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David Pierson Interviews Teen Jessica.

The Sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun- From the Broadway hit "Annie"

When I look at Jessica's beautiful face I can't help but think of Broadway's precocious red- head. In many ways, it was the hard knock life for her as she grew up on the plains of Colorado. At home, she suffered beatings that make her taped spankings seem tame by comparison. Since leaving her family's home about twelve months ago, Jessica has become a star of spanking erotica with her website Spanking Teen Jessica. (www.spankingteenjessica.com) This is one of the most popular spanking video sites on the web. With her role in the very successful release of Realspankings.com Films production of " RS Institutes Road Trip" her star is certain to rise even further. It was with great pleasure that I had a chance to talk with this rising star of the spanking cinema and cyberspace.

David: Hi Jessica. Thanks for doing this interview with me.
Jessica: My pleasure, it actually makes me feel like I am a little famous or something.

David: Congratulations on the success of your film " Road Trip." It's a big hit with the critics and the public. What's that like for you?
Jessica: It did not really sink in until I saw the box cover, that really put things into perspective. I am glad that the first full length film I have gotten to participate in is so good. I have watched a lot of spanking videos over the past year and a lot of them are just so bad. It is nice to be part of one that I can be proud of. Mr. M and Miss J did a fine job!

David: Lady D told me that you, Brandi, Tess and Jill were all real troopers during the filming of " Road Trip." She said that you guys worked two very long days. Was it fun?
Jessica: It was a blast! The spanking we received were very rough, there is no doubt about that, but they made the whole thing fun for all of us. First, they took us way up into the mountains of Breckenridge to the house that was basically a palace. I have never in my life been in a house so big. When we weren't being spanked, we were treated like queens. There was so much food, they took us all shopping, and the house was on all of this land, so we could go hiking without ever getting in a car. The four of us practically lived in the hot tub. Even with the painful spankings, it was the most fun I have had in a long time.

David: I know that your fans are very interested in knowing more about you. What can you tell them?
Jessica: I grew up on the plains of Colorado. I moved away from home just over a year ago and now live about one -hundred miles from my family. I grew up in a very strict environment. I plan to go to college in the near future, but for now I am just enjoying my freedom and having fun.

David: Before you became a video star you already were a well-known internet personality on your website Spanking Teen Jessica. (www.spankingteenjessica.com) how did you get to become a star of spanking videos?
Jessica: It began with me answering an ad that was placed about being spanked. The thought of it excited me, so I took a chance and went and received a hard spanking. My enjoyment of the whole thing and the owners liking me, led to my getting an offer for my own spanking site. The rest is history. I am now spanked on a weekly basis for my website and do the occasional work on larger scale video productions.

David: Mr. M told me that you take a spanking unlike anyone else he knows. Do you like being spanked?
Jessica: Yes and no. ( laugh) I really have mixed emotions on the whole subject. Growing up I was punished frequently and severely. I did not gain any satisfaction from those punishments. But, there was a heightened sexuality that resulted from them, so this left me pretty confused. Getting spanked now is a different story altogether. I have somewhat of a say in how I am spanked, and while it is hard, it is not at the intensity that I grew up with. Under these conditions I enjoy most of the most of the spankings I get. I spend a lot of time fantasizing about how I will be spanked next. It is quite fun getting to act out your fantasies on a weekly basis.

David: What's next for you?
Jessica: I am staying busy with the website. I have almost completely taken over all the operations of my site, including the video editing. It is a lot of work but I like being in control of something that is so very personal to me. With the help of Mr. M and Miss J, I will begin releasing my own series of VHS videos and DVD's. Much of this content will come from stuff that is already on my website. I will also do a few large scale shoots a year for release only on VHS and DVD. I have already begun working on my first script and am quite excited about coming up with fun and creative ways for me and my friends to be punished.

David: Jessica, this has been a lot of fun for me. Thanks again for doing the interview. Continued success.
Jessica: Thanks for the offer! Let me know if you ever want to do another, it was fun.


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