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David Pierson Interviews Rebekah Jordan

At the tender age of thirteen years, after a self -inflicted mishap with stockings, Rebekah Jordan's family gave her the nickname of " Kinky". Ten years later Rebekah ( Kinky) Jordan is one of the most sought after stars of the British spanking video scene. It's really no mystery as to why Rebekah Jordan is so popular with the fans and producers of CP erotica. She is stunningly beautiful, a fantastic performer and she is such a sweet young woman. She is regarded affectionately by all who know her. After months of pursuing the lovely Rebekah I was thrilled when this star of stage, screen and spanking party (In England there are lots of spanking parties) agreed to this interview.

David: Hi are you? Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with me. You know that I've been trying to get you for ages?
Rebekah: Hi there David. I'm well thank you. Thanks for asking me to chat with you.

David: Before we start I must tell you how much I enjoyed 'Royal Flush'. (Strictly English Productions) That was one of my favorite videos from last year. Stephen (English) was telling me how wild that shoot was.
Rebekah: Ahh...Royal Flush. I remember the bloody thing all too well. ( laugh) Although I only saw the finished product recently. I watched it with a few friends. Told them I'd have to watch it with the mute button on. What can I say... those canes hurt! ( Laugh) Actually I enjoy getting into my role. There is quite a bit of Rebekah in all of the characters I play. I like to imbue the characters with my personality. Does that make sense?

David: Absolutely.
Rebekah: I think that when I give of myself that way my natural petulance comes to the fore and I get myself into even more trouble. Oh... I almost forgot! Can you keep a secret?

David: Sure.. this is just between you, me and our thousands of readers. ( laugh)

Rebekah: Well here's a bit of information that will brighten your day. I have just finished shooting a follow up to 'Royal Flush'. I'm playing the same character as in the first production. Actually... this one's a bit hotter if you know what I mean? Shh...tell anyone but in this one we get sexy and I do a bit of dirty dancing.

David: I can't wait to see that one. Dirty dancing huh?
Rebekah: Yes... lots of dirty dancing...among other things.

David: Well let's move on while I still can.
Rebekah: All right. (laugh)

David: I know that you are still very young, but you've been in the business for a few years now. I believe that you've done some work for every company in the UK. How did you come to be a major star of spanking videos?
Rebekah: Honestly, I don't feel young anymore. I am soon to be twenty-three and I started in the business at the age of eighteen. As soon as it was legally possible. I suppose the your are right. I have worked for every major company in the UK...and a few in the US.

David: How did you get into the business?
Rebekah: I got into the spanking scene via a girlfriend of mine called Poppy-Steph. She was doing a 1-2-1 near where I was living. Thought that I'd give it a go as I have a high pain threshold. I'm a strong believer in trying everything twice...just to be sure. So I went to the party and I progressed from there.

David: I think that the sign of a wonderful talent is when they save a work that would be rather lame otherwise. Does 'Caning in the Rain' ring a bell with you? (Laugh)
Rebekah: I'll take that as a compliment.
David: You should.

Rebekah: Really, I believe that the secret to being a good performer is the belief in what you are doing and give it your all regardless. So the illusive 'Caning In the Rain'? People have often come to me asking where it can be purchased. I really don't know. ( Laugh) Hell... I haven't even seen it, but I remember it. Note to self...never ever get caned in the rain. ( Laugh) This is too funny. We shot it at my old house in my stable and courtyard. Anyway it was raining.. hence the name. The rain made my skin really slippery...and cold. It was freezing! There is nothing more horrible than being caned on cold wet skin. Worst of all, the domme, bless her..couldn't cane me on target as the rain was making my ass so slippery. I hate inaccuracy so I was faced with a lesser of two evils. Go with the woman who couldn't hit my bottom... she hit every bloody thing else though.... Or use a stand in who just happened to be Mr. Dawse. He's the devil himself with a cane in hand. So there I was, naked with blistering winds, sub zero temperatures, torrential rain and worse... the devil himself with cane in hand. Thanks from bringing back such pleasant memories. ( laugh)

David: No problem. ( Laugh) Actually, 'Caning in the Rain' is available through California Star.
Rebekah: Well .. Oh I was going to say something nasty. I had better not. (laugh)

David: This is really an unfair question. Could you say what video production or productions contain your best work? See I told you it was an unfair question. (Both laugh)
Rebekah: You bad lad you. ( laugh) Well at the moment I love the work that I'm doing for Strictly English. They make me feel welcome, safe and relaxed. It makes the work a happier experience.

David: I know that Stephen and Suzi speak about you with great affection.
Rebekah: Oh, I adore them as well.

David: Are there any other companies that you enjoyed working for? I mean, you've done work for almost the entire British CP video industry.
Rebekah: I loved making 'The Reformatory for Sinners' for Smart Videos. So much thought went into the location, costumes and scripting. I love dressing up and really relish doing videos that have some story behind the action. That's why I enjoy making CP movies and features instead of the same old sex movies. Whilst I still enjoy doing them, they rarely contain a meaningful plot around the sex. I suppose the viewers just fast forward past all of that anyway. I really hope that the viewer of a CP video will actually watch the whole thing. I have always believed that CP erotica is a mindset. I think that the viewer likes being part of the transgression that leads to the punishment. Do you agree?

David: I do. For me a good plot or scenario is essential for a spanking video to work.
Rebekah: God...I hope I'm right about this or I will look a right twit if the viewers of CP videos fast-forward too. ( Laugh)

David: If I don't ask this question I will get a million emails complaining about my not asking it. Were you spanked as a child?
Rebekah: I was never spanked as such. I did receive the all too regular slap across my backside of thigh when I was bad...quite often really. One day as my mum prepared to give me a crack on the back of my thigh I told her you can hit me but I won't cry! She just said " I won't bother then. It's not worth it.

David: What role does spanking play in your personal life? If that's too personal feel free not to answer.
Rebekah: Actually, spanking doesn't play any role in my personal life... well, except for the occasional swipe from the end of a wet towel! (laugh) This is mainly because I have never been with a man who is into it, so I go to work to get my hit. Get it? ( laugh)

David: Got it. ( laugh)
Rebekah: Luckily they have never minded me going off and doing some videos and parties and are always waiting with the Arninca cream to rub in when I get home.

David: While I was doing my research for this interview I discovered that your nickname is Kinky. I understand that there is a bit of a story there. Can you tell our readers how you got that nickname?
Rebekah: Oh God...yes there is a story behind that name. When I was about thirteen I got addicted to ordering goods from sex mail order magazines. One day I was at my sister's. I was trying on loads of her clothes whilst she sat on the loo. Anyway, I came across some stockings and for some unfathomable reason I decided to tie my ankles up with a pair. Not content with that I went on to bind up one wrist, put my arms behind my back and attached it to my other wrist in such a way that I was unable to get out of. Realizing that I was stuck I shuffled to the bathroom door and was leaning on it for support, sheepishly asking what she would do if she were in my situation. With that, she flung open the door I was propped up against, causing me to fall onto the bathroom floor in a heap. She dragged me down the stairs to show her husband, his friends and my mum what I had done. Amidst much laughter my mum retorted " Well I always knew she was a bit kinky"! Hence my stage name.

David: So when you are not being a star of the spanking cinema what sort of things do you like to do? What's Rebekah really like? ( Laugh)
Rebekah: Well my real passion is for my horses.

David: So what is it with spanking performers and horses? My friend Jennifer Brooks is an expert rider and then, of course, there is Brigella.
Rebekah: I guess riding just prepares the bottom for punishment. Speaking of Briggy...I'll be doing a shoot with her very soon for Spanked Brats. ( I think that I'm the first of the new brats.

David: So what else do you like to do?
Rebekah: I love to dance, in strip shows and such. Other than that I have no free time at all. I recently became a mum and that takes up all of my time. Of course I love it. Oh yes..I am also building a member's site, which will be at . There will be a section there for spanking among other things...if you know what I mean? ( laugh) I guess I'm just your normal, run of the mill twenty-three year old. Honest!

David: Rebekah, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with me. I enjoyed it immensely. I hope that we can do this again soon. You really are very sweet.
Rebekah: The pleasure was all mine. Thanks for the invitation. Tell you readers to keep watching my videos.

David: Bye
Rebekah: Talk to you soon. Bye.

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