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David Pierson Interviews Scarlet.

Scarlet burst on to the spanking video erotica scene with her featured role in DST Studio's hit Video " Wet". Scarlet is the biggest star to emerge from the Hollywood scene in quite some time. She is beautiful, young, intelligent and very talented. Scarlet's on and off scene contributions were key to making " Wet" the major hit that it is. Scarlet edited the video and operated camera 2 during the production. (At least while she was not being filmed and spanked) In her spare time, Scarlet revamped the Dallas Spanks Hard website and acts as's webmistress. Currently, this star of the spanking cinema is in the process of editing the upcoming video " Scarlet Extreme". From what I have been told " Scarlet Extreme" is a video not for the faint of heart. I was thrilled when this major new star of the spanking video scene agreed to this interview.

David: Hi Scarlet. Let me tell you how thrilled I am that you were able to make time for this interview. I know how busy you are.
Scarlet: Thanks,'s my pleasure.

David: How goes the edit of ' Scarlet Extreme'?
Scarlet: It's going great. I'm wrapping up the final touches and I'll be sending the master copy to our duplication house next week.

David: I know that our readers are very interested in knowing more about the glamorous young woman who starred, and edited the DST Video 'Wet'.
Scarlet: Who me? ( laugh)

David: Yes you. ( laugh) You really went right to the top of the "A" list stars of the spanking cinema with " Wet". By the way, I think that ' Wet' is one of the best videos that I've seen all year.
Scarlet: Wow...that's quite a compliment! Thank you! "Wet" was my first editing project and I did what I thought would look best. I put into it what I would want to see in a video and hoped others wanted to see the same things. I didn't have any expectations going into this, so it's exciting for me to see everything blossoming the way it is. Thanks! (giggle)

David: So tell our readers a little bit about yourself. How did you become the hottest spanking star in Hollywood? Were you always into spanking?
Scarlet: (laughing) Nobody's run up to me for an autograph yet, but I'm looking forward to that day. Actually, I have to credit Dallas completely for all this attention. If I hadn't met him, I'd still be a "closet spankee". I've always had a spanking fetish...ever since I can remember. I mean, when I was a little kid and I played with my Barbie dolls, I used to position them so that Ken was spanking Barbie. There were many times when I used to get in trouble, on purpose, in school so I would be sent to the Principal's office to get a paddling. As an adult, though, it's kind of hard to find ways of getting spanked when the people surrounding you aren't into it! (laugh) When I met Dallas I was thrilled to have finally found someone who likes to give spankings as often as I like being spanked.

David: I don't know if everyone appriciates your full contribution to the success of " Wet. You not only were a featured performer. You edited the piece and you worked a camera. So you were a creative force on and off camera. Can you tell us a bit of your off camera work?
Scarlet: Sure. I started assisting Dallas on his shoots and offered to operate a 'B' camera so we could capture facial expressions. One thing I noticed about his videos was that it was difficult for him to have 2 cameras going because he was doing everything by himself. When he talked to me about the "WET" video I offered this because I knew I'd be editing the project and I wanted it to have different angles for technical reasons. I wanted the facial expressions to add to the action and excitement of the spanking itself. There's a lot of split-second anticipation camera work, because you never know how a spankee is going to move around. And sometimes the girl will do something out of character...which got me into trouble while shooting "WET" because I called "Cut!" a few times and Dallas wanted to capture what was going on. Since he's the director, I had no business calling "Cut!" anyway, so I got quite a few spankings off camera from those video shoots.

David: So I presume that you did most of your work standing up? ( laugh)
Scarlet: Why yes I did! ( Laugh) We don't call the website "Dallas Spanks Hard" for nothing.

David: Thanks for reminding me. I forgot to mention that you are also the webmistress of the Dallas Spanks Hard website. I really like the sites new look. What were you looking for when you revamped the site?
Scarlet: Mostly organization. Unfortunately, the webmaster that Dallas had before was NOT a good designer. He wasn't that great of a web host, either. Dallas had problem after problem with the former webmaster because he argued a lot when it came time to do an update...he was charging a ridiculous fee for the services he wasn't providing...links wouldn't work... the customer service was terrible...I could go on forever! When I saw how much stress it was causing Dallas and I saw how much potential the site had, I offered to re-design it completely and run it for him. Dallas is very creative and his ideas are fabulous, but he wasn't able to implement them before. One of the things we decided to do was promote the models by giving them their own pages. It's good for them and it's good for the member...they can pick and choose who they want to see instead of having to randomly select a title that has no visual reference. And navigation is key...a website with poor navigation is frustrating for the user. So organization and navigation with a simple, elegant design that is similar enough to be recognized from before is what we went for. So far it's worked.

David: Now here's a question that I hesitate to ask.
Scarlet: Uh-oh... what's that? ( laugh)

David: Well curious people want to know if you and that silver-tongued devil, Dallas, are a couple? I'm sorry... if that's too personal you don't have to answer.
Scarlet: (giggle) It's not too personal...and after the last two Shadow Lane parties it's pretty obvious to some. Yes, we are a couple.

David: Speaking of Dallas, how did you come to meet " Mr. hands of stone"? By the way, my wife is totally jealous of you. She thinks that Mr. D is quite hot.
Scarlet: (laughing) Oh, it's good to be envied! She's right, he is hot. And that's exactly what I thought when I found his website. I said to myself "Wow, I want him to spank me!" So I emailed him, eventually we met, he spanked me and I fell in love.

David: I hope you know how much I appreciate your taking the time to talk with me. I know that I'm pulling you away from your editing of 'Scarlet Extreme'. Can you tell our readers about this production? From what Dallas has told me, this video is quite intense.
Scarlet: It's very intense! I'm actually considering putting a warning label on the cover! (laughing) Two of the punishments on this video are the most severe that I've ever taken. The paddling in the first segment and the caning in the last segment. I don't like the cane...I don't tolerate it well at all. So there's a lot of screaming and this video is all about severe punishment. It's intended for those who are into strict, disciplinary type scenarios where the spankee is not at all enjoying the punishment she's receiving.

David: How do you get ready for a spanking on camera? Different people use different techniques. For example Nina Birch uses fear. She's actually petrified before she performs in a spanking video. Do you need to be afraid?
Scarlet: Well, that's kind of hard to answer. I'm wearing two hats when we shoot a video. I'm taking into consideration so much of the technical aspects before hand, that when it comes time for "Action" I'm suddenly thrust into the scene. That element of surprise certainly helps, but I also know that the spanking I'm about to get is going to be harsh. So in that moment there's the true-life nervous anticipation of the spanking. There's also the scolding...which in some cases are real-life offenses, so even though I don't have time to prepare, it's not really necessary for me to. It's very realistic for if I were to come home and Dallas is waiting for me with a paddle in his hand. I did something naughty and I'm about to find out what...the element of surprise works well for these types of videos. My reactions are immediate and true...fear isn't something I need to generate beforehand because it's instantaneous when Dallas says my name with that certain tone in his voice.

David: Do you have a least favorite implement of spanking?
Scarlet: Of course, don't we all? (laughing) I'll tell you if you also ask me what my favorite is.

David: Ok... what's your favorite and least favorite spanking toy?
Scarlet: You're so sweet to humor me like that. (giggle) My favorite is a brown leather strap that Dallas made for me. It was a belt that he cut in half and glued back together so it was half the length and twice as thick. He rounded the corners of the end and sanded them down a bit so it wouldn't cut on impact. He used it so much it started to come apart at the end, so he super-glued it together. The only problem was that the super glue got around the outside edges and couldn't be trimmed off. It started cutting me a little when he used it, so now we have to make a new one. The belt industry will be happy if we keep going at this rate! Hands down, my least favorite is the cane. I don't even like 'light' strokes with that monstrosity of an implement!

David: So what's next for you and DST Productions after " Scarlet Extreme'?
Scarlet: I wish I could say a vacation!! We have a lot of footage of models we've been hiring over the summer. We'll be updating the site more often...I'm not able to update that much when I'm editing a project. That's why September was a slow month for the site. In a couple of months I'll start editing for "Real Punishment 4" and then a video for "Tiki's Tannings"

David: Scarlet... thanks you so much for doing this interview with me. I really enjoyed this.
Scarlet: So did I, David. Thank you very much for everything.

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