Corrective Measures
Stories of Submission
By Sarah Veitch

'Corrective Measures' is three hundred and eight pages of unadulterated joy for lovers of corporal punishment erotica. Miss Veitch's eloquent use of language makes each story come alive for the reader. Palmprint publishing had voiced concern that Sarah's work would not translate well to the US market. They needn't have been concerned. Each story is an erotic treat for the reader and is written with such precision that any English speaking person will fully grasp the content of each tale.

'Corrective Measures' takes the reader on many a journey. Some stories take the reader back to a time when the sun never set upon the British Empire and when it was an acceptable to use corporal punishment upon one's governess. In another imaginative story the reader is taken to a time in the not too distant future when criminal offences are dealt with by a caning machine.

" 'Bend over the whipping stool' the officer said again. Emma took a deep breath and obeyed him. Chloe watched her friend's bare bottom quiver slightly as it neared its painful fate. What must poor Emma be thinking and feeling? She, Chloe, just wanted to escape." - From 'It Could happen to You'.

What makes Sarah Veitch's work so powerful is her ability to touch that place in each of us where all of our darkest and most intensely erotic fantasies reside.

If you are an aficionado of Corporal Punishment literature then you simply must read 'Corrective Measures'. Your fantasy life will be enriched for having done so.

'Corrective Measures' and many other fine erotic works can be obtained from Palmprint Publications:

Review by David Pierson

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