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David Pierson Interviews Kate Lust

Kate Lust first came to my attention in Mood Pictures' production of 'Rival Girls'. Kate is stunningly beautiful and an amazing onscreen performer. One of her snarls will send shivers up your spine. After her most recent performance in Mood Pictures most intense production to date, entitled 'Martial Law', I knew that I needed to talk to this lovely young woman. With the assistance of Pedro, from Mood Pictures (one half of the creative team of Pedo&Pablo, the directors of Mood Pictures) we were able to make this interview happen. While Kate's English is somewhat limited, it's a hell of a lot better than my Hungarian.

David: Hi Kate, thank you for doing this interview with me. Thank Pedro for me too for setting this up.
Kate: Oh it is my pleasure. I will thanks him for you.

David: Congratulations on the success of 'Rival Girls' and 'Martial Law'. Those videos are proving to be very popular with the fans of CP videos. I think that you are a big reason why those videos have proven to be so successful.
Kate: I don't think it was definitely my success. There's a lot of work in these movies, the other actors, actresses, the director, the whole team, the precisely worked out details. I think these stuffs altogether make up a good movie.

David: I think that your performances in those two productions were amazing. Do you have an acting background? I loved your little snarl in 'Rival Girls'.
Kate: I played the role of an evil girl, and I had to behave so. This snarl came from inside. I don't have formal acting training..no. But I like to perform.

David: Tell us a little bit about yourself. I mean what's life for Kate Lust when she's not being the star of corporal punishment videos?
Kate: I live in the capital of Hungary, at Budapest, but I was born county side. What I do? I get up, work as a live-webcam model, you may find me at www.visit-x.com or www.cam24.com if you check frequently. I go doing aerobic, and play much with my little dog.

David: From our pre-interview I know that you've been working in the adult video industry for awhile. How did you get your start as a performer in adult films? Oh yes!..you must tell us about your first appearance in an adult film. That's a great story.
Kate: I met my former boyfriend at college. I knew he was working in the adult industry. I did not want him to be together with other girls too. And he offered me to work together. Easy money, and we can be together even during work, like at home. I performed only with him, with girls or solo. Not with any other boys. And sometimes did 20-30 minutes live shows at bachelors parties. My first role was a very small role in a gay film. I had to play an evil gal there too, who only plays with men. Then she was choked in the tube by some of their former boyfriends. She reborns as a man. Quite strange..no?

David: Yes..strange indeed. Now Kate this is a question that I must ask of everyone that I interview. If I don't I get tons of email complaining about "my failure". Were you spanked as a child?
Kate: No, I was never hurt by my parents.

David: So what is next for you? Will you be making more films for Mood Pictures?
Kate: At the moment I think no, I won't get spanked in the near future, but who know.

David: Kate, this has been a real pleasure. I know that English is not your native tongue, but your English is much better than my Hungarian. Thank you so much and keep in touch...okay?
Kate: You're welcome, of course I'll be happy to talk to you again in the future, maybe about our next Mood Pictures film?

Special thanks to Pedro of Mood Pictures without whom this interview would not have been possible.

To see Kate in ' Rival Girls' or ' Martial Law' go to www.Mood-Pictures.com.

To see Kate go to www.visit-x.com or www.cam24.com.

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