to make a go of it. He also said that I was too damned bossy to be the model in a video done by another director. (Laugh) So, I started my own company. At first I starred in all of the videos. Then I did the editing, wrote the advertising copy and filled the orders as they trickled in. Brooks Applications has grown from a little bedroom dream into the spanking enterprise that it is today. Being the busy bee that I am, I still write the scripts, run a camera, take the still photos, direct and edit the videos, write and design the advertising, publish my spanking magazine, read all emails and letters and fill all of the orders. You know, come to think about it, nothing has changed. (Laugh)

David: How would you classify your style of filmmaking? In other words, what makes a Jennifer Brooks production different from all of the other companies who produce spanking videos?
Jennifer: Ah, you noticed did you? I would say that a combination of elements make my videos unique. Most importantly, I am a spanking enthusiast in real life. I love spanking. Many of the videos out there are made by people who do not have the spanking bug. A lot of productions come from come from out of the mainstream porn industry and they try to make videos that they think will sell. Most of those guys wouldn't know a hairbrush from a strap. As I said, I love spanking and everyone who appears in my videos love spanking. That attitude alone usually guarantees a wonderful product. Plus, I am a stickler for details and only shoot with the best DV cameras, proper lighting, terrific audio and a nice realistic surrounding usually a home environment. I insist that my videos have a good storyline and get high-energy performances from my casts. I like to insert my performer's own spanking interests into the story so that they are excited about the work. This really shows on video as the energy level and attitude of my cast intensifies as they lose themselves in the story.

David: Where do you stand on the issue of the severity of the spankings filmed?
Jennifer: Well it is different for each performer. Let me put it this way, I insist upon the hardest spanking intensity that the actors can do. Video and film often lesson the appearance of a spanking's severity, so that a really hard spanking can look rather tame. It isn't, but the viewer doesn't know that. I make sure that the actors in my video can give and take the hardest spankings. That way the viewer should be delighted with the end result. No pun intended. (Laugh)

David: Do you have an opinion as to why so many of today's best spanking videos are produced by women?
Jennifer: I'm going to get into trouble here. Well, no insult to the boys, but I find women to be much more detail oriented in the production of their spanking videos. Women tend to make sure that there is an interesting story, nice clothing, exciting sets and locations, good looking actors and we also make sure that our videos are of interest to women as well as men. There are far too many videos made right now that are only directed to a male audience, and that is a shame. Since men still outnumber women in the spanking scene, we want to encourage women in opening up to their spanking fantasies and not scare them off. Videos that treat women with disrespect or as sexual objects to be beat upon by a dominant male prevent many women from exploring their interest in spanking. That was a long way of saying that I try to make sure the ladies like my work as much as the guys do. From a viewing perspective, men seem to focus almost exclusively on the female performers. I guess that reflects their own viewing interests. Women tend to make sure that both the women and men are attractive, talented performers. As women, we are watching the guy more then the girl. Male video producers often forget this very important fact. From my perspective, spanking videos should create a wonderful fantasy that the viewer wants to experience over and over again. To achieve this goal every single detail must be considered and that includes finding a good looking, articulate no nonsense man to play the role of the spanker. I like to have many different scenes in my videos as I myself get very bored with videos that are one scene, one set of clothes and a guy or girl giving a thirty minute spanking. In videos like that I often find myself hitting the fast forward button! My videos tend to have anywhere from three to six scenes with several costume changes. Also, I want the spankings in my videos to be shorter but very intense. In other words, the spankings are more realistic. I find it very gratifying that many of my customers are repeat buyers who actively encourage me to release more work. That tells me that my style works.

David: Do you have any productions in the works?
Jennifer: You bet I do! I have three videos ready to go out of the door. I have a female spanks male video staring Nicolette Davis and Shawn. They have such great chemistry. Also, there is an authentic British spanking production staring Samantha Davis and two very naughty boys. The last one is a female dominates male smothering and trampling video starring the Japanese beauty, Akira Yuki. These videos are ready to roll right now. I just need to add them to my website. Currently, I'm in postproduction with three new videos. The first is a schoolgirl video that I'm really excited about. This one features two nasty schoolgirls spanking and caning each other. There is some naughty fooling around too. The real action starts when Grandpa catches them and spanks them for being so bad. I'm also doing postproduction on a new female spanks male video staring my newest spanking sensation, Professor Belinda Clark. The response to her last performance in video #57 was astonishing. The viewers simply went nuts over her. She has it all. Lastly, I'm editing an amateur Male spanks female tape of two real life spankoholics playing in their home.

David: My goodness, is there anything else?
Jennifer: Well I could mention that I just released the latest issue of my magazine " Behind the Scene with Jennifer Brooks" and I have a new rattan handmade cane for sale along with some new paddles.

David: When the hell do you sleep?
Jennifer: I don't.

David: What would you like our readers to know about Jennifer Brooks?
Jennifer: (Laugh) I guess the most important thing I want people to know is that I'm real. I am still shocked by the number of people who say that I am just a model fronting for a company that someone else owns. I swear, I get correspondence that begins with "Dear Sir". Hey, guess what!? There are no sirs here. (laugh) I suppose that some people have difficulty believing that a woman can do what I do... especially a blonde one. As I said before, I love spanking. I am a switch... I give and I receive. One of my most intense fantasies is to meet and be spanked by Brendan Fraser.

David: Oh, here we go with your Brendan Fraser fetish.
Jennifer: You know it. Brendan are you listening? (laugh)

David: So if Mr. Fraser were to spank you, how would you like it?
Jennifer: Actually my favorite spanking position is over the knee.... bare hand on the bare butt. Very sensual, don't you think?

David: I find the very thought of you in that position.... Uh stimulating. Yeah that's the word.
Jennifer: (laugh) Brendan did you hear that? (both laugh)

David: You have spent most of your time directing your videos over the last few years. Will you be appearing I any of your upcoming productions?
Jennfer: Truthfully, I don't know. Right now I don't have any plans to appear in any of my videos. But, truth be told, I'm always surprising myself. So I guess that my answer to your question is, I may and I may not. Confused you didn't I? (both laugh)

David: Is there something else that you think people should know about Jennifer Brooks.
Jennifer: I am very proud of my growing prowess with the still camera. I am becoming a very good photographer. I take all of the still pictures for my photo club. That's why my club is so different from other membership spanking sites. The material on my site is totally original instead of featuring the same recycled pictures that you see floating all over the Internet.

David: Jennifer, thank you so much for doing this interview.
Jennifer: It was my pleasure.

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