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Rosaleen Young II
A Conversation with Rosaleen Young
By David Pierson
Introduction by Peter and Penny Birch

David has kindly asked us to do a brief introduction to Rosaleen's interview as we have both been friends, and in Penny's case playmates, with Rosaleen for almost as long as she has been having her delectable bottom spanked. I suppose we ought to give it a try. So who is Rosaleen Young? Is she a beautiful and intelligent young woman intent on expressing her submissive sexuality or is she a snotty nosed little brat who needs her bare bottom spanked so often that her cheeks never have a chance to cool down? The answer is that she is both, and far more, In fact, she is so close to being the perfect fantasy girl for any spanker that we almost feel that we should poke her with a finger to make sure she is real. So what to say? Well, we shall leave that to her, but for us, if there is one thing that sums up Rosaleen's personality, it must be the way that she is always concerned that the woman whose lap she is bent over is sitting comfortably before the spanking begins.
Peter and Penny Birch

David: Hi Rosaleen. Thanks for taking the time to cram this interview into your insane schedule.
Rosaleen: It really is an honour, David. I am still amazed that you wanted to interview me the first time and so I am really thrilled. All I can say is thank you.

David: There is so much to cover. Let's talk about your soon to be released video..ok?
Rosaleen: Certainly.

David: I understand that this video is a joint venture of sorts. It's a Rosaleen Young- Strictly English co-production. You know that I have the highest respect for Stephen English (The CEO and creative force behind Strictly English Productions) as a filmmaker. How did the two of you get together?
Rosaleen: I had hoped to start work on producing my own spanking videos for quite some time so that I could express my fantasies in my own way but, being a penniless student, I did not have the financial means to do so. I originally met Stephen through a dear friend and fellow spanking lover. He had kindly agreed to help me out with some content for a spanking website I was building. I was really impressed by his intelligence and creativity and so when he rang a few days later to talk about a joint venture I leapt at the chance. I was thrilled to be able to conceptualise and script an entirely original work based on my own fantasies.

David: So, what can you tell our readers about your video? I know that Stephen has strict rules about giving away too much. You should hear him if one of our reviews gives away too much of the story. I guess your could call them Stephen's Strictly English rules. (Laugh)
Rosaleen: (groan) Well, where to begin? The video is entitled 'Rosaleen's Diaries: The Awakening of Innocence.' The kind of spanking footage that has always aroused me the most were not spanking videos at all. They often seem false and contrived to me. The sort of spanking footage that arouses me the most are scenes from ordinary films, which happened to contain spanking as almost incidental to the plot. I wanted to recreate this kind of film; an entertaining, well thought-out drama which just happened to include some very powerful corporal punishment scenes. The plot centers around an innocent young girl who is sent to stay with her Aunt Sally over the school holidays. Imagine a sweet lamb walking into the den of a fox! Little does the girl suspect that Aunt Sally, and her grave colleague, Earl Grey, are strict disciplinarians and dedicated spanking enthusiasts who will stop at nothing to get their hands on their young ward's perfect bottom. The film depicts a sexual journey and by its end, the first stirrings of pleasure in punishment are awakened in the heroine.

David: That sounds wonderful.
Rosaleen: I hope so. I put a lot of work into this project. I do so want people to like it. ( laugh)

David: I know that you and Stephen are both perfectionists. You wrote the script and Mr. English directed the film. What was it like on the set...or shouldn't I have asked. (laugh) I guess what I'm asking you to do is to describe the creative process that went into creating 'The Awakening of Innocence'.
Rosaleen: Ah, a tricky one. Most of the creative process occurs before and after the shoot. On the actual day, there is a lot of pressure to get everything done in time and remember lines. Despite everything I still managed to have a wonderful time. I pushed my limits further than I would normally do in a non-filmed scene and the experience was painful but amazing. I kept thinking about it for weeks afterwards.

David: When will 'The Awakening of Innocence' be released and where can your legion of fans purchase it. This really sounds like an extraordinary production.
Rosaleen: Oooh, I must admit to having a pet hate for the word 'fans' as it seems to suggest a difference in status. We are all like-minded people who share a common love of spanking. Sorry, to answer the question, the video is in the final stages of post production but will be released very shortly. A lot of love and hard work went into the film and a whole new site has been set up to coincide with its release. I am based in London but didn't want people in America having to wait for long periods of time for their copies to arrive so Strictly English have collaborated with the wonderful Ohh Tee Kay Productions to produce , which will deal with all U.S. sales. U.K. sales will be available through Moonglow's website, www.spanking4fun .

David: Just before our little conversation a friend of yours gave me some very exciting news.
Rosaleen: Who? Tell me, tell me, tell me! (giggles)

David: Your good friend, Penny Birch told me that your book (Fantasies of a Young Submissive) has cracked's top 100 for erotic literature. I was able to confirm this. Congratulations; so how does it feel to be a successful author?
Rosaleen: I can hardly believe it, but it is a lifelong dream come true for me. I have always been passionate about reading and writing literature, but I still don't feel as though I know the first thing about writing a book.

David: You are way too modest.
Rosaleen: No I really feel that way. I expected the critics to dismiss my work as the rantings of a silly little girl. I was overwhelmed by how kind they were in their reviews. It meant even more to me to hear from other submissive women say that they enjoyed it and it rang true for them.

David: Well I'm not a submissive woman, but I enjoyed the book very much. It's a wonderful collection of short stories and poems. I found some of the stories to be very powerful. For example ' After the Ball', your retelling of the Cinderella story. It was erotic and yet said quite a bit about life. Is this book, in some way, a literary portrait of you? I often say that an alternative title for your book could have been ' A Portrait of the Erotic Artist as A young Woman'.
Rosaleen: I poured a lot of myself into my book. One has to do that with any form of art. It was a cathartic experience and one in which I could really explore my own mind as a young submissive female and bring to the surface many of the ideas and emotions that I had kept hidden for many years. Personalities are complex things, but I would certainly say that my book is a good representation of my sexual self. As a writer, I feel that I have a lot more to give but am very proud of the book as a first attempt in the big world of erotic publishing.

David: So what other projects are you working on?
Rosaleen: I am planning a few more films in the not too distant future. I will be working with my dear friends at Miss Marchmont shortly to produce a classical school spanking film. Another friend, the beautiful Sasha, and I are working on an exotic film series of our own devising to shoot early next year. It is top secret at the moment but we are very excited and hope it will rock the spanking and BDSM world. I am also in the process of setting up a new spanking website. I have wanted to do this for some time now but several factors let me down. I am back on track again. Actually this is a joint venture with the wonderful Brigella. This will be a place to have fun, try out a lot of different spanking fantasies in pictures and video. You know me, any excuse to get spanked lots of different ways and play lots of different characters and I'm a happy bunny. The site is called Spanked Brats. ( ) It is still in development but I will keep you informed as to its progress.

David: I know that you are pressed for time. So let me just say that I am so happy for all of your success. I really appreciate your fitting me in today.
Rosaleen: As I said, it was a pleasure and it is I who should be thanking you. You know, I don't really feel successful yet, but I'm going to continue doing different things and thoroughly enjoy the experience of exploring my love of spanking and BSDM. I consider myself fortunate to be able to do it.

David: Talk to you soon.
Rosaleen: Take care and God bless

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Special thanks to Peter and Penny Birch for their contribution to this piece.


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