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David Pierson Interviews Niki Flynn
An American in Prague meets the werewolves from the east

Niki Flynn is a person of kink, highly intelligent and will go down in the annals of the spanking cinema as the first young woman from the west to take a caning from the good folks at Lupus. At first glace one would think of her to be in need of a good psychological work up. "The Werewolves from the East" are known for inflicting rather severe punishments to their performers. Actually, I found Niki to self assured, amazingly charming and in complete command of her faculties. I was thrilled that when we were able to track down Miss Flynn for this little chat.

David: Hi's so nice of you to do this interview on such short notice. I know how busy you are. After hearing a little bit about your adventures with Lupus (Pictures) I just had to talk with you.
Niki: (laugh) It's my pleasure...thanks for asking me.

David: : I should explain to our readers that you are the first actress from the west to be featured in a Lupus...
Niki: (interrupting) Yes...intrepid American reporter goes underground to expose the evil werewolves from the east (laugh)

David: You know that sounds like the script for a terrific video.
Niki: Now that you mention it. ( laugh

David: Before I ask to you to tell us about your experiences with the good people of Lupus pictures, tell us a little something about yourself.
Niki: Well...I'm from a large Irish Catholic family in Boston. I went to New York to study linguistics and I spent my senior year in London- as an exchange student...believe it or not. (The name of Niki's video is 'The Exchange Student')

David: Have you always had an interest in spanking?
Niki: Yes.

David: Does spanking play a role in your personal life?
Niki: Well, I've been kinky as long as I can remember. My boyfriend is too. I couldn't be with a guy who was vanilla...I'd die of boredom. ( laugh)

David: : Now I must ask you this question. If I don't I'll get a thousand emails.
Niki: Must be a good question.

David: Were you spanked as a child?
Niki: Oh what a horrible thing to ask.

David: If that's too personal you don't have to answer.

Niki: No it's okay. Um..the answer is yeah. I grew up in a strict, old fashioned family. I have vivid memories of my dad's strap. When he was not around I was left in the care of my oldest brother, who had a very hard hand. God, how I hated that! Thanks for bringing that up. Just kidding. ( laugh)

David: So how does a girl from Boston come to be cast in a Lupus video? I believe that the title of your video is 'The Exchange Student".
Niki: I never thought that it would really happen. It just started out as a fantasy. I have always loved Lupus videos and I knew that I was going to Prague. I wrote to Thomas Marco about the possibility of my doing a film while I was there. I was surprised and a little afraid when he said yes. Since I was an exchange student in London they thought that it would be fun to do an exchange student scenario.

David: Had you ever done a spanking video before?
Niki: No, this was my first.

David: So..tell us about your experiences in filming 'The Exchange Student'. Did the language issue pose a problem for you? How were you given direction?
Niki: Well most of the crew spoke at least some English and I'm in the process of learning Czech. Between the two languages we managed to communicate. This is funny. Zbysek Podhajsky, the director had to speak both languages all day. He'd tell me stuff in English and direct the Czech actors in Czech. By the end of the day he was mixing up the languages and there were some funny mishaps as a result. In the story, one of the girls is supposed to put a thumbtack on my chair...she wasn't supposed to do it for real. Zbynek told her in English not to really do it. The girl didn't understand him and put the thumbtack on my chair. Have you ever sat on a thumbtack? Ouch! I didn't realize how it happened at first. I just thought that the girl was being a brat. ( laugh)

David: What a great story. So tell me how did you hold up when you were caned in the film? Did it hurt? Sorry..that's a dumb question.
Niki: was totally fake. You know the rumors ...right? That Lupus fakes their canings. (Rolling her eyes) They just smeared make up on me. (laugh) That's my favorite rumor. Of course it hurt! Jesus! It hurt like hell! But I was so lost in the scene and the role-play. My character had no choice so I had no choice. It was one of the hardest canings that I've ever had and, to be honest, I don't know how I held up. I don't known why I want to go back, but I do. It's difficult to explain..

David: I think I understand it. It has to do with the relinquishing of control.
Niki: Hmm...perhaps?

David: I have the highest respect for the creative team at Lupus Pictures. I thought their film 'The Orphan' was one of the most moving films made last year. To be honest, I think that they are shooting small films rather than conventional spanking videos. Do you agree?
Niki: Oh absolutely. They make the kind of films that I had always wished someone would make. To tell you the truth I didn't know what to expect when I showed up on the set. I had no idea that it would be as professional as it was. Let me put it this way, it definitely wasn't a couple of guys with a camcorder making video in their parents basement. Lupus makes real films.

David: There are many rumors about the girls who perform in Lupus productions. Some believe that they attract poor, starving, drug-addicted Eastern European Girls. Now I know that this isn't true. Prague is often referred to as 'The Paris of the east". The Czech Republic is not a third world country. What myths about Lupus would you most like to dispel?
Niki: (Sigh) Yes, the famous urban legends. I think that those rumors are insulting to the girls actually. It's true...some people think of the Czech Republic as a third world country and that the girls are all uneducated and bullied into it. Or, they have no choice because they are so desperate for money they will do anything. The truth is that the Czech Republic isn't a third world country; it's a middle income country that has just joined the European Union. Most of the Lupus crew are friends on the Czech BDSM scene. Some of the girls do it because they are genuinely kinky- they come back again and again. Some may do it for money... but it's not a crust of bread. They are paid a professional rate. On the set, they are treated as professional actors. The production team at Lupus couldn't have been more professional or more concerned for my safety- for all of the performers' safety.

David: Do you know when 'The Exchange Student' is scheduled for release?
Niki: July of this year...I think.

David: So will we see you in future Lupus productions?
Niki: If they will have me I'd love to work for Lupus again.

David: Niki, this was great fun. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. You are a brave girl. Keep in touch- okay?
Niki: I will. Here's hoping that your readers will see me suffering in the wild, wild east.

'The Exchange Student' is due for release in July of this year. For more information on this or other Lupus Pictures productions go to:

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