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David Pierson and Suzi Martell: An intimate Conversation
Biography by Steven English of Strictly English Productions

Suzi, known in the scene as Suzanne Martell, or more usually, just 'Suzanne', first appeared in videos at the tender age of 18, when she landed a part in a full length British softcore movie entitled 'The Riding Ravers'. Although aimed at the UK softcore cinema, the movie unusually included a few mild-spanking scenes. One of the guys in the movie had appeared in CP videos, and he offered to introduce Suzanne. Unbeknownst to him, spanking was in fact Suzanne's favorite sexual fantasy so the prospect of getting paid to be spanked on video was irresistible.

When I first saw Suzanne perform, the thing that struck me most was that she possessed a quality of innocence, and this is never more evident than when she sheds her clothing. She has a way of just being naked that seems so very natural and innocent that is uniquely her own. Couple this quality with her fantastic figure, pert spankable bottom, stunning looks and cheeky, naughty personality and you have a unique talent, even before CP comes into the equation.

Her first 'proper' CP video was 'Diary of Discipline' which had Suzanne talking direct to camera to introduce 3 short stories from her 'Diary'. In one of these she was supposed to be tied to a tree in the woods, stripped naked, spanked and caned, and then left there exposed to the gaze of some passers by that were walking their dog. During the shooting of this on location on a cold day in March, they really were interrupted by some passers by, and the crew really did leave her stranded naked tied to the tree while these people came within yards of the naked Suzanne. They pretended that they had seen nothing but Suzi is quite sure they saw her there. She was furious at the time but tells the story with great relish now, obviously turned on by the thought of it.

Her next video was called 'The Master'. This was withdrawn shortly after its initial release and is therefore quite rare and very difficult to find a good print of. In it Suzanne was shown arriving at a house to be subjected to the whims of her 'Master' in his well-equipped playroom, while his friend observes. While there is hardly any plot and very little dialogue, the action is severe and what really stood out was the way Suzanne could not hide her obvious enjoyment, despite the fact that the effect that the producers probably intended was quite the opposite. It made riveting viewing and this alone put Suzanne virtually in a class of her own after only 2 videos. There were other girls who could handle the action just as well but none of them so obviously enjoyed it. Suzanne admits that the hardest part of the videos for her was to avoid reaching a climax, or when that failed, trying to hide it.

Suzi went on to make several more for the same people, the best of which is probably 'Conduct Unbecoming'. This video ends with a caning which is faded to an exterior shot of the caning seen at dusk through a set of patio doors. The actual caning went on far longer and maybe one day we can persuade the producers to release a version with the additional footage, but Suzi is not sure if they still had the cameras running at this point.

Suzanne featured in a number of videos for SFP, Kane and Red Stripe before joining the newly formed 'Strictly English' label, making her debut for them in 'Relative Temptations'. This title helped establish 'Strictly English' as one of the most innovative new CP labels in the UK. Suzanne had always wanted to write and direct her own video and she got the chance to do this in 'Living Doll'.

Since then, Suzanne has been a key member of the Strictly English creative team, both in her own right and as co-writer and co-director, she is involved in all Strictly English productions. Most notably she originated the ongoing 'Birchington Manor' saga which first appeared last year.. Suzanne based the idea for this around a location she had found. As executive producer, co-writer, and co-director (not to mention a fair chunk of the camera work), Suzi did not want to actually appear in this production, despite being urged to by the rest of the team. She relented in order not to have to put another girl through the severe birching that she had scripted for the final scene, electing instead to take this herself.

Her obvious concern for the girls on the shoots is well known. Whether it's taking camera for nude scenes or checking that the other girls are OK with the action required, her involvement is a constant source of reassurance to the other girls. On a recent shoot (soon to be released as 'Royal Flush') with Becky Jordan, Suzanne called 'cut' because she was worried that Becky was being caned too hard. Becky assured her she was OK and it was just brilliant acting, but it took some time for Becky to convince her before Suzi would allow the shoot to continue. Most recently Suzi volunteered her services for free to appear in a photoshoot with Rosaleen Young to help Rosalyn get her new website started.

Suzanne inherited her striking good looks from her Italian mother and her statuesque athletic build from her English father. She is the youngest of 4 sisters, all of whom have appeared in CP videos with her.

David Pierson Talks With Suzi

David: Suzi, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me about your career and experiences.
Suzi: You are welcome. It's my pleausure.

David: In your videos you appear to really enjoy spanking, is that correct and if so, what are your feelings when you are being spanked or caned?
Suzi: I've always liked the idea of being spanked and caned, but while it's actually happening it still hurts and I really feel it. I've noticed that it seems to hurt more now than when I first started and I actually mark up more than I used to.

David: OK, I accept that it hurts but you do appear to be enjoying it while it is actually happening, so do you actually enjoy the pain?
Suzi: It depends. A slow sensual spanking or the martinet can be very erotic and I would lie there all day and half of the night just feeling nice and warm and tingly, but most of the time the spanking is much harder and the cane always really hurts, and I often struggle to get away from it, but of course I never do.

David: So are you saying you only enjoy sensual spanking, or are there times when even a hard spanking or the cane will 'turn you on'?
Suzi: Well for me it works like this. When I know I'm going to get a big spanking or the cane hard, I get nervous and excited at the same time. I sometimes talk to myself in the mirror beforehand and say, 'You naughty girl, your going to have your bottom spanked', so I get myself really psyched up for it. By the time I am told to bend over, or being put over someone's lap, I am getting all sorts of feelings in my tum and my adrenaline starts to buzz. Everything about it feels so 'naughty' - like having my bottom bared and knowing its going to be smacked, I sort of just tingle all over, but mostly in my head. When the spanking actually starts you start to get a rush of adrenaline and the blood also rushes to your bottom and all that area. That's when it starts to make my pinkie tingle, I don't mean my little finger, I mean my 'pinkie', (we gather that this is Suzi's pet name for her genitalia) anyway, then it starts to build up and I want to have more even though it hurts more, but of course on a video shoot it does not always work that way.

David: Did it work that way in 'Living Doll'? I loved that video.
Suzi: 'Living Doll', (gigles), yes you could say that.

David: You laughed when you said that, do I take that to mean that you were turned on making that video? It certainly looked like you were turned on.
Suzi: It was embarrassing, I thought I was going to wet myself and when it got too much I just had to call cut and go to the loo. One of my girlfriends told me that she likes to watch it and come at the same times I did. I was shocked as I had not realized that anyone could tell that I climaxed. I thought I had done a good job of hiding it and in any case, the editor was supposed to cut those bits out.

David: Why did you want to cut out the climaxes? Surely it would only add to the appeal of the video?
Suzi: Oh I didn't want to cut them out, but they were not planned, they just happened. When I wrote 'Living Doll' it was a projection of my fantasies, but on the actual shoot things just happened that we hadn't scripted, it took on a life of it's own and most of the time we forgot that the crew and cameras were there. Anyway, the producer said that we could not show any penetration, I don't mean screwing, we don't do that in our vids, I mean fingers, sometimes I can't help it and I just have to touch myself. I get told off because they have to cut round it if it counts as 'penetration', but they obviously did not cut enough, (loud laugh).

David: I'm surprised that they have to cut that, the trend in the US is for more sex in CP videos.
Suzi: Yes, I think it's a UK thing. Maybe we should make them in the USA.

David: I know that we'd be happy to have you. ( Both laugh) You say that not all of Living Doll was according to script. May I ask if you scripted the parts where you get it on places other than your bottom? Ah... You know what I mean?
Suzi: You mean my 'pinkie' (giggles). Well Sharon ,the girl I play in Living Doll, is a very naughty and very rude girl and Wayne, her fella, knows this. He knows that she is so rude that she likes to be spanked on her 'pinkie' and her bottom hole, don't you think that is really rude?

David: OK.. I'll take that as a yes. ( laugh) So what parts were not scripted?
Suzi: When I climaxed and then got told off for playing with myself. I don't think that was fair, I couldn't help it but they kept on telling me off every time.

David: How many times was that?
Suzi: I've never actually counted. I think it was only 3 times that you can actually tell from the video, but it may have been more.

David: Leaving aside the videos for a moment, I'd like to ask you about your experiences before you started making CP videos. First of all, when were you first aware that you liked to be spanked?
Suzi: Before I answer can I just say that with regard to early experiences, you never know who will read this and why they want to read about it, so now I have rule that, for public consumption, my life starts at the age of 18. I hope that's OK.

David: Of course ,I respect that and I understand why you want to keep it that way. Let me rephrase the question. So from the age of 18 on up, what were your feelings and experiences with regard to spanking?
Suzi: Well I knew that I had a fascination with spanking, with being spanked that is. It was not actually that easy to get spanked. I spanked myself sometimes, looking in a mirror. I tried to cane myself too but it wouldn't work, so I used a ruler, a hairbrush, a slipper, anything to experience the sensation of having my bottom punished and feeling like a really naughty girl.

David: So how did you find someone to spank you? Did you find someone to spank you?
Suzi: I tried to get one of my boyfriends to do it. I lay across his lap and told him to spank me. Then I reached back and took his hand and smacked it on my bottom, but he said he did not want to hurt me. I told him that anal sex hurts and that had never worried him before.

David: So did you manage to get him to spank you?
Suzi: No, he just thought I was kinky. After that experience I started to drop more subtle hints.

David: Like what?
Suzi: I bought a cane and one of those straw school hats and hung them up on the wall of my flat.

David: That's meant to be subtle? Did it work?
Suzi: Not with my boyfriends, I mean they might ask about the cane and I would get it down and show them what it was for, but none of them were really up for it more than once, but I did get spanked by a policeman.

David: How did that happen?
Suzi: Well, lets just say that I had a friend who just happened to be a policeman and when he came to my flat one day he saw the cane and asked me about it. One thing led to another and I let him spank me. That's all that happened, no sex or relationship. From time to time he would just drop round and we would chat and have a cup of coffee and then I would say something like "I've been a really naughty girl again.' and he would say that I deserved to have my bottom spanked and then he would put me over his knee, lift up my skirt, take my panties down and give me a spanking. I think he just understood that I needed it, and in any case I really was a very naughty girl, not 'bad' naughty, just mischievous naughty, and 'rude' naughty. I like to feel like a really naughty girl, but guys my own age never seemed to understand. That's why I prefer older men.

David: So was this just spanking or did your cane get used.
Suzi: Well he was a really nice guy, you know, and he just spanked me, I don't think he wanted to use the cane. They were proper spankings though. Each time after he had gone I would examine my bottom in the mirror while it was still red, and then sometimes I would try to cane myself. I still always look at my marks in the mirror, sometimes for days after a caning. I suppose I look at my bottom every day, to see what marks I still have. If I haven't got any marks I know I need to be caned again. You see for me, as much as I enjoy making the videos, and the punishments are all authentic, what I really like is getting it for real.

David: And how would you define 'real' in this context?
Suzi: Well in a sense its all for real, but in my head I put videos, parties, private play and acting out fantasies on one side of a dividing line, the other side of which is the 'real', real thing, the ultimate, being disciplined for real. Having my bottom punished because I have really been a naughty girl and I have no choice in the matter. It's taken out of my control and no matter what I say or do, I'm going to get it.

David: So real for you is non-consensual CP?
Suzi: Yes and no. Obviously, I am not going to put myself in a situation of having little or no control over the situation unless I have a high degree of trust in the person who I am about to try and provoke into punishing me 'for real', and this person will almost certainly understand this. But in my ultimate fantasies, I have no control, come hell or high water I am going to get my 'big spanking' and then be caned. After the cane I will be made to stand in the corner with my bare bottom on display and then finally I will be spanked again on my poor sore caned bottom and my pinkie, preferably in public in front of a live audience while being broadcast on national TV. In the olden days they used to put wenches into stocks in the village square. Instead of having rotten fruit thrown at me in the stocks I would have liked to have been facing the other way and whipped with a birch switch on my bare bottom.

David: Wow! Now that's a program that I'd watch. That would be one hell of a TV show. It does not get much better than that and so I'd like to say 'thank you' for your time, Suzanne, and for sharing your feelings about CP with us.
Suzi: Your welcome David but do you mind if I tell you just one more thing?

David: Certainly.
Suzi: David, David! I've been a really naughty girl. (Laugh)


Victoria Productions
Riding Ravers

Diary of Discipline
The Master
Let's beat this Bimbo (also features Suzi's sister #1)
Conduct Unbecoming
Debutantes Discipline
Preliminary Interview
The Reformatory

Kane International
Triple Trouble (also features Suzi's sister #2)
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Strictly English
Relative Temptations
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The Gymnast (courtesy of SMAK productions)
***Living Doll
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**Birchington Manor
**Unexpected Guests at Birchington Manor
**Bathtime and Bedtime at Birchington Manor
**Day of Reckoning at Birchington Manor (for release later this year)
*Royal Flush (new release May 2003)

* = Co-writer and co-director
** = Executive producer, co-writer, co-director.
***= Co-producer, writer, director.



All pictures featured in this interview are from 'Living Doll'. You can find this and other Strictly English productions on the Moonglow Website.

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