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David Pierson Interviews Rubee Tuesday

Is it possible to be an adult video star in your forties? Well, Rubee Tuesday has proved that it is. Rubee has never done things the conventional way. She was a good Catholic Girl who dropped out of college and moved to Los Angles to be a punk rocker. During this time Rubee worked a series of interesting jobs to support her interests in music and acting. She worked as a bartender, went to mortician school, and labored as a prostitute for some upscale massage pallors. This provided Rubee with the money she needed to pursue her artistic interests and develop a nasty drug habit. Rubee eventually found herself in a twelve-step drug rehab center. While at the rehab center, Rubee underwent a religious conversion and became a Pentecostal born-again Christian. Rubee even became a missionary and provided assistance to abused and drug addicted kids. While attending missionary school, Rubee met her husband. Soon after their marriage Rubee and her husband moved to Ventura. In Ventura, Rubee went back to school at the local community college and studied drama and dance. Rubee began to hang out with her bohemian dance buddies and transferred to UC Santa Barbara and eventually completed her B.A. in English Literature. She especially loved her classes in Vampire Literature. It was at this time that her marriage crumbled. After earning her certification, Rubee became a schoolteacher and instructed special needs junior high students in language arts. Unfortunately, Rubee once again fell into the throes of alcohol and drug addiction and had to quit her job. After coming close to death from her drug and alcohol use Rubee had what she describes as a spiritual awakening, not a religious one, and was able to become clean and sober. The now clean and sober Rubee needed a creative outlet. She decided to do something absolutely outrageous and become a forty-year-old porn star. Rubee describes performing on camera as the biggest adrenaline rush in her life. Rubee is one of the hardest working performers in adult cinema. She has done a lot of straight porn but bdsm/ fetish has become her favorite genre. She has performed for companies such as Knotty Silk Scarf, Harmony Productions, the disturbing Necrobabes (Don't ask) and Pacific Force Inc. It seems that, yes it is possible to become a fortysomething adult film star. That is, if you are imbued with the spirit that moves Rubee Tuesday.

David: Hi Rubee
Rubee: Hi David. You'll have to excuse me if my brain doesn't function too well tonight. I was filming a tickling/bondage video for California Star today and I'm exhausted.

David: So you're tired from laughing? (Both laugh)
Rubee: No, I'm tired from driving. Cal -Star is all the way in Lancaster. (California)

David: How long have you been in the business of adult videos?
Rubee: About two years.

David: Really? That's all?
Rubee: You sound surprised. I guess you think that because of my age I'd have been doing this longer. (laugh)

David: No that's not it at all. I'm surprised to hear that you have only been doing this for two years because of the sheer volume of work that you have done. You can't go into an Adult Video store and not find a video featuring Rubee Tuesday.
Rubee: Oh, I see. I do work a lot. But I really love it. Performing in front of the camera is such a rush.

David: How did you get into the adult video business?
Rubee: Well, It was after I was able to get clean and sober. I was looking for a creative outlet. It struck me that nothing could be more outrageous than for me to become a forty-year-old porn star. It also let me experience and explore my sexuality without drugs. It really has been very therapeutic.

David: Do you mind if we talk about your drug problem?
Rubee: Not at all.

David: How did you get into the drug scene?
Rubee: I had dropped out of college to get into the punk scene. My apartment was right across the street from the Whiskey a -go-go. It was a party every night. I had all of these very interesting jobs that let me lead that lifestyle. I was a bartender and I went to mortician school...

David: Wait a minute. You studied to be a mortician?
Rubee: I did. It was so very " Six Feet Under". I also worked the sex trade a bit. I worked as a prostitute for some massage pallors. I found that I had the money to let me party very hard. Eventually I ended up in Rehab.

David: Is it true that you became a born again Christian after rehab?
Rubee: I became a Pentecostal born gain Christian. You know, speaking in tongues and stuff like that. I eventually became a missionary. In fact, I met my husband while I was in Missionary school. I really liked the work that we did as missionaries. We worked with abused and drug addicted kids.

David: Ok, so how does a Pentecostal Born Again Christian become one of the top adult video performers in the business?
Rubee: Well, soon after we were married, my husband and I moved to Ventura. I started taking classes at the local community college. Being the good bohemian that I am I focused on dance and drama. I choreographed this dance program while I was there. It was a gothic type of dance to David Bowie's " Cat People". Well, during this time my marriage fell apart. After that I transferred to UC Santa Barbara and earned my B.A. in English Literature. I know that my favorite class was on Vampire literature. Later I did some post graduate work and received my credentials as a teacher.

David: So you worked as a schoolteacher. I have noticed that a lot of people who work in the industry were schoolteachers.
Rubee: When I worked for Pacific Force a few months back I was exchanging teacher horror stories with Vinnie (Spit) and Jacqueline, both of whom were teachers.

David: I'm sorry, I interrupted you.
Rubee: Well, I taught language arts to special needs middle school kids. I really loved the kids. Unfortunately, I started using again and eventually I had to quit. It broke my heart.

David: What were your drugs of choice?
Rubee: I did heroin. I smoked crystal meth daily and I liked tranquilizers and painkillers like Valium, codeine and Vicodan. Let's not forget about lots of alcohol and pot. I was so out of control that I nearly died.

David: So how did you survive your addiction?
Rubee: I had this spiritual awakening. It really is different from a religious conversion. I'm a follower of Wicca. I'm a very spiritual person. I believe that I am alive today because of my getting in touch with that side of myself.

David: So after you had some clean time, you became a star of adult videos.
Rubee: That's true.

David: Can you tell me who are some of your favorite companies to work for?
Rubee: I really like fetish work. One can be so creative in a bondage, S&M or spanking video. Well, I've worked for great companies like Bon-Vue, Knotty Silk Scarf, Necrobabes and Pacific Force.

David: I'm afraid to ask, what the hell is Necrobabes?
Rubee: How to explain this? Hmm... Well it's like horror films for adults.

David: Lets me guess, It's a pseudo -necrophilla fetish.
Rubee: I guess it sounds sick, but I find it so erotic.

David: You have worked with a lot of different performers in your two years in the business. Do you have any favorites?
Rubee: I have worked with so many great people. It's hard to pick just a few. The one person who stands out in my mind is Lena Ramon. She and I worked together in a production for Knotty Silk Scarf. My God is she intense! I love the passion that she brings to her work.

David: Speaking of Lena Ramon, you recently shared a bill with her in Pacific Force's Triple Play #12.
Rubee: Well we didn't actually see each other during the filming of that production, but we were in the same video.

David: I'm a big Pacific Force fan. How did you come to work with Mistress Jacqueline and Vinnie Spit?
Rubee: I was working on a regular sex video. A friend of theirs was working on that production too. He let me know that they were casting.

David: Did you like your expierence with Pacific Force?
Rubee: You bet. I had a lot of fun doing that video. Jacqueline and Vinnie are really nice people. I also liked working with Chis North. Our segment of the Triple -Play video was called " English Disciple".

David: So how much longer do you see yourself working in the business?
Rubee: I don't know really. I guess as long as it's fun. Right now, I am in school studying to be a Certified Addictions Counselor. I'd love to be able to ease the suffering of people addicted to drugs and alcohol. Hey, I'm still around. I guess that means that there's hope for every addict.

David: Rubee, thank you so much for granting me this interview. I think that you are such a remarkable person.
Rubee: It was really my pleasure.

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Special thanks to Tabetha Yang of Tabetha Yang Management, Inc for her help in arranging this interview.

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