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David Pierson Interviews Kristalee

Over the past few months we here at "The Consumer's Spanking Video News & Reviews" have received numerous requests for information about several of the models who have appeared in Greg Edwards' Red Hot Videos. With much persistence on our part we were able to track down the truly lovely " Kristalee". Kristalee was featured in Red Hot Video #17. After our interview was concluded I learned that Kristalee is in dire need of professional representation. If you can be of help in that area contact us and we will put you in touch with Ms. Kristalee.

David: Hi Kristalee. Thank you for doing this interview.
Kristalee: It's my pleasure, I'm happy to do it.

David: You were in one of Red Hot Videos most successful productions. What can you tell our readers about your experience?
Kristalee: Well, I was very nervous about doing this video. On one hand I was afraid that it would hurt. On the other hand it was something of a turn on. I mean to be spanked like a bad little girl again. When the spanking started it hurt like crazy! I actually cried. But I guess spankings are supposed to hurt. Strangely, through all of the pain I also experienced some sexual pleasure.

David: Are you into spanking?
Kristalee: I was never, ever into spanking! (laugh) Now that I have done the video I can honestly say that I'm happy that did it. It was really a lot of fun in a very painful way. I would gladly do it again.

David: I'm sure our readers would like to know a little bit about you in a personal sense. What can you tell the readers about yourself?
Kristalee: Well I'm from Texas and I always wanted to be a star. After graduating from school I tried a lot of different jobs... hated them all. Eventually I got into modeling. Lots of trade shows and stuff like that. Being something of an adventurous person I really wanted to do some nude work. That kind of brings me to where I am now.

David: Is your mom and dad aware of your profession? You really don't have to answer that if it's too personal.
Kristalee: No that's ok. Actually my mom is very supportive of my career, but my dad has no idea about what I'm doing. He's stationed in Japan for the Airforce. I didn't want to tell him while he's so far away.

David: From our pre-interview I know that your career has been on the upswing for the past year. I know that you have been auditioning for some mainstream movies. Do you have a SAG card?
Kristalee: I haven't earned my Screen Actor's Guild card yet. You have to work in a film before you get that. Hopefully by next year I will be a member of that very exclusive club.

David: Can you tell us about where you are with your career right now? I know that you have your irons in many fires. Does that make sense?
Kristalee: After the year that I've had, very little makes sense. I have done a ton of work for many exclusive photographers. Lots of the stuff is very hot if you know what I mean? In addition to modeling I have been auditioning for roles in mainstream movies, a music video and a huge concert tour. I have also started one website and I am in the process of opening a second. The first is This site features more than one hundred and fifty models. My new venture is I'm just waiting for my digital camera and then the fun will begin.

David: Well speaking of fun.. When your not working what do you do for fun?
Kristalee: Hmm.. Lots of stuff really. I love to go camping and hiking. I adore traveling. I love to go to places that are exotic. I am also a fanatic about skiing. I also have lots of new pleasures that I'm just beginning to explore. I am discovering that I have many fetishes. Along with spanking, I have found bondage, stockings and feet to be intensely pleasurable.

David: Where do you see yourself in the next five years? I presume that it's not over Greg Edwards' lap. (both laugh)
Kristalee: I really can't rule that out. I may have to climb over that nasty man's lap once again for all of my spanking fans. I really don't know what I'll be doing in five years. Mostly I want to be happy. I'll be thirty in five years. I'd like to be married, and maybe have a baby. At that point my modeling days would be over, but I hope that I'll still have my website. I'd also like to get into fashion design. It's a real passion of mine.

David: Thank you so much for talking to me about your career. I hope that you achieve all of your goals.
Kristalee: Thank you so much, David. It was a pleasure speaking with you and I hope we can do it again very soon.

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