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David Pierson Interviews Paris Kennedy

I remember about two years ago, a friend told me that I needed to see this crazy new video from a company entitled 'Spank That Bottom'. In that video a ghost (yes a ghost) spanked a young girl (Paris) so hard that her bottom ignited in flame. The name of that video was 'Paris is Burning'. It turns out that Paris was burning, literally. This was my introduction to the amazingly lovely Paris Kennedy. Spank That Bottom is owned by the amazing Clare Fonda and the title of that video is a clear reflection of her "unique" sense of humor. She teases Miss Kennedy by referring to her as Paris Motel6. (As opposed to Hilton) Over the two intervening years, Paris has developed a unique look and style that is both sexy and sophisticated. Today, at the tender age of twenty-two, she is one of the most sought after fetish models/ performers in the business. I think you will find the lovely Miss Kennedy to be completely charming.

David: Hi Paris, how are you?
Paris: Hello David, I'm fabulous. I have a three day break before my next shoot, so I'm being lazy today.

David: I know that we've been trying to do this interview for some time now. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. I know that your schedule is insane between your modeling gigs and school.
Paris: It's my pleasure. I love being interviewed.

David: You came to my attention about two years ago in a Clare Fonda video entitled "Paris is Burning." I really loved that video. It was funny and sexy at the same time. I wasn't going to lead with this question, but what the hell. (laugh) In that video your bottom literally caught on fire. I had always assumed that there was a special effect used there. I was told by a little birdie named Venus that the fire on your bottom was quite real and that you have many other talents along those lines. Can you tell us about your unusual abilities?
Paris: Yes, the fire was real. Before I started my career in fetish, I performed in a circus sideshow troupe. We had people in our troupe who could swallow swords and other amazing things. Everything we did was real. My skills were fire-eating, glass walking, bed of nails and light bulb eating. I know that in one of the earlier videos I did for Spank That Bottom, Mistress Kat forces me to eat a light bulb as punishment. It's quite amusing.

David: Yeah...sounds hilarious. (laugh) Okay, how does a kid from LA learn to eat fire, light bulbs, walk on glass and the rest?
Paris: Well, I was always a big circus fan. When I was a teenager I used to post on a circus fan message board, and there I met a man who was looking for a student in Los Angles. He became my mentor. Taught me everything that he knew.

David: I know that you describe yourself as a fetish and glamour model. I think that you combine the two very well. I think that in the short time you've been in the business you have developed a very distinctive style that has gradually emerged. I loved your look in Chelsea Pfeiffer's 'Bad Accounts' for example. Can you describe what it is that makes your look and style so unique?
Paris: Well, I think I have a very different look that makes me stand out. I think part of it is that I can easily adapt to the role I am playing. Because of my Eastern European features, I can appear exotic and glamorous at times. Then on the other hand, I can pull off American girl-next-door very well too, and play a little brat begging for a spanking. I have always been able to transform myself pretty easily, to become what I need to be. I've also been told that I have this very strong sensual energy that attracts people. But of course, I don't notice it. It's just who I am.

David: So how did you decide to become a fetish model? I know from our pre-interview that you say that you are most at home in front of the camera.
Paris: That would be thanks to Miss Clare Fonda. I was working in a dungeon as a professional submissive and met her there. It had never occurred to me to become a fetish model, or that there was even a career in doing what I loved to do in my private life. She asked me to shoot for her site. The first video I ever did was "Paris is Burning". Once that camera turned on, I knew I was hooked.

David: Is there work that you have done that you would like you fans to watch for? Work that you are most proud of.
Paris: I am very proud of the work I've done recently for FM Concepts, which is more fetish than spanking. As far as spanking, you can't go wrong with Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer. If the spanking industry was a football game, they would be the homecoming queens.

David: Being as this is a spanking publication I must ask you this. If I don't the emails will come pouring in.
Paris: Oh no..what is it?

David: Were you spanked as a child?
Paris: (Laugh). I knew that one was coming! When I was a child, I got my fathers belt. On my bum and on my bare thighs. I was always getting into trouble.

David: So when you're not the star of spanking videos and other things, what's life like for you? Do you have secret passions that may surprise us?

Paris: Well, I am a college student, so that takes up a lot of my time. I am a writer. I love to play tennis. My passion is dancing in any form. I have a passion for trying things I have never done before, and conquering fears.

David: So what new projects are you working on? I hear that a website may be on the way.
Paris: Yes, my latest ambition is my website. I plan on running and designing it myself. It will be, sort of a window to my private desires. I'm very excited about it. I also have some very exciting shoots coming up, but I'm superstitious I don't talk about work that I haven't shot yet. Stay tuned! (laugh)

David: Paris thank you so.. Oh wait, I almost forgot to tell you this.
Paris: Okay

David: Based on your recommendation my wife is the proud owner of a Cumbot. She says that it's the gift that keeps on giving. She got the attaché by the way. I feel like I'm being made redundant.
Paris: (giggles) Good for her! I told her she wouldn't regret it.

David: Well thank you so much for doing this interview with me. This was a pleasure for me.
Paris: For you, anytime.

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