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David Pierson Interviews Taylor Lawe

David: Hi Taylor. Thanks for talking to me about your video for Far East Media.
Taylor: No problem. I'm happy to help Steve ( Trainer) in any way that I Can.

David: Speaking of Steve, he tells me that you really hate to be spanked. He Said that you had tried it in another company's video production and totally hated it. What compelled you to try it again if you aren't into It?
Taylor: Money, what else?

David: Well most of the young women who appear in spanking videos are professional submissives. If you aren't a submissive how did you survive that very hard spanking at the hand of Joseph Lewis?
Taylor: I have acquired a high threshold of pain to say the least. Not to mention that I have a regular who comes to my home to spank me twice a month. Not as hard as in the video, but enough so that I have learned to deal with the pain.

David: What are your goals as a model / video star?
Taylor: I don't think of myself as a model. Strangely, I don't actively look for video work, it finds me. I run my own website and that keeps me very busy.

David: What is the name of your site?
Taylor: www.fuckingonfilm.com .

David: Very subtle.
Taylor: Isn't it?

David: Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know about you?
Taylor: I will soon have my own line of videos that will be available at www.risquevideo.com. I will also become their spokes model as a full time gig.

David: Taylor, thanks for the interview.
Taylor: See ya.

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