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David Pierson Interviews Samantha Woodley

It's hard to believe that it has been almost fives years since Samantha (America's Spanking Sweetheart) Woodley made her video debut in Shadow Lane's now historic production entitled 'I Married a Brat'. A few weeks prior to the release of this video, I remember talking with Tony Elka, who told me that the female lead in the upcoming video was a very special talent. I looked back on my review of the video and here is what I said about the lovely Miss Woodley's debut. "In Miss Woodley, Shadow Lane Productions has discovered a performer with true star potential. Samantha's video debut is a performance to remember. In addition, this nineteen-year-old bombshell is simply lovely to behold." Over the years, Samantha has worked for most of the top spanking companies in the industry. In addition to being one of the top performers in the business, Samantha has become a creative force at Firm Hand Productions. She has become a top flight director and video editor. I was thrilled when Samantha had a short break in her incredibly busy schedule and was able to do this interview.

David: Hi Samantha, how are you sweetie?
Samantha: Hi David, it's been so long since you first asked me to do an interview.

David: Yeah. It has been a long time come to think of it. Gee..we were supposed to have done this two years ago.
Samantha: Uh..yeah..sorry.

David: Hey, I'm just kidding. In some ways this is a much better time to do it.
Samantha: Oh?

David: Well there is so much more to talk about now. You have become a creative force as well as a star, if that makes sense?
Samantha: I see ( laugh) .. well I'm glad we finally hooked up to do it - and we get to talk again, it's been too long. I definitely have a lot more to say now too ! I think I've grown so much in the last five years. I'm so much more confident with my work.

David: I'm glad too! Well I know our time is limited so I guess we should get to it.
Samantha: Okay!

David: Now, you've been in the business for a few years now. I remember watching your debut video entitled 'I Married a Brat'. That was a Shadow Lane production with Gino Colletti. You were but 19 at the time. How were you cast for the video? You were adorable.
Samantha: I joined Shadowlane ( on the day of my 18th birthday. I had already gone through all of the free area of the site before that. I completely memorized their video catalog! They really struck a cord with me. It was exactly the mix of discipline and warmth I had always fantasized about. I used to rent their videos from a local adult bookstore and record them. How naughty is that?! I went to a few munches near San Diego and met Tony Elka there. I was completely star struck and had to have my friend go over there to say hi and was too shy even to play! How times have changed! ( laugh) I went to my first Shadowlane party in Aug 2003 where I met Eve Howard. I was thrilled when they asked me to shoot. That video was 'I Married A Brat'. I remember waiting outside the shoot house absolutely petrified, calling all my friends from high school. They had known about my spanking interests for years and were so supportive. In the first scene of the video I had to jump rope. Now I am the most uncoordinated person in the world to start, but to make things worse the rope kept getting caught in the tree branch above me! So I had to loop it around me arm and literally had to jump about 6 inches off the ground. There were a lot of outtakes of me tripping all over myself! I was so embarrassed! Here I was trying to impress them and I couldn't even make through the jump-roping scene. I knew I could get through anything after that! During the spanking I could not stop smiling. I remember Tony saying, "Now this IS supposed to hurt!" I couldn't help it! Since then I've shot 7 more DVDs for them and I am always begging to do another. I think if I were forced to choose a favorite it would be a tie between 'Keith's Girl Friday' and 'Mischief Makers II'. Keith Jones who is still my absolute favorite spanker. 'Mischief Makers II' holds a very special place as well. I got to work with Arthur Sire, such a wonderfully romantic top, and the gorgeous Sierra Salem, my Twinnie. Shadowlane truly are on a level all their own!

David: I think this is a good time to be a spanking star.
Samantha: Hmmm..why?

David: Well there was a time in the late eighties and early nineties when there were stars of the medium. Off the top of my head I can think of Kiri Kelley, Tanya Fox, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Eve Ellis and Jennifer Brooks. Then, in the late nineties it seemed that the girls who appeared in the videos were sort of nameless. They'd work under one name for one company and under another when doing other work. That seems to have changed now, especially with you. I really believe that Rosaleen Young was the first star of recent years and I think you followed right on her heels. Did you know that my original idea for the SOL American Girl shoot was to have "The Rose of London" meet "America's Spanking Sweetheart'? Can you talk about any influence that she's had on your career?
Samantha: I know what you mean. I can't stand seeing clips where the girls are nameless, just simply a butt to spank. Each person brings their own signature take on spanking and I think more sites should show that. The character of Samantha Woodley is a combination of so many things, some of them in me and some of them ideas I've come up with for different scenarios. That's what is so interesting with shooting for Firm Hand, it gives me free rein to do different things and explore different sides to me. I've seen the videos that Rosaleen shot for Firm Hand, ( and the feature movie she made for them called Dream of Destiny. I've seen a few of the videos she shot for her old site, Spank My Bottom, too. I remember one where she's bent over at the edge of a swimming pool, and she fell in after a few strokes! That was so funny and typical of her creativity. I wish I could have met her in person. She was so unique and I don't think anyone could replace her.

David: Not only are you a major star of the spanking cinema, you have become a creative force behind the scenes. I know that you have directed several of Firm Hands most adventurous productions. Can you discuss some of your influences?
Samantha: Oh that's a hard one! Every producer I've ever shot with has certainly influenced me in some way. Shadowlane of course! Each DVD I do with them I learn something new. After being such a huge fan of theirs growing up, the countless nights watching their videos, I still find is so surreal to be working with Tony and Eve. I'm so grateful to them, not just for the opportunity to shoot, but also for what they've done for the spanking scene. Chelsea Pfeiffer ( is the sweetest person, an ultimate professional and not to mention absolutely stunning! I had seen her in 'Blue Denim', one of my all time favorite Shadowlane videos, and was a huge fan. She was so adorable in that, the way she kicked and squirmed and protested. I am definitely influenced by her when I am being spanked on film. And of course Dallas (! I met him at my first party and we have stayed close friends since then. His shoot definitely pushed my limits and sometimes went beyond them. (whisper) Don't tell him I said that. ( laugh) I'd always been curious about real punishment spankings and it was amazing to shoot and show that side of myself with him. With Richard Thompson of Firm Hand, I've shot a huge number of videos and we try to come up with something fresh every time. We theme the shoots like Natural Brats, House Rules, Discipline Program, and so on. So I can come up with different personas, but all within the scope of the Samantha Woodley character. I love the creative freedom I have, and the ability to direct many other models, edit some videos, and edit all the stills. That's what makes it fun, and keeps me interested. All the friends I've made in the scene also heavily influence me. Sierra Salem is such a jewel in the spanking world. I read her blog everyday. I admire her ability to be herself in any situation, on and off camera. The clips we've done with Ralph Marvell, and recently with Steve Fuller are some of my favorites. I even spanked her in a few scenes. Our kinks are so similar it's scary! With House Rules I worked with Lizzy Madison and David Pearl. They're the cutest couple! They have such a real discipline relationship as well, which I have always found very intriguing. I shot the English School series with Niki Flynn. Her level of creativity and ability to get into a role so completely is truly admirable. I had a blast on that shoot. There's a great catfight scene between us coming up in a month or so. I can't wait to see it. Recently I've met and worked with Abigail Whittaker. She has such a presence on film not to mention the cutest little butt. She's so bratty as well. I love playing off her. And last but absolutely not least, David Pierson. You have always been there to share your experiences, advice, and friendship. We've had many a late night phone call! Thank you.

David: Sweetie, I've enjoyed every second. I can see the influence of the Shadow Lane ethic in your work. I think 'Discipline Program' with Earl Grey is a good example. However, it is clear that your work is quite original and not derivative at all. I mean the hint of sexual tension along with the intense spanking makes this series quite hot. Can you talk about the thought process that went into the development of this terrific series?
Samantha: When we first came up with the idea, I was trying to create a series that didn't rely on a whole catalogue of offenses. The reason I was punished in Discipline Program was simple: I had to prove to a lawyer that I was responsible and reliable enough to inherit a huge sum of money from my parents. (laughs) I wanted the relationship between the two characters to change in the last part of the series. Being spoiled all her life, she starts to develop a crush on her disciplinarian. Earl Grey is so brilliant in this role. He doesn't give in to any of her female wiles, which in turn makes her even more attracted to him. It's the ultimate fantasy! I'm so glad you are enjoying it.

David: I really love it and I think it may be the best example of your growth as a performer.
Samantha: Thank you.

David: Most of the people who are successful in the business are true spanking people. Most say they were born that way. Is that true of you?
Samantha: Absolutely. I was not spanked growing up, but I would grill my friends in elementary school for every detail of spankings they received. I would watch The Sound of Music a dozen times a day just to see the scene with the Captain swatting his daughter with a book. It was literally a 5 second scene but I was absolutely entranced by it. As I got older, I would beg my boyfriends in high school to spank me. But I had to tell them exactly what to say, how to position me, etc. It took so much of the magic away and I always left disappointed. I got online when I was about 16, and found out how widespread this interest was! The rest is history really and I've never looked back. I adore all the friends I made in the scene and cannot wait for the Shadowlane party in August!

David: So, what sort of things do you like to do when you are not being the star of spanking videos?
Samantha: I love movies and traveling, I've been to Europe quite a bit and love London, Amsterdam, Dublin, the south of France. I'm interested in politics, too, and like a good discussion, whether it's about British or American politics! I go to the theatre quite a lot when I'm in London, and that's always fun. From Shakespeare at the Royal National Theatre through to musicals like Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and Les Miserables. I love the variety they have in London, and I'd love to get to New York too some time. When I'm in Los Angeles I love catching up with all my friends. I love frolicking around Disneyland with Sierra as Dallas tries to keep us in line! I've had many a fun night with Lizzy Madison and David Pearl as well . I love that so many younger people are coming to the parties now. Also in September I'm starting my degree course in Media that I am so excited about. For so long I've been exploring my interests with spanking but had no idea what sort of career I wanted. I love the intricacies of video editing and hope to do that professionally someday!

David: Are you working on any new projects?
Samantha: I just shot my first DVD for Firm Hand with Abigail Whittaker and Earl Grey and two guest stars. It's called 'The Spy Who Spanked Me', and we shot it all over London and in Scotland. It was a three-day shoot with lots of location work and some amazing spanking sequences including a "double" strapping. It won't be out until the Fall, but I'm really excited about it. It was fantastic to shoot like that and be running round London pretending to be trainee spies!!! Also I shot a new series called Online Encounter. As all spanking people know the online dating world can be both exciting and disappointing. This series focuses on a girl being online, looking for that perfect spanker. I'm really looking forward to seeing it!

David: That sounds exciting and exhausting.
Samantha: You got that right. But I know the end results will be worth it.

David: Hey sweetie, our time went by way too quickly. Thanks for doing this. Let's talk soon.
Samantha: It's always fun talking with you, David. You better be at the Shadow Lane party this summer mister.

David: I'll be there.

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