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David Pierson Interviews Nina Birch

I have wanted to interview the lovely Nina Birch for ages. Until now this founding member of The Miss Marchmont Spanking Society's work schedule had kept us from getting together. I was persistent in my pursuit of Miss Nina Birch. After experiencing her film 'Nina Birch: My Fantasies Volume #1' I had to know more about this courageous artist. In this video production, Miss Birch shared two of her most deeply held erotic fantasies and gave the audience a glimpse into her own inner self. In other words, Nina gave the audience the gift of herself. That is a very brave thing to do. Recently, Nina had a break in her schedule and she finally acceded to my request for an interview. I found Nina to be as charming as she is beautiful.

David: Hi Nina. Thank you so much for doing this interview with me.
Nina: My pleasure, I am very pleased you asked me. I love the website and am delighted to be able to make a contribution.

David: Before we get started, I must tell you how much I enjoyed your video. (Nina Birch: My Fantasies Volume #1) I just thought that it was so sexy and honest. I do want to discuss it later.
Nina: Thank you very much I certainly enjoyed making it.

David: Most people in the business tell me that their interest in spanking started at a very early age. Is this true for you as well? Were you spanked as a child?
Nina: I did have a very strict upbringing; my father was a police officer, he always expected impeccable behaviour. I did receive a few harsh smacks, which often left a complete handprint. Possibly one of the reasons I am attracted to strong men who don't take any misbehaviour from me. (both laugh)

David: When did you start to incorporate spanking into your lifestyle? For me, it's one of the most intimate of sexual expressions. The gift of pain and all of that.
Nina: I had submissive fantasies from a young age. Then I had an intense relationship where I was first hand-spanked for being cheeky, and then a crop was used. It was a shock at first, but I thought the sensations were amazing! Over time, I sought out new and more intense corporal experiences. I felt the power of the paddle, cane, tawse and of course, my namesake, the wonderful birch! ( laugh) I could not get enough. Incidentally, the very first time I was birched was by my beautiful friend Lucy Bailey, expertly as well I might add.

David: Gee, Nina... you just took my breath away with that one. (Both laugh) So, how did you become a star of the spanking cinema? I mean there is a big difference from private sexual play and being spanked on video.
Nina: I have so many fantasies in my head. I wanted to be able to experience them in front of a camera, see them on film permanently and share them.

David: I'm dying to talk to you about your video. I really loved it. I thought that it was so very honest and incredibly sexy. I should explain to our readers that the Nina Birch video consists of two stories. The first being 'P.A. Punished' and the other 'Discipline Academy'. In 'P.A. Punished' you played a legal secretary who was punished by her employer for making a very serious error. I though that the story was both very dark and highly erotic. Did you intentionally set out to make such a dark tale?
Nina: Absolutely - the guy who played my boss was very strong, confident and intimidating, the very qualities that make me really excited. I really wanted to go for it and I knew he meant business and it was to be a thorough punishment... it makes me quiver just remembering it. The position off the ground over his knee, feet kicking the air was very intense and made me very horny.

David: I thought that 'P.A. Punished' was much darker in tone than the film 'Secretary' that has been making such a stir in spanking circles. I actually think that 'P.A. Punished' is closer in tone to Mary Gaitskill's short story ' Secretary' than was the movie. (The short story 'Secretary" can be found in the book 'Bad Behavior' by Mary Gaitsill.) This felt like a deeply held spanking fantasy to me. Is that true?
Nina: Yes, one that I've had for a very long time. The boss -PA relationship can be just so intimate, don't you think.

David: I do.
Nina: A powerful businessman, a girl wanting to keep her job whilst secretly fantasizing about her boss taking her in hand! Most men who work in an office must at some point have wondered about a female colleague. Are those stockings and suspenders under that tight fitting skirt? Maybe thinking about the possibility of her over their lap, skirt raised, garter belt framing white rounded buttocks ready for a good warming mmm... Yes! I know my mind is running away with it's self... I just can't help it! ( Laugh)

David: (laugh) Don't stop on my account. Ok David, back to work. The second story in the video is a very sexy schoolgirl fantasy entitled 'Discipline Academy'. To me, this had a dream like feel to it. Your dominant co-star, Eve Harper is a very sexy young woman. I loved the chemistry that you and Miss Harper brought to the screen. What do you think makes 'Discipline Academy' different from other schoolgirl spanking videos?
Nina: We were so sexually in tune you could feel the tension, I wanted the camera close and wandering to see up our skirts, glimpses of panties hear the rasping noise of the headmistress's beautiful seamed stockings rubbing together, close up as the implements landed. All those things I think make it that extra bit special.

David: It worked for me! ( both laugh) I think what makes this video so special is how personal it feels from start to finish. It's like you gave the viewer a little gift of your internal self. Does that make sense?
Nina: That's true I have shared two of my deepest fantasies with everyone who has ever seen my film so everyone knows a little bit of my naughty mind. ( giggle) Of course there is still a lot more...

David: So Nina... when you are not in the process of being spanked, what sort of things do you like to do?
Nina: I bought a 1930's house just over a year ago, which I am in the process of doing up room by room. I enjoy spending time with close friends. Photo-shoots, gardening, yes boring I know but relaxing and gives me time to think about future projects. I am learning to drive. I love swimming, long walks, shopping of course. What woman doesn't? (laugh) I'm looking into a possible college course starting in September and am also at the moment trying to get to grips with my very complicated digital camera.

David: After you come to grips with your digital camera, do you think that you could program my DVD player? ( both laugh)
Nina: Technically challenged are you?

David: You could say that. Suddenly I feel so inadequate. (both laugh) So what's next for Nina Birch?
Nina: Nina Birch: My fantasies volume 2, which will hopefully be out before the end of the year. There will be two more of my personal fantasies together again, one has been filmed already and is called 'Heading for trouble'. I can give you a brief outline of the action: Both summoned to the Headmistress's study (played by the beautiful Eve Harper) she had had enough of our constant bickering and fighting. She decides she holds the head-boy responsible and gives the head-girl (me) full permission to deal with him in her absence. He ends up with a roasting behind. The headmistress returns and has decided on reflection that the head-girl is equally responsible and leaves her in the head-boys capable hands much to her dismay. He really exacts his revenge fiercely on her poor bottom. Later on the headmistress is not quite satisfied with the results and our behaviour together, and proceeds to dish out a though caning. Lots of great OTK & CP action that I really got into. My other fantasy is being filmed at the end of July. I have no title for this film as of yet, but it will be equally action packed and will include sexy girl on girl CP. I'm Looking forward to filming very much. I'm really going to go for it then take a holiday to recover.

David: Nina this has been a pleasure. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. I hope that we can do this again.
Nina: I would love to I really enjoyed it.

You can purchase 'Nina Birch: My Fantasies Volume #1' on the Miss Marchmont website: You can follow the adventures of Nina Birch on her own website:



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